Have you ever outsourced your own SEO but you sell SEO?

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Have you ever outsourced your own SEO but you sell SEO?

In the world of freelancing and SEO you tend to do a lot of work. I know that I sometimes get overwhelmed with work and I have to contact a few select people to come in and help out. I would consider this outsourcing since I need to pay someone to do the work for me. I could do it myself, but the people I'm doing the work for might not be too happy since they would get it about 30 days late lol.

Have you ever outsourced your own work?

I know that with freelancing there is a fair amount of outsourcing, but if you run a service do you think you should outsource all of your own work? Could you even be considered a freelancer at that point or would you just be a middle man? I understand that if you are working on a service and you get overwhelmed on something and have to outsource some of the work in order for it to be done within a deadline, but all of it?

I've definitely set up some websites with the sole purpose of outsourcing the work 100%. When I do this I consider myself as a middle man and not a freelancer lol. But I wonder how many people actually think they are an SEO when they do this.

Now being an online marketer is different since you're in it for the money and just need a website to have high rankings and perform well. Do you think if you outsource all of your work you're still considered a marketer? I would think so just because you're doing the marketing and covering everything else as well, you're just not doing the service.

There are a few questions in here lol. But what do you guys and girls think?




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I would think if you outsource work you are still a marketer, for sure. If you have so much work you can't do it all yourself you are probably quite a good marketer!

I have not outsourced any SEO work, because that is just not what I do, but I have been contacted by loads of people I know that are looking for help with their websites or they want to get a website. I have started sending them to people here that I know are great sellers.

This is not outsourcing of course but affiliate marketing.

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I Think outsourcing is very important to a business owner and seo worker. No matter how advanced you are or how many clients you have its always good to have someone to back you up if you get overloaded. I also practice a technique used my many professionals called cross marketing, and basically myself and other sellers will promote and market services that each of us do on all of our websites. That creates more visibility for all of our services but also it creates more money for us because if i don't offer Facebook likes but a friend of mines does i can bring the work to him and collect a % and same vise versa. I am very careful on who i pick and i have a very close team that i use, because if someone messes the Job up its your name on the line. Make sure when choosing your team you choose wisely.

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Personally I'm not doing seo, but outsourcing your work it's just something that will happen now or later specially if you're very busy. Also, I don't think that is wrong to outsource your work, if you have arrived to a point where outsourcing is the only way, then it means that you're generating good income. Furthermore, outsourcing will simply make you more successful into your business.

I've never outsourced my work so far, but I've been thinking to do it sometimes, the only problem with outsourcing is finding the right people to do it.

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It happened to me, i was overwhelmed with blog comments, forum posting, article writing and Yahoo / Quora Answers and i really hadn't any free time remaining for myself so I decided to find some guys helping me by taking the load from my shoulders, well better say keyboard.

It is a witch hunt to find a proper collaborator even though you pay a fair price for the job. You will find a lot of guys pretending or faking their experience just to be considered. For instance I bought some Yahoo Answers services from Fiverr from a seller with a fair number of positive reviews. After I placed the order, the excuses followed that they didn't had power on the neighborhood, that he is sick, that he was out for a drink, etc .

I'm not saying that you will not find good workers but you have to be really patient. I tend to get new guys because they are usually listen to my guidelines.

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Have you ever outsourced your own work?

I usually outsource someone else's work but sure, I've been outsourced plenty of times. Sometimes I didn't even know about it until my client begins talking about "his client".

Recently I've outsourced some work to one of my regular guys, eventually I've discovered that my client was also outsourcing my employees work to his client so it was like this: the guys doing the job for me --> Me --> My client --> His Client --> ??? (who knows).

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I don't sell SEO services but I have outsourced the social signals to third party. I wanted to create the influencer marketing. And found out that instagram and facebook can be really good options in such case. I have tried to made use of the SEO on plenty of points. And so far that worked out just fine. I think different people have different views on how to outsource and be middle man into this. So I guess we just have to see what may or may not work.

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I do outsource mine if the job is overwhelming, I'm busy or I'm a bit down.The problem is always finding the right person because of people who try to set one back with a delay to turn in the jobs on time.I think there's is nothing wrong with outsourcing one's SEO services out.

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When I am overwhelmed with work, I outsource my work. I have done this many time. I have some freelancer in contact. When I get assignments but do not have enough time to complete because I am already busy, I talk to the freelancer and have them do the work. I take a 10 percent cut. This is a good way to make extra income.
I have also been outsourced many times. I have a client who regularly gives me assignments. He works in Fiverr and upwork and sends me the assignment.

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I think it is normal to seek help when you are overloaded with work especially if you are a veteran freelancer where your work is your bread and butter, so to speak. The only issue in outsourcing is the difficulty of finding a good virtual assistant. For me, it is not much of the capability but more of the attitude. But I guess there are good freelancers that you can find in this website.

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