What do you think is the maximum word count for a post? (blog or forum post).

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What do you think is the maximum word count for a post? (blog or forum post).

Hello fellow freelancers,
It seems that most of the posts on this community discussions are anything between 50 and 300 words or so. - We obviously have several posts which are way more than that too, but I would say that the average post are something about 100 words long here on SEOClerks community discussion.

How many words are enough? - What is the maximum word count in your opinion?

The amount of words you're using will always be different. It depends on who the writer is, the writing style and it depends on the subject. - But there has to be some sort of "line" for this, or is there?

I've seen a few blog posts on various blogs and in different forums that are up to 20,000 words long. - That's seriously like an entire ebook or perhaps even two. - Well, it's at least like a report of some sort.

What would you do with a 10,000 or perhaps a 20,000 word long post?

Would you:

  • A: Publish the post as it is.
  • B: Publish the posts in parts? (Part 1,2,3,4,5,6)?

I bet that most would go with option B. - And if and when you do, how do you decide where to cut the content into one part? - Do you just cut it somewhere at random, or do you cut it when you come to a question or something like that?


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Honestly I think the niche topic you are writing about is going to be a big factor in how long articles should be. Also the nature of the content you are trying to produce, is it a review site or simply an authority ppc outlet... Each will command a totally different kind of article for max seo effect.

Long story short, as long as your meta work / styling of the article is done properly (always inject lots of good seo images as well) then the longer the better! I usually post between 5 - 10,000 word articles on new blogs i am trying to rank, etc.

Focus on the best quality content you can possibly produce, do your research into LSI and strategic kw use, and you will be home free What do you think is the maximum word count for a post? (blog or forum post).

Hope this helped

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How many words are enough?

As many as you need to say to get your point your across. But also as many as you need to say to make it look like you have a lot to say about what it is you're talking about in an attempt to keep people on your site for longer without filling it up with too much filler content and fluff that doesn't really tell them anything much at all about whatever it is you're writing about in and amongst the meat and potatoes. Talking of meat and potatoes, I see article writing and creating a blog post not rather unlike cooking up a good meal. All good meals start with, well, starters, followed by the main course with the meat, potatoes, veg and gravy. And then of course, if you're lucky, a bit of pudding and topped off with a mint and a coffee.

In the same way as a good meal consists of these parts, a good article should consist of those parts too. Your title is basically what you're having. The summary and introduction your starter, and the main part of the article, the real juicy and helpful parts, the actual meat and veg. And you can consider the gravy lashings of fluff filler content helping it all go down nice and easily! What do you think is the maximum word count for a post? (blog or forum post).
What would you do with a 10,000 or perhaps a 20,000 word long post?

Post it all in one! The simple fact is. Longer content ranks higher simple as as that. Google and people prefer longer content. Sure, short content that is broken down and split across different posts/pages is fine. And if that serves a purpose that's fine. But at the end of the day, longer content wins because it always outranks shorter content.

It seems Google and people like this. I suspect Google likes it though because people like it. Google rewards sites where the bounce rate is low. It's one sure way of knowing the visitor is enjoying the content on that site by staying there longer. And while it's also good to promote CTR and try to improve the CTR of your site, and that can be of benefit to your rankings as well in the long term. Longer content can keep people on the page for just as long as content that's broken up into different posts/pages.

However, if I was given or written a 10-20k word post to post on my site. I would read and scan it thoroughly and make sure it wasn't just a load of fluff filler content and was easy to read, digest etc. Also when published, if it was going to be a really long post like that, I would make sure that it was broken down into sections. Make use of header and sub header tags, H2, H3, H4 etc. And possibly even link to different parts of that content from the top using a table of contents making it easier to find what you want more quickly.

Here in another question Do you think that long-form content is more effective than shorter articles? It shows how longer content outranks shorter content. And for which I've used the anagram before as well. What do you think is the maximum word count for a post? (blog or forum post).
What do you think is the maximum word count for a post? (blog or forum post).
Hope this helps!


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I think that it depends on the topic. Some subjects call for lengthier explanations, while others can be more brief. Personally after writing countless articles I feel better sticking to up to 500-700words on most topics as the more you write the more tedious it could start to get, not only for me as the writer that needs to make sure that I am still being engaging, but also for most readers who will not have the time or the patience to read through it all. However, having said that I get regular orders for posts between 1000 and 2500 words. So generally speaking I think that clients feel better with lengthier posts on their blogs/sites, probably for an SEO point of view.

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If the content is like 'Top 10' then option B is okay, but if the content is of regular flow it would not be good to segregate it into different posts. May readers don't like single article reading in several posts.

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I think it depends on loads of different things such as the website, the writer and of course the type of readers that the blog attracts.

Personally I won't enjoy reading a 20 000 word blog post, I would need a break. I think it would be much nicer to break it up into different parts. I know that the longer the posts are the better that it will rank but I think anything over 5 000 words is perhaps a little excessive when it comes to length.

Yes I like reading one article more than a number of articles but I won't read such a long article as 20 000 words.

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I don't believe publishing a post on multiple parts is really the answer. Don't get me wrong, I did it myself here on CD. But with Google recent updates, splitting content into multiple articles is not good for SEO!

On forums and communities as this one I think everyone must be allowed to write as many words as they like, for example, most of Mike's posts are huge, he enjoys creating detailed content and I think it adds value to the CD and SEOclerks.
On the other hand, smaller posts and topics are also fine if you say something worth reading.

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I don't have a forum, however, I post regularly on forums. When I am posting on forums, I try to write 3-4 line comments (usually 30-40 words). I have a handful blogs. My blog posts are 700-900 words on average, however, sometimes I also do 400 words or 1200 words blog post. On my blogs, I always make sure that I write medium length posts.

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My answer to the question is based on myself as a reader of blogs. I enjoy reading a blog that is at least 2 pages long and up to 5 pages, that’s in terms of word document page. A 1-page blog is very short although it is all right if several pictures come with it. When a blog is more than 5 pages long, I tend to exit and look for another blog to read. I am turned off with a lengthy blog because I value my time. When I read a very long article, my feeling is that I am losing time for my other chores online.

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