The importance of auto renewal with your domains.

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The importance of auto renewal with your domains.

When you're setting up a website, especially the domain, you'll need to secure everything so that you don't lose it. Whenever I purchase a domain I'll always purchase the whois guard so people can't creep on me and I'll also have it set up for auto renewal even if I don't know how successful the website is going to be.

Setting up your domain to auto renew will relieve a lot of headaches later on down the road when you're super busy and getting a lot of emails each day. About 2 weeks ago I got an email from NameCheap which was to let me know that I had a domain set to expire and I should renew it as soon as possible. Now if you renew it early you don't reset the time of when the domain status starts, it will just get paid early and continue on the current year and keep going after the renewal date. An example of this would be if your domain is going to expire on January 20th and you pay for it on January 10th. You don't lose those 10 days, you just pay for your renewal early.

But setting it up to auto renew will make it so that you don't have to worry about your renewals and panic if your domains expire lol.

I just went through this whole process this morning when my main website wend down because the hosting and domain were not set up to auto renew. I thought for sure that I set it up to auto renew, but I guess I forgot. I saw all the "Renew Now You Dumby!" emails, but I ignored them because I thought I was safe. I log into my website today, well I try to, and I can't. I quickly log into NameCheap to see that I did not have the auto renew feature enabled and now my website was down. Luckily NameCheap puts your domain into a grace period which allows you to re-purchase your domain name and hosting if you choose. If you don't re-purchase within the grace period you will lose it forever.

I'm super glad I caught onto this quick enough to renew everything because if I put it off I would have lost my website AND domain. But I was lucky and renewed in time so that I didn't lose anything. My website was down but was still on the server so I didn't have to re-upload anything.

So go set up your domains and hosting to auto renew and avoid similar panic attacks to what I had this morning lol The importance of auto renewal with your domains.

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Even though I know what happen if you forget to pay for renewal I still prefer to do it manually, but even if you forget they'll send a lot of emails to remind you that your domain is expiring. However, I prefer to pay manually just because I want to be sure that they are not going to charge something extra without my permission, I've never faced any problem with that but just in case.

Another reason why I prefer to pay manually is because I can use discount promo codes, specially during the holidays, renewal cost is not huge but why not if you have a chance to pay less than the original price.

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I wonder if anyone would try to be tricky like that and tag you with a 5 year domain renewal lol. Like "Hey I'm going to pay for 1 year to own this domain and I'll renew it again next year for one more year." then BAM! you get a 5 year domain renewal lol.

That's a good point you make with the promo codes, I didn't think of that. NameCheap, GoDaddy, HostGator and the rest of the big companies always send out promo codes around the holidays. Hell, I even get them randomly for just being signed up with them lol. I always see stuff from GoDaddy and NameCheap because I have most of my domains at Godaddy and I use NameCheap for a few of my hosting accounts. The coupons are pretty good too, like 25% off your next order if it's over $40. And for me at least, spending $40 isn't difficult to do when it comes to domains and hosting The importance of auto renewal with your domains.

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LOL! It can happen, and they can use a simple excuse like "Sorry someone hacked into your account" now I don't think that big companies will do that, but I can't say the same thing for some small fishes that want to grow up immediately lol.

Last year I've joined on namecheap, I've some domains registered and hosted there, so I will be waiting for holiday promo codes, also hope that I'm included on their list to receive coupons, if not then I have Google ,I love those codes lol. The importance of auto renewal with your domains.

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I always remove the auto-renewal! Every single time! I don't like forgetting about a certain payment only to find myself it auto-renewed and maybe I didn't want to continue paying for that service or in this case a domain.

I have a couple of domains now, all have auto-renew off, 2 of them are full-blown websites with content, they started to drive some traffic but I won't check-auto renew unless I'm 100% positive I want to continue having them after the first 12 months expire.

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Oh my gosh Razzy are you saying that if you don't have auto renew on your domain and you aren't paying attention a competitor can just buy it right from under you?

That is an incredibly scary thought isn't it?

What happens to all the content that was on your website if that happens? Surely they can't like take your entire website too? Do you just lose your entire website?

I would love to know exactly how this all works and what the risks are?

I might just like pay upfront for the next 10 or 15 years and put it on auto renew LOL.

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When you set auto renewal mode, you will never lose your domain. Imagine this. You have a domain that is going to expire soon. The registrar sends you a notification. You do not check the email associated with your domain registrar. The domain expires and passes the renewal phase. You lost your domain.
However, I have not set my domains in auto renewal mode. I have over 50 domains. I registered these domains for the purpose of flipping. During the renewal I left some domains because renewing the domains for $32 which was registered for 88 cents was a financial burden.

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