Be You And Do Everything You Can Do. - That's one of the "secrets" to success.

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Be You And Do Everything You Can Do. - That's one of the "secrets" to success.

Are you trying to establish yourself as a good content provider? - Do you want to draw the attention towards your blog posts and increase visibility to your blog? - Do you want to increase your reputation and build your credibility? - Do you want others to believe in you and your stories? - Do you want people to take a chance on you?

Here's some tips for you:
First of all, you should always publish content you want to share. Things you believe in and things that you like. Things you truly want to share. Not what you think others would like to read or hear.

Here's the thing, I don't know you in person. I don't know what type of person you are or what you can or cannot do.. But I do know that there's an endless ocean of people out there who doesn't know what to write.. - And why is that?

What I've found out during the years I've been a freelancer is this..

  • The main reason is that some people aren't aware of the things they are good at.

Okay, let me try that again, they know but they would never answer a question with that.

I'll give you an example of this:
Imagine a job interview. Some people are nervous so they shake and others are filled with confidence.

Suddenly the question comes..
  • What are your qualities as a person?


  • Why should we hire you instead of someone else?

Any of these two questions means instant death to some people. They don't know how to answer questions like that.

They know that they are a great parent, amazing artists or very skilled football players.. But they don't mention that during the interview or as answers for these questions because it doesn't "fit".

The job is for a grocery store or as a salesperson, literally anything that doesn't actually "fit" your category.. So to be a great football player or a good artist doesn't count.. Right? - Wrong.

A great answer is more important than "the answer".

What do I mean by that? - Take a look at this:
  • What are your qualities as a person?

"I am a humble person with a burning desire to build a family, raising two beautiful kids, driving a SUV and take my kids to Disneyland. I would love to see my kids with that super-smile on their face when they hug Mickey Mouse. That's who I am. Do you have kids?"

  • Why should we hire you instead of someone else?

"I've always loved to share my creations as an artist with the people around me. I'm hardworking and I've been freelancing full time for 5 years now."

Now your face probably looks like this:
Be You And Do Everything You Can Do. - That

And yeah, I can understand why.. This was confusing for me too when I first encountered this.. But let me break this down for you even further..

What did I accomplish with these answers? - None of them are actually "related" to the questions, right?

In the first answer I actually tell them this:
I am humble person, a good listener and I'm willing to help others.. I am a dreamer and I will work hard to get there. I will bring my A game at all times.

That's not at all the things I said, but that's how most people will interpret it. Having a family, raising kids and having dreams about vacations, smiles and a SUV. That speaks for itself. That means you're willing to push yourself to get there. You also touch their hearts with this. You go deep. You go to a personal level.

In my second answer, I tell them this:
I care about others. I help others and I feel good about it. I work hard no matter what's at stake and I always deliver. I've delivered for 5 years already and I won't stop now.

Again, this isn't near the things I said.. But between the lines, this is a perfect match of what I gave as an answer. You share your creations which basically means that you care about others and that's important no matter what you'll work with. You've also been working full time for the past 5 years, so you are filled with confidence, know-how and you're still alive.. So that means that you know what you're doing.

Most people would answer these questions like this:
My name is ______ and I'm ___ years old. I live ______ and I'm interested in this job. I previously worked at ________. I am honest, loyal and trustworthy. I am a nice person if you asked my friends.

And sure, this isn't bad.. But it's the same type of answer they got a billion times before.. - Hopefully, you understand my point with this. - Use your talents. Think about it. You have much more than you are able to see!

- That's why you keep hearing about the "outside of the box" thinking. - Think outside the box.


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I've been dealing with online marketing and writing content to convert people for years now. I know what to write in order to get people to think a little different, and this post hits a lot of good points Be You And Do Everything You Can Do. - That

When I read your responses to the example questions, I thought...

Be You And Do Everything You Can Do. - That

As I was reading it, I was like "Oh man, that's pretty good!" and I knew exactly what you were doing as I continued from word to word Be You And Do Everything You Can Do. - That

A lot of people don't realize that responding with every day examples is a good way to show someone how good you are at something, or the job you're applying for. You'll always hear the basic "I'm motivated and a team player!" but no employer wants to hear that lol. Telling an employer that you ran a household of 4 children and a husband is much better than saying you're a leader. If you can keep a household of 4 children and a husband in order it's pretty impressive and the hiring manager will understand that. Well, they'll understand if they have children of their own. And if they have less children than you do they will give you some respect because they know how difficult it is Be You And Do Everything You Can Do. - That

And before I get side tracked, I'm going to hit on a point about writing. You'll always have to start writing about something you like to do, even if it's just watching TV. You can write about the TV shows you're currently watching. You can even write about the netflix series you're currently binge watching from 9am to 5pm and make a job out of it lol. If you're content eventually gets ranked in Google, Yahoo! and Bing you'll notice a huge spike in traffic, sales, clicks, etc.

Everyone likes something, it's just a matter of getting a pencil to paper and writing about it or getting your fingers on the keyboard and typing up some content about it. Just be sure to write in your own style and it will be better in the long run Be You And Do Everything You Can Do. - That



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That's a very good post. I fully agree with you. Many people do not appreciate the qualities they have, and even worse, are not even aware of them. Unfortunately this leads to a lack of self confidence in many people. As you pointed out, there are different ways to answer to such questions, which are often posed at job interviews. The main intention is to check if that person knows his worth, values himself, and is motivated to put his skills or qualities to good use. So it is really imperative to look into yourself, and discover what it is that makes you up as a unique person.

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LOL brilliant Andre and I think you are so right. It reminds me of Miss World when they get asked those questions and I think OMG what is she going to say that isn't so cliche and boring?

Interviewers must hear the same drivel over and over again every interview. I would personally get very bored by it.

Being unique and not afraid to show it would be something I would be looking for in an employee.

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Unless you are interviewed by a classic HR lady! Trust me, giving unusual answers to an HR person is one of the biggest mistakes you can make, sure you can talk about thinking out of the box and everything, but HR usually wants to hear certain things from you and if you don't fall into their perfect patterned chances are you'll lose the job.

Getting hired interviewed by a specialist is a totally different story, here you can go as much out of the box as you want since most look for innovating people that know what they're doing and want to get things done.

I've gone to a lot of interviews in my day, A LOT OF THEM, maybe over 50 interviews to say the least. My current acceptance rate is pretty high because I have the ability to "read" my interviewer, I can figure out what kind of person he/she is just be talking for a couple of minutes and taking mental notes about the way they're dressed and act. After this quick "inspections" happens in my head, I usually know exactly what the person wants to hear.

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When you say “be you,” what comes to my mind is for me to be natural. I would reply to the question in my own simple terms but I will be honest. And if that is not sufficient then it’s all right if my answer did not meet the mark. I am not really very creative as to mince words and my only weapon when it comes to my writing is my honesty and sincerity that I try to be myself when I write. No lies, no pretenses.

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My first self-hosted blog was a personal blog. Since it is very difficult to pull traffic on a personal blog, I decided to launch another blog. I chose travel as my niche and drilled it down to mountaineering and trekking. Since I am based in Nepal, I decided to devote my writings on the travel destination in my home country. I know this topic well, however, knowing the topic does not mean you will succeed, you will have to consider other areas as well.,

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