How do you optimize with

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How do you optimize with

Now a lot of you may not have heard of slideshare, but it's a pretty big website that is owned by social media giant, LinkedIn.

Basically all you do is set up a slideshow and publish it under your profile on But is that all you do in order to get views, subscribers and in the end some new clients?

I've been thinking a lot of how to do some marketing on slideshare but I've been busy with some other websites we're working on. So that's why I'm here to ask you guys and girls to see what you think or know about slideshare How do you optimize with

I know how to do on page optimization so setting the titles and descriptions are easy for me. But what kind of search feature is there on slideshare and how well does it work? I know for a fact that the search function on LinkedIn isn't great because I can keyword stuff and get top rankings in the search results lol. Does slideshare run on the same search function used by LinkedIn?

Are there loads of people browsing slideshare to see what's new and amazing or is the traffic mainly coming from Google, Yahoo! and Bing? This is a big thing in my eyes because optimizing for the search function in slideshare may conflict with the optimization for the search engines, and vice versa. Keyword stuffing on LinkedIn will easily get you ranked in their own search results but will most likely get you on page 10 in Google, Yahoo! and Bing How do you optimize with

Do certain niches on slideshare get more traffic than others? And by this I mean does one niche get millions of views per day while others get a few. I understand there are more popular niches than others, but is the traffic on slideshare leaning hard to one niche or is it spread pretty evenly?

Well, there are a lot of questions in here, but I'm pretty interested in knowing about slideshare so I can begin to pull in traffic How do you optimize with

After someone responds (hopefully) to this discussion with some information, I will begin my testing and let everyone know what happened How do you optimize with




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Hi Razzy. I have registered on Slideshare a while back since I read a great Slideshare tutorial here that IdealMike created. This Slideshare tutorial will probably answer all of your questions since I honestly can't answer your questions. I have only gone so far as to register on Slidsehare but I have not gotten around to adding any content yet.

IdealMike is the one you need here to answer all your questions!

I want to start using Slideshare for my online marketing blog and also for my addiction blog.I think those niches will do quite nicely. I am not sure how well it will work for my mommy blog. I think my mommy blog is more suited to Pinterest and Facebook!

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I'm not sure which types (categories) of presentations do best on SlideShare or where the traffic mostly comes from. But I can tell you that SlideShare is very much a visually stimulating place much like Pinterest where slides that are very visually stimulating and pleasing are more preferred by the users and as such are the slides that get the most likes, saves and shares.

There are many different categories on SlideShare. You can see the most popular by using the Explore page. Then if you click on Most Popular, you do get some search filter options you can play around with to which slide is most popular in all or any specific category, as well as by period too such as today, last 7 days, 30 days, all year and all time which is based on number of views and likes they get.

This way, you can drill down to what the most popular slides are for a category you're thinking of working in to see why it is those slides are the top ranking slides for that category for the past year, month, week or just today and why. How do you optimize with

If you then check out some of those top ranking slides, you'll see how they are not only entertaining and informative but also vivid and bright and a treat for the eyes and are fun to click through and you can't help but click the like and save button lol.

Remember it's not just slides you can upload to SlideShare, you can also upload infographics, documents and videos. Although currently, it's not possible to upload videos directly to SlideShare. However, you can embed YouTube videos as part of your presentations.

Hope this helps mate! How do you optimize with

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Oh nice Mike, thanks for adding this additional information for Slideshare and all these tips. I have since registered since your first post ages ago introducing Slideshare but I have yet to actually spend any amount of time there.

There are just so many things to do in a day and Slideshare is still on my list! One day!

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I've heard of slideshare and I love it! You can find really good content and the slide feature thing makes everything a lot easier to understand and take in. I see a lot of people also doing comments on posts there or even spamming them.

But I wonder, how many people do actually click your profile than your website?
Because I look at very popular posts as this: - Tons of views but no direct link in the post itself, I have to click the profile name of the author to check her website...

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