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How to make money with

Over the past few days I've been looking into and how I could make some money off of this platform. I knew that I had to upload a power point presentation which is basically a bunch of images laid out in a way to increase my click throughs in order to make a sale, but that's pretty obvious.

What I didn't know how to do was get a power point presentation set up in a quick amount of time, make it look professional, and do it for as little of an an investment as possible.

Now I could easily pay someone $15 to $20 to set up a decent looking presentation and then I upload it to my slideshare account which will also post to my linkedin account because they are joined together How to make money with But what if I wanted to post 10 different presentations and target 10 different keywords? That would cost me at least $150 and I wouldn't really have any control on how the presentation would look. Sure I could tell the person what I wanted, but it's never EXACTLY what I wanted. If I'm paying a premium, I want what is in my imagination lol How to make money with

So in the end I did a little digging and was looking for some free power point templates, which all came up to be horrible which I kind of thought they would be. But I was hoping to find at least one gem in the pile of garbage lol.

I finally found a website called and you can pretty much download a presentation and edit the content to say whatever you want. After browsing through their selection I actually noticed a few of the presentations they offer are on right now getting a massive amount of views, so that was a selling point right there lol How to make money with

There's no branding on the slidemodel downloads after you're a member, which is great because I don't want to pay for a service and have them put their labels on everything lol How to make money with

The pricing for slidemodel is very reasonable, below is a screenshot of their pricing structure.
How to make money with

You'll most likely have to right click on the image and select "view image" so that you can read the small text if your eyes are great.

The pricing seems that they get a lot of people who come to them at the last moment and need a great power point presentation for their job. Why else would you charge $24 a month for the basic package when you could spend $96 and get it for the entire year How to make money with

I would think that if you're getting serious about you would be good with the premium package on slidemodel because uploading 200+ presentations is a lot more work than you could imagine How to make money with

Ok now, how do you make money with this?

There are two different ways you can do this. The first way is that you could set up loads of awesome presentations and link to your own websites in the description or add call to actions to the slides themselves. The second way is that you could actually set up your own service here on SeoClerks and build slideshare presentations for people How to make money with

I'm sure a lot of you would prefer to build slideshare presentations so I'm going to talk about that.

Basically you'll just set up your service as if you were building the presentations yourself. You can sell them for whatever you want, but I would stay under $10 so that you're competitive with everyone else. But remember, your presentations are going to be designed really wall and blow all your competitors out of the water How to make money with

Take your time to set up a few presentations and post it to your own slideshare profile and use those as examples for your potential buyers. They will look over your presentations and determine if they want to buy or not... but they'll usually buy because they want to do slideshare marketing How to make money with

You can set it up so that your main service is for a 10 set deck (that's what they call sets of slides on slideshare) and for every 5 additional slides on your deck you can charge an add on fee. In your description you should mention that the most viewed presentations are between 20 and 30 slides. This will encourage people to purchase your add ons and you'll make some extra cash How to make money with

So what do you guys and girls think? Do you want to start running a slideshare presentation creation service now? How to make money with How to make money with How to make money with

This also goes well with Mikes post about how you can optimize your slideshare presentation How to make money with

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Razzy thank you! My main issue I have had with SlideShare so far is that I am a dumbo when it comes to design. I really am. I don't like doing the design bits, I like to just have nice designs appear out of nowhere so I was wondering how on earth I would create a slide presentation.

Razzy did you try out Slidemodel yourself? I would love to know how user friendly it is.

I would honestly go for the $24 a month to start. Not because I don't want to spend $96 on something that is great but because I would want to try it out and make sure I can work it and that it is really user friendly and easy.

Then if it works well for me I would buy the yearly plan with pleasure.

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I haven't started yet, but I plan on trying to dominate it How to make money with

I was thinking of purchasing a premium annual plan and setting up 10 to 20 new slideshare posts a week How to make money with I would hope to get 500+ views on each and being an optimist I would hope to get at least 1 click a week from each one that I posted.

After a year I would have between 520 and 1,040 slideshare posts sending traffic to my websites How to make money with Now if I were to get 1 click a week per presentation, then that's a additional 520 to 1,040 per week which would be super targeted because they just read through my presentation and clicked through because they liked what they read How to make money with I would assume that the conversions would be much higher, at least 5%, and I could turn them into monthly clients.

Another way to do this is to embed an SeoClerks affiliate URL into a few of the slides and the description and getting affiliate leads that way. It would be a great way to build affiliate sales over time and since SC has a huge assortment of services I'm sure people would come back time and time again and give me a nice commisson each time How to make money with

There are so many possibilities with slideshare, it's kind of crazy. You can push your own websites in order to get new clients. If that's not your style, you can push affiliate links that are embedded into your slides and content in order to build your passive income. Or if neither of those float your boat, you can always post a service on SeoClerks that has you build slideshare presentations for other people How to make money with

Or hell, do all three methods and rake in the cash How to make money with

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Razzy yes you are so on the money here. Have you gotten started with your plan to dominate SlideShare yet?

I would love to have an update on how well it is working for you? Even if you are feeling very generous a tutorial on how you have been working Slideshare?

I would love to use a good service to create slides for me for Slideshare. Being a non-design person I don't want to waste my time trying to create slides!

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Ooooohh instant thumbs up for this Razz! As you may know, I've posted on How to Use SlideShare Presentations to Drive Traffic to Your Site in the past. So this guide on how to make money with SlideShare perfectly compliments that and would go hand in hand with it.

Despite that, despite me telling people how to drive traffic to your site by using SlideShare, I've not actually created that many slides myself. I only have two on there that I made. Well one that I made, the other that was added from someone else's SlideShare account as you can add other peoples slides to your profile.

They're pretty primitive but was just knocked up quickly for demo purposes.
I keep making a mental note to find the time to get more into it and create more slide presentations on SlideShare. I know that if I keep it up and keep adding them, all different slides, but all linking to my site or parts of my site in different ways. Then eventually, somewhere down the line, all those slides will begin to send a lot of traffic to my site and that could pay off quite well in time!

And as for your method, I can see how using a site like would be a useful tool if you are selling this as a service. You can start from scratch without using sites. So long as you have an article. You can then add some pictures to it, save it as a PDF and then upload that to Slideshare and it will automatically create a presentation from it for you. But this doesn't look "good" in most cases.

So it's best to use a template site like to download the templates which you can then edit and upload to SlideShare and they will look much much better. Much more professional looking and attractive and would go on to get more views too.

But remember, the buck doesn't start and stop with SlideShare. There are other sites like SlideShare out there as well as SlideShare alternatives. Some of these include,,,,,,,,,, and Scribd.

So if you've made a slide presentation for SlideShare. Upload to those sites also! How to make money with

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Added a link to your discussion in my discussion above How to make money with

There are other sites like SlideShare out there as well as SlideShare alternatives. Some of these include,,,,,,,,,, and Scribd.

Oh yeah, definitely! You should always be spreading the love across multiple platforms because you never know what will be the best to bring in the sales How to make money with

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Oh dear Mike now we go back to the discussion I posted today about how much is enough LOL

I just feel so overwhelmed with the number of social networks out there and I struggle to like cut off where I should be. In the beginning it was so easy. I just used FB for a good few years and then I added Twitter and LinkedIn and Pinterest... then I added Youtube and Instagram.

I don't think I would be able to make use of all those slides websites. Is SlideShare the biggest and most popular one?

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Oh so you can post links in a slideshare presentation but also in the description. That's cool, I've asked you in a previous topic about this but now I got my answers, never knew that the slideshares I've seen had no link in their descriptions.

Also, thanks for the slidemodel suggestion, noted and also AWESOME rates, powerpint is long overdue in terms of design and I haven't seen some good ones in a long time!
As for the ways of making money from slideshare, you gave me the best information I could hope for, I'm definitely doing this and I'm promoting my service on LinkedIn (with an affiliate link) because something tells me the SC buyer community would not really be interesting, but LinkedIn definitely will.

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I followed a tip from a school teacher.

Signin to Google Docs and use the tool to make a slide presentation. I've only done this one time. But I am very pleased with the results.

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I have never heard of, therefore, I do not know anything about earning potential on this site. This is something I have to check as I am interested in any kind of earning programs. I can make slideshows in powerpoint, does this mean I can also earn on What do I do in order to earn from this site?

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Thanks for the great tip.I'm also not sure about making money with slide share however I appreciate the tip for slide model as a site that can make power point presentations at a fee of course. My understanding is that this is a kind of arbitrage service where you can offer power point presentation services and get them made on slide model. The challenge would be that incase you can't sell your services your subscription fee on slide model could be a waste of money.

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