How much does web design cost?

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How much does web design cost?

Whenever I'm talking to someone who is interested in web design they always ask how much it will cost. The truth is, it all depends on what you want on your website. If you want a website to be a clone of facebook then there is going to have to be a team of designers and programmers working around the clock in order to get something up and running that will resemble the most popular social network. But if you want something that is for your hand knit coasters then you can have one designer work on your pages for a day and get everything set up perfectly lol.

I have noticed that programming usually costs a lot more than web design. The difference between the two is what you see and what you use. What you see is the design, what you use (forms, surveys, functions, etc.) is the programming. You may only see a small form, but the programming behind it could be incredibly extensive and take a week to do.

Now lets say you want to go the custom website route and need it to be well designed and have a little bit of programming. You're probably looking at around $3,000 for everything, and that might be on the low end. I've heard of people paying $25,000+ for a website because of all the extensive programming that was needed on the back end and what you can't see. The websites turned out amazing, but I couldn't bare to pay that much for a website lol.

You can go the more affordable route and get a premium theme/design off of themeforest and upload it to your hosting after you install wordpress. Then you can download and activate any plugins you want, paid or free, and configure your website to work like a $25,000+ website.

Not everything has to be expensive, but you need to know what you're getting into before you sign any contracts. There are web design companies out there that will give you a $100 customized theme for $2,000 and not bat an eye when they payment goes through. I've had to deal with stuff like that before I learned about wordpress and themes How much does web design cost?

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I never thought that website design would be so expensive. This is obviously for a very detailed website with a database and many moving parts rite? So many companies offer cheap solutions for simple websites. Just to name a few we have Wix, Wordpress, Light CMS, Basekit, Weebly, and More! Its so cheap to drag and drop a website nowadays do you think coders will ever be replaced? Thank you for explaining the difference of programming and web design i really appreciate it. I have been looking for information on this in the past few weeks. This is very interesting the prices are higher than i expected but you are correct. People are charging this much and sometimes more.

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As an former owner of a blog, i opted for Wordpress. I have some really really limited programming and designing skills but I do manage to setup a host and add a domain on it. As everyone started, i begin without a lot of money, actually close to 50$. I've bought host from Hostgator and a domain (with a coupon) from Godaddy.

I looked for a free theme and installed on host. All ok up to now but only now troubles appeared. How to change the font, the colors, background texture, resize the menu bar, the categories etc

What I did was , as a non techie guy, read a lot of tutorials, watch a lot of videos and ask as many questions as I can. You will find tutorials matching exactly your problem, you will be surprised to find out that you are not the only one in this situation.

I'm not saying that if you have a professional website, an e-shop, some website with a lot of traffic you shouldn't hire a programmer or a team to design it but if you need something small you can do it yourself or hire someone from SeoClerks!

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If you have the budget and you want some kinky custom features, there is no other alternative, you need to hire a team of professional that are capable of delivering a custom made website with a solid framework (no that doesn't include Wordpress websites).

Paying 25k for such a website is actually quite good, I've heard of score much greater than this with a mediocre result. Depends on how much web programming and design you understand as a client, if you are clueless about these things chances are most agencies will rip you off.

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Yeah it's true, custom projects will always cost a lot as they need a lot of time to built, even if it's a small project. Paying someone, or a team to do that is the best option you have specially when you need something unique.

Sometimes it's not necessary to re invent the wheel as nowadays you can find any kind of template/theme for any type of website/business you need.

I would go for a custom project only if it's going to be something big and something that really it worth to do it , of course you can't never be 100% sure that your project will succeed or fail, but it's better to think twice before making a final decision.

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This is a brilliant topic and something that I have had a bit of experience with. I have had a custom built website and I have built my own websites with a website builder.

I am glad that I had my first website built for me because I knew nothing and it was easier for me to start my journey into the online world with a fully functional and ready to go website. I then had to learn how to add pages, posts and new products.

One thing I found frustrating was when I wanted a change and having to ask and wait.

Building two websites on my own with a website builder gave me a deeper insight into working on Wordpress and this enabled me to better manage my other website too.

I have since had that first website revamped because it changed from an online store to a blog.

I think there is a time and a place for custom build websites and for building your own, however before you pay someone to build a website for you I suggest you get a second opinion or two because you are so right. Just as in any industry you will get the people that will rip you off because you don't understand the process.

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I think it depends. Some of the time the complex design cost more. I charge more for the complex designs. And on that case you can see that more people work on the design the cost of the design increases too. So this has to change in many ways. You can reduce the effort and focus on the result. And if you can save time and money then you can price more. So in that context, WordPress and other CMS can be cost saving. Web design business is very competitive lately and people have to be very careful with clients and not to work on the spec works and price themselves low.

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When I was ready to launch my first website I did not have any knowledge. I contacted a local web designing company in my town. The agency asked me $500 to design my website. This was a way beyond my budget. I checked Fiverr. After considering the various gigs, I bought one for $100. The seller asked for more for following my requirements. I canceled my gig. I began reading DYI articles and watched videos and I was able to set up and customize my wordpress website. Couple of weeks ago, I designed a wordpress website for my client for $200.

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The cost is important to know but a good website will give returns in no time. Where more designers are involved it means there is more to be put in place. Quality matters too

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The cost of website design here varies from the minimum $200 to a maximum of more than $2,000 and maybe even more depending on the architecture of the desired design. In our experience, we hired a web designer for $1,000 with the promised work to be done within a month. The web designer was diligent. It was delivered on time and we liked the design he made. But when we called on him for enhancements, the costing had become expensive.

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