How to increase TF & CF ?

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How to increase TF & CF ?

i have coupon website, with 21DA and 31 pa, i want to increase the citation flow & trust flow of website.
1) Do i need to increase backlinks?
2) What to do, to increase TF? which service to buy on SEOClerks?
3) Any other suggestion please?



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Yes. Quite frankly. Yes. You will need to build backlinks to your site. But not just any backlinks, the best you can find. The higher the authority of the site you are building them on, the better. And the more closely related they are to your niche the better as well. Guest posting is one way to get related authority links to your site. But you should only do that on the minimum and not do a lot of that only. Especially if it's a fairly new site. You should start with increasing links to your site using social media sites. Social media links (although all mostly no follow) still add improve your TF regardless to the link type and it's one good way to get your first good set of backlinks.

In a nutshell. You want to build links to your site at a good rate. Not too slow and not too fast. Ignore low value links. Even if it's do follow link. The age old adage of one authority link is worth 1000x low authority links is as true today as it's always been.

Here are some points to consider to increasing your CF and TF

  • One of the main things you should try to do for your site is to increase it's TF, CF, PA and DA. But you need to try and maintain a healthy flow of each and not work too much on one and neglect the other. Although your TF should have more emphasis put on it than your CF. Trying to increase just your CF is a bit pointless as it happens naturally over time on its own and isn't really something that can be forced. Remember that one high authority link is worth 1000x low authority backlink.

  • One of the best backlinks to build are natural looking guest posts that are on sites that are in the same niche/industry as yours. But you shouldn't go out and build too many guest posts too quickly. Especially for new sites! And you should mix it up with other forms of link building as well and building other types of links to your site. The same kind that might happen naturally for a good/useful site..

  • Try to build only links from sites/blogs/forums etc in your niche. The more closely related to your niche they are the better. This will also include your TFF (Topical Trust Flow). The TFF is basically how authoritative/trustworthy a webpage is in its niche and what the topic of the content is about. As well as the links and content that are pointing to that website/page/content. The content that links to a webpage helps determine its Topical Trust Flow. Basically, the more referring domains it has, the more Topical Trust Flow it has.

  • Your internal linking strategies can also play a large role in increasing your TF and CF. A good homepage that has links to all your inner pages of importance from that page will boost the flow of each metrics a great deal. That's where site maps come into play as well. Having a good amount of links to your homepage which links to all the internal pages and posts will also help boost your sites TF and CF.

  • Some people say that getting some .gov and .edu links can help to increase the TF to your site. But they are very overrated and heavily spammed because of this and you have to be careful when building .gov and .edu links today and make sure the site you're building them on isn't only closely related to your site but also hasn't been spammed to death as well. Don't build .gov and .edu links just because they might increase the trust to your site if they are not even closely related to your site in anyway.

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Thanks Mike this has been very helpful for me too.

I heard that .gov and .edu links were really good for SEO but perhaps that was outdated information that I read. I can certainly understand why they would be so heavily spammed since everywhere you go online they go on about how good those links are.

I would think the same things applies here as it does to all other link building strategies. Quality above quantity.

Internal linking, yeah this is where I have been spending a lot of effort on my websites now. I have added a lot of new content recently and I am writing quite a lot of it with the view to interlink old articles with new.

I am now writing a really cool series of articles for my one website that is going to really juice up that website.

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Thanks about your useful tips

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