Hire Me or Custom Order on SEOclerks Profiles - Proposal Debate

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Hire Me or Custom Order on SEOclerks Profiles - Proposal

Since my recent activity on Community Discussions here on SEOclerks, I've notice I'm starting to get a lot of activity in my Inbox. People contact me with different problems and issues.

At the moment I suspended all my past services for various reasons, but overall I just want to re-invent myself here by developing something completely new for the future.

In the meantime, I would still like people to contact me for various SEO jobs, but I don't want to publish some specific service, so it would be nice to have a general service feature, like a "Hire Me" kind of thing or a "Custom Offer" a buyer may want to make to get an answer, quick fix or even a complex custom job.

The buyer should have the options to accept, refuse or just continue negotiating with the potential client.

This will also give buyers a good inside into what buyers really need and want and create normal services accordantly.

What do you guys this of such a feature?


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I Like this idea buyers can just ask you for what they want instead of offering a generic service. This is different from a want to buy and shouldn't be associated with this feature. Want to buy is more of a bidding war for something someone wants. What your talking about is a private way for a buyer to ask a seller for something that fits their needs. They should be able to describe what they want and a price they want to pay. The seller should be able to counter and once an agreement is made the service should begin. This type of innovation will set us apart from other market places and i think its a great idea Bravo. Thanks for Sharing.

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Yes, exactly, you got everything right to the point!

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Yes Request a Custom Job! Hire Me or Custom Order on SEOclerks Profiles - Proposal

I placed that as a possible future feature suggestion. It came about because sometimes I get clients request custom work from me or want one of my services but done in a more tailored, unique way for them.

Also I saw it as a feature on another site that I shall not mention here of which I found to be a good feature in a way both for buyers and sellers. However while the idea seems to get majority thumbs up it was pointed out that you can do that with a WTB. A person can create a WTB which details everything they need which anyone can then bid on.

This is good but some buyers want to be covert and discreet and don't want to say what they want in public on a WTB that anyone can bid on and would prefer it to be for one seller only all done without needing to create a WTB.

I believe this would be a good feature for buyers and sellers that could go on to get us all a lot more sales and bring more money into the site as well. (Especially for you coders and programmers and designers out there!) Sure there is WTB section. And sure a feature like that would need building/coding/testing etc to streamline it. I guess it could just be something as simple as a form they fill out detailing what they want along with a field on how much they are willing to pay for it. Or perhaps they could click the link then fill it out and the seller replies with a price and the buyer can choose to accept it or not. Or even the buyer could respond with a counter offer or set the price for it from the start. Then when all is agreed, buyer pays and the order starts and the seller provides and delivers it as normal.

There are a lot of things to take into consideration actually to make something like that come about. I guess you could borrow some of the fields from the new WTB form such as title, description, amount will pay and any files/attachments whatever too.

And there are some points to consider about how people might abuse that system somehow. But if the seller had ultimate control on whether a custom job is worth doing for the price the buyer has stated (or could negotiate). He could just accept or reject it! Hire Me or Custom Order on SEOclerks Profiles - Proposal

And man, that would be boom!

If it don't turn into a deal and sale, it don't.
If it don't break nothing or upset any sellers.
What is there to loose when there is the possibility to gain much more in sales for us from it? Hire Me or Custom Order on SEOclerks Profiles - Proposal

That's my look on it anyway. Hire Me or Custom Order on SEOclerks Profiles - Proposal


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I forgot about your "feature request" Mike! Seems I was on-board with it since then. But I wouldn't put the button under the profile name, I would put this feature just like a service only it needs to look like SC official stuff.

Glad I'm not the only one thinking this may be a great feature, I'm sure there are plenty out there thinking the same way.

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I think this would be an amazing feature and would add so much value to this marketplace.

Yes I remember Mike's suggestion too and I loved it.

I don't use WTB's because I usually only want to order from certain sellers. Yes call me fussy or whatever but I know what I want and I know what I like and I have very high standards. If I find a seller that I like that sells the sort of thing I am looking for but perhaps I want something a little more tailored to suit my needs then I would love the opportunity to be able to request it.

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This has been suggested once before, and I think the answer was "Want to Buys" if I remember correctly. However, as a marketplace grows, and all the changes that surrounds it, I believe this feature would be very beneficial to the marketplace, and the entire community. There are some cons of this feature though, for instance a seller could possibly be spammed with "hire me" requests, unless there was a cap per user, like possibly 3 hire me requests per day.

If this feature were to ever be created it probably should function the same as like the bumps, like where you need to do certain activity to gain a certain amount of "bids" to be able to create custom jobs for a seller, this is to prevent gaming of the system, and other issues that may occur.

Also, another con is probably SEO related, as a custom job the service won't rank very well, or even rank at all. So if you like to rank your services on google or other search engines.

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This is very different from a WTB, the seller will contact one buyer directly and propose a custom order. This feature should be available on all profiles if the seller chooses to enable it.
Some requirements should be met of course, but other than that I don't see any potential problems, only gains.

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I agree, hire me feature would be cool to have, because they can hire you for anything they want, and then seller will have to accept or reject it, this feature it's just a good thing because I'm sure that will help all of us to earn something extra. Also I think that "hire me" requests should be limited somehow, or seller can set a limit to request that he can receive per day.

Doing this will protect sellers from fake request, and also I think that buyers must have enough balance on their account before hiring a seller, now I know that some of them may prefer to pay directly via credit cards, or other payment gateway. However, this feature must have some requirements that must be met in order to use it.

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Sounds like a great idea, having the possibility to negotiate the price before the service is created will be amazing. It will be a cool feature to have because it will give them the possibility to request any service from you without having actually a live version of the service.

I am supporting this feature and probably will bring us more sales.

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That's a great idea. I have not done many jobs on SEO Clerk, however, because of my participation in a discussion I get traffic on my services. Participating in the discussion is a good way to attract the potential buyers. People can still create a Custom job offer through WTB feature, however, there is no feature to create a custom job offer to a specific freelancer. The services you list on your page are also in a way "Hire Me" feature.

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