Who grants EXTRA TIME REQUEST? is it the buyer or admin staff?

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Who grants EXTRA TIME REQUEST? is it the buyer or admin staff?

please if time is running out to deliver an order and a seller place a request for more extra time, it the buyer that approves of it or the seoclerks admin staff. i am somehow confused here on this as i intend contacting the seoclerks staff but i know i can get some real answers here.
please who approves of extra time request?, it the support staff or the buyer?


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The time request approval is done by the buyer because that's who it affects the most. Having the staff approve it would just piss off the buyer and have bad rep spread rampant because ignorant people would say that SeoClerks favors the seller when in fact they love everyone on their platforms Who grants EXTRA TIME REQUEST? is it the buyer or admin staff?

I actually just had a request to extend one of the services I purchased an extra 2 days because there was something happening with the sellers profiles on a platform. In the end we had to cancel the job because they profiles were in the process of being banned and that's why he was having problems doing posts for me.

When you request a time extension for the service which was purchased it goes right to the buyer and shows them the reason you've entered. It's up to them if they want to accept it or not, but I don't see why they wouldn't if you've been a good service provider. People who reject these time extensions are usually the ones who don't know what's going on or the ones who are stubborn and just want the work rushed.

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Good answer Razzy and yes taking the choice away from the buyer would not go over well. this feature should only be used if something has changed or if your having a rare problem with the service. If the seller is constantly using this feature then something else could be is going on. I almost never have to request more time and its not a feature i think should be used every service. If you want that you cannot complete your service on time you should address your delivery time on your service and maybe make it longer. Thank you for your question, and thanks for sharing.

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The time extension request is sent to the buyer himself. It is his or her discretion to see if he/she is willing to wait a bit more to get the work delivered. I have used the time extension request several times when I figured it was going to be impossible to deliver the work on time, either due to sickness, emergencies or because of too many orders. I have always had clients who were very nice about it and they decided to bear with me. They approved the time extension and all was fine. I love this feature as it gives more flexibility to sellers, although it is important that it is not abused of.

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It is the buyer that approves the request for extra time. I have had a few of these requests and I always say yes simply because I am usually not in too much of a rush and besides if a request is made for more time I appreciate that the seller is asking me and not just ignoring me and leaving my order to be late!

I think it is quite a cool feature. I think it is new because I have only had extra time requests quite recently from sellers and not before.

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I've noticed something fishy about the extra time thing. For example, I requested 1-day extra time in a certain order, the client responded after 24+ hours and accepted my request, thing is, my order was still marked as late! I think the counter starts as soon as you hit the request for more time, it doesn't matter when the client accepts it.

Never the less, this feature is great and if you request more time as soon as you hit that late mark, chances are the client will understand and will allow you the extra time to finish and deliver your order.

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