10 ways to get REAL followers on Twitter

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10 ways to get REAL followers on Twitter

Ok so I get that some people buy followers on Twitter when they first start out because they want to look popular so that people join them.

But let’s face it, those are not real people are they? So what will those followers do for your business other than make you look popular so other people will want to join you?
Nothing really and usually with a bit of time social followers that are bought start to drop and such is life.

So how can you really grow your Twitter account, like with real people?

1 Follow Lots of Popular Accounts in Your Niche

Use the Twitter search button and look for people in your niche and follow them. Lots of people will follow you back. Make this a daily exercise to follow some accounts every day.

2 Follow followers of popular accounts in your Niche

The thing is that even though lots of people follow back when you are following really popular accounts they might not notice you.

Think about it, if you like follow Kim Kardashian it is not likely she will follow you back right?

So find a really popular account in your niche that has lots of followers and follow all the followers. These are most likely people interested in your niche and it looks like the like following people right?

3 Follow people from lists

When you find a popular account in your niche check what lists they have and what lists they are a member of and follow people from these lists!

4 Unfollow people regularly

You want to keep up a good ratio of people you follow and people that follow you. Nobody is going to be impressed with your 1500 followers when you are following 150 000 right?

You always want to have more followers than people you follow.

So every few days go and unfollow the people that have not followed you back. Make sure to keep following the people that follow you because they might work on the same method LOL

5 Use Hashtags

Don’t go hashtag crazy so your messages are not easy to read but add in a good few every now and then. Make sure they are relevant to your message and your niche.

6 Engage with people

This is quite a funny one for me. So many people on social media are also trying to be seen and heard, they are lusting for it.

And quite frankly so are you right? If you talk to people on social media they will talk back. It is a win win!

So find some accounts in your niche that have a little less followers than you and start chatting to them, mention them and reply to some of their tweets. Retweet some of their tweets.

They will love you for it! And they will most likely do the same.

7 Add People to Lists

You can add lists to your Twitter account so get cracking. Start with a list of awesome people in your niche that engage big time… so when you engage with people and they give back add them to your list.

It will make them feel good for starters plus it will keep all those cool people that engage with you in a nice place so you don’t forget who they are.

You can add loads of lists for different things so go wild and keep on adding people.

You will soon find that people start adding you to lists and this is a great way to grow your account.

People follow lists and can see everything that you tweet!

8 Tweet Quotes

The Twitterers (don’t know what to call them LOL) love quotes!

Go search for some cool quotes and have them on hand and tweet them out regularly.

People will like your tweets and they will retweet them and reply… this all equals engagement!

Or you can just sign up for the free Tweet Jukebox account and there are loads of tweets already loaded in there! (Just to make life so much easier)

9 Tweet regularly

Use a social media tool to schedule your tweets out nicely spaced. You need to tweet often but not 10 tweets with a few seconds in between them, this will get you unfollowed so fast.

Space your tweets out and for this try Buffer or Hootsuite, they have free accounts.

10 Buy Sponsored Tweets in your Niche

This is a really cool way to get some followers and interaction going on your account and get some this to your website.

Buy sponsored tweets from a popular account.

Find people in your niche that offer sponsored tweets and make use of their services.
You will reach the exact audience you are targeting and while you cannot guarantee the exact number of hits you will receive on your link or how many followers you will get you can be sure that it will increase your reach in some way.

You can check the marketplace here for sponsored tweets or search for services within your niche.

I hope you have enjoyed these tips… just so you know this is how I personally grow my Twitter accounts and how I got my personal account from just a few thousand followers last year to over 13k REAL followers today!

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From my experience the follow back method is not good enough, if you want real followers that will follow you because they want to see content publish from you, well lets just say you don't want those that just follow you because you follow them back, in my opinion, they are as useless as fake followers. Yet again, both fake followers and follow back type of followers will make you look popular hence real people may start following.

The other advice you gave is top quality stuff, I find number 6 ( Engage with people) the most useful, stay active on the network, that's the whole point.

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Hi Cristian, yes I think all of these must be done together.. just getting followers is not enough. They have to engage and they have to be interested so I am so with you on that. Sharing your content is vital!

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WWOW,. surely a very useful ways to get twitter followers even though these methods are not new to any experienced SEO marketer but they can be of great help ,most especially to anyone that wants to do on twitter marketing of his products or services. Thanks for this tutorial. iit will surely benefit anyone that needs to market his products via the twitter.

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Hi Chetaseo. Of course this information is quite well known but loads of online marketing experts and I am sure that most of the freelancers here are well aware of how to go about gaining real Twitter followers...but there are also lots of bloggers and website owners here that are not that knowledgeable about social media marketing and methods to grow their channels 10 ways to get REAL followers on Twitter

So this is a helping hand for those people.

I actually only started focusing on Twitter towards the end of last year. Until then I had an account which I hardly used and I didn't think Twitter was that great... until I decided to start learning how to use Twitter.

And oh was I pleasantly surprised! I have found it to be the easiest social network to grow without spending any money at all.

I have pages on other social networks and it is quite slow to get likes and I have had to spend money to grow those pages... Twitter is so much easier!

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I truly cannot stand the trend of buying fake followers. I know that it helps to show that you are popular, and to gain some trust, but it is much better to devote more attention to getting more and more real followers. The tips you provided are very good, especially the importance of tweeting regularly, being engaging and the need to follow key people and pages. After all this is all about who you get to connect with, and how you manage to engage people.

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I'm not using Twitter, but you've mentioned some very valid points Lynne! The most important thing when it comes to social media is to keep your account active and posting fresh content every day. Following people on your niche is another important step, I've noticed that most of them follow back, I'm not sure about twitter but on instagram it works perfect. I really should start to use Twitter, as I've heard only good things for them, now as it seems I am the only one who it's not using Twitter. 10 ways to get REAL followers on Twitter

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Wow, nice list you got there. Although im not a twitter user, i can still use the list in other social media sites. Thanks for sharing...

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Connecting to popular accounts is a neat trick because you are like riding with the bandwagon. I know of a popular guy in Twitter with so many followers. He said that he is careful in posting because he knows that a lot of people can read his post. And then he mentioned that some of his followers are actually following him only for the connection. To be honest, I didn’t understand it and it’s only now that I’m getting the idea that if you follow a celebrity then you can somehow be noticed by his other followers.

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Regards Number 7, I don't do lists at all. Number 4 is something I should be but don't do it regularly. What happens is like every 3 to 6 months I clean house and get rid of people who are not following back. Per your tips, seems like I should probably be doing more often. As far as your other tips, I do all except the last one; Number 10, buying sponsored tweets. That one is on a back burner until I see really good results from trying and testing the other tips.

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