Choosing the right WordPress theme design?

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Choosing the right WordPress theme design?

We all been there, most of us here have an active blog or used to own a blog at some point.

There are so many options out there you sometimes don't know where to start and choosing the right design is the best example for this! I mean, this is a very big decision and once you choose a path, your stuck on in for some time.

Wordpress is the most popular blogging CMS out there, buying a cool looking WordPress theme is very easy, there are plenty of marketplaces out there, but how can you make up your mind? There are hundreds of themes with perfect looking demos and all state the same thing: they're lighting fast and optimized.

I want some help, what exactly should one look for? The number of positive reviews a theme gets? The number of total orders?
Sure these may be some good factors one should consider, but I want some specifics, what about structure, what about colors, general design rules, scroll rate, etc?

What makes a WordPress theme under 100 bucks a good theme?


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When I'm looking for a new theme I like to find ones that are extremely diverse. I also want the theme to have a built in editor so that I don't have to go into the actual code and tweak anything. I want to be able to edit any information on the page, the colors, and image with ease. A lot of theme designers are catching on and having the built in editor as a standard option.

Now a lot of newer designers won't be able to give you all the free plugins and add ons the bigger desigers can, but you shouldn't count them out just yet. You can always buy or install free plugins to make the theme run extremely well and look super fancy Choosing the right WordPress theme design? I've actually found a few good themes that were the first job done by the designer and it was amazing.

If you're going the route of only picking the themes with the most sales and positive reviews, you're going to filter out a lot of good themes. I've found that the best way to go about purchasing a theme is to see how often the theme has been updated and how quick the designer is to respond to comments. This really shows that the designer is on top of things like bug fixes and coding updates for the theme. You can also talk with them about new features you'd like to see and they might find it as a good idea and program it into the next update. So pretty much you get a new feature and you don't have to pay for anything Choosing the right WordPress theme design?

You'll need a responsive design, but you can usually see if the theme is responsive in the description on the marketplace you're purchasing off of.

I prefer buying on themeforest because the themes are usually under $75 and are really good. Of course you'll find a few that aren't great, but those are few and far between.

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Cool Razzy! Thanks for the tips.Checking for how much update activity a theme has is a great way to filter the buggy ones.

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Perhaps you have choose the theme as per your needs. If you have a simple to present your portfolio for example, you will not buy a heavy loaded themed by useless plugins.

If you want to have a personal blog, take something simpler that is updated enough to match all the current trends.

By default, not a sigle theme will be perfect but if you can a afford a programmer you can ajdust it as you please.
Themeforest have a lot of nice templates avaialable so you should give a look.

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The most important thing is to choose something that can be fully customized as you want, because I've seen a lot of themes that gives you only basic access when it comes to make changes on it , another important thing is to know what you're going to launch exactly, as it's not necessary to pay for something that you don't need.

Now, positive reviews,updates,security and support, they are all important factors to consider before purchasing a theme, but I would say safety first because nobody needs a super good looking theme which is vulnerable when it comes to security.

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Oh Cristian I hear you! I have never known how to choose a theme and I don't quite understand how everything works and how to know if a theme is really mobile responsive and fast.

I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and when I build a new website I have a number of choices of free themes which is quite cool so if I want to change it then it is easy as can be. I wouldn't know where to start buying a theme.

I just ask someone else that is very knowledgeable to choose one for me according to what I need to do...

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Even though the theme that you choose needs to be aesthetically appealing, and you will most probably check out the reviews and ratings, you will also need to place importance on your specific needs. This is what will be most important element ultimately.

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last night a client commissioned me to do a makeover for his site. Since there was no budget allocated for premium themes, I had to look into a free theme. Finding the right theme was very hard. I had to look into themes for hours until I hit the right one. Theme is the most important aspect of a site design. A bad theme will give a bad name for the website and good theme will make the website wonderful.
Theme of the website should be based on the niche of your website. If your website is ecommerce store, you should not only have woocommerce plugin on your wordpress website, but also ecommerce theme. If it is a magazine, choose a magazine theme.

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