Why does my clients order say Expected delivery of 49 days?

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Why does my clients order say Expected delivery of 49 days?

I've just noticed on one of my clients orders for one of my new services that it says "Expected delivery of 49 days". Which is strange! I've set the "Maximum Days To Complete *" to 7 days. And any extras in that service (for which he added all) all have 7 days set as the time it would take too. If you added up all the extras (all 6 extras) and added them all together to the original 7 days that would only be 49 days. So it's like it's adding another 7 days to the service for each extra they've added.
Why does my clients order say Expected delivery of 49 days?
This happened before with this same buyer in fact in the last service he purchased from me. In that service, he also ordered with all extras (8 extras) and it was saying "Expected delivery of 63 days Average of 5 days". 9 x 7 = 63 so for this guy, it's added another 7 days to the order for each extra he's added.

Why does my clients order say Expected delivery of 49 days?

This is strange and shouldn't be happening? That buyer hasn't yet left his required details in that order for me to get started. I'm thinking perhaps it's because it's saying 49 days expected delivery! I've since messaged him to explain to him this is some kind of bug or something and will look into it and that the work will be complete within 7 days.

As it should be, regardless to any extras they've added to it, it should say Expected delivery of 7 days not 49 days!

Does anyone know why this is happening?



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This is very simple, simply the order extras adds the delivery duration days it takes to get the order done with the service delivery day duration.

So for an example:

I have a service which it would take about 5 days to complete. I have 5 extras with that service for a time duration of 6,7,4,3,5. The system would automatically add the time durations together to calculate the expected delivery, and that number would be 30. So 30 would be the expected delivery time, and then it will calculate the average based upon how long it actually took you.

The system has been like this for awhile now, so I do not believe it's a bug. If the extras actually don't take you 7 days just adjust the number to 1, and put 7 in the service duration day delivery time.

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Dude you're a fricken genius man! All this time I've been entering numbers in those fields such as 7 for 7 days. Because I've always thought that like the main service itself for which you put a maximum days to complete say 7 days. You also have to put the amount of days it will take to add and complete that extra as well. But I can just put 0 there if I'm going to be able to provide that extra within the same time frame that I set in the max time to complete for the main service. Why didn't someone explain this to me years ago! I feel like a right blonde LOL

Now I'm off to edit all my services and change all those 7's in the exras to 0's!

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Mike something is going on with the counter on services. The other day i had a service say i had 45 days left to complete, and then when i checked it a second time a few days later it said i only had 9 days left to complete. The site is basically saying 30+ days passed and it had only been two maybe three days. If you can get it done faster than that just mention it to your client to ease the pain a little bit. Eevrette is rite as long as i have been selling on Seoclerks the time is always calculated buy QTY and extras purchased. If you do not need extra time for these extras when purchased put zero in the amount of days needed on the extra field. I hope this helped thanks for sharing Mike.

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So wait, you are talking about an order a client made? Maybe he bought more than one order, like multiple orders so that's why the average delivery time is so big.
And also: expected delivery on the service page should appear the same for everybody, have you tried viewing your services from another account? Or maybe try the incognito mode, if this really is a bug support must investigate and get it fixed, a lot of people may lose a lot of sales because of such a bug!

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As far as I know this happens when one orders the service more than once. In the Manage Sales page you will be able to see the QTY of that order. There is a grey circle with a number in it. Whenever a buyer orders more than one service, the turnaround time that I had set originally when creating that service is multiplied by the qty that buyer ordered.

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