How to set up your first blog in a day.

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How to set up your first blog in a day.

Every single one of us was new to websites and blogs at one point. I wish I had someone that was giving me all the answers in the beginning so I didn't waste my time and money experimenting with different websites, blogs, techniques, methods, etc. I like helping people out as much as I can so they don't have to go through the struggles I had to when I was a rookie How to set up your first blog in a day.

Here I'm going to go over the basics on how to set up a blog in a day, or less How to set up your first blog in a day.

The Domain
Now if you're setting up your blog to target a specific niche in order to make money, you'll want to buy something catchy. If you're blogging for yourself then you can literally name it whatever you want lol.

Choosing the right domain can be tricky if you're going to be posting for profits. You'll want to get your main keyword in the domain name for instant recognition purposes. You want people to know what your blog is about when they see your domain. If it's obscure, they probably won't click through any links you place, and that's not what you want How to set up your first blog in a day.

The bigger platforms like godaddy and namecheap are where you can purchase your domain name. I've been on both and each has pretty much the same setup. You just search for a domain, if it's available and you really like it, buy it. It will be added to your profile and you can have it for a year or longer depending on how long you initially pay for. You can set it up to auto renew, so even if you only purchase for a year you're safe from losing your domain. I would recommend getting the privacy option along with your domain name so that people can't do a whois search and get your personal information.

Hosting your website is pretty simple since there are numerous companies out there that offer cheap shared hosting packages. I like using t35hosting, namecheap, and a few others for all my hosting needs. I don't use godaddy because I think their hosting isn't up to par with the others. Now you're thinking "Wait, you said I could use godaddy for my domain?" well purchasing a domain and setting up a hosting account are different. You can have your domain on godaddy and aim it at any hosting account you want. Usually when registering a hosting account it will ask if you already have a domain and if you're going to aim it at their servers, which you'll click "Yes".

After you choose your hosting platform, it will usually take up to 24 hours to get set up. You shouldn't be worried about getting your website up and running asap because you won't be making money from it for at least a month lol. So waiting an additional 12 hours won't kill you How to set up your first blog in a day.

Some people think they can just get a domain with hosting and they're ready to blog. Well, that's kind of the case, but you have to take one more step. You'll need to install wordpress on your hosting before you can start blogging. Don't worry, it's a simple click of a button on your cpanel or dashboard and you can install wordpress How to set up your first blog in a day. The default install will set up you wordpress on /wp which you'll want to remove if you're setting up a blog and not a static website. Basically if you want people to see your posts right after they type your domain name into the address bar in firefox or chrome, you'll want to delete /wp How to set up your first blog in a day.

Theme (the design)
After you get your domain and hosting set up, you need to get a design up and running. This is probably one of the more difficult parts because there are so many themes out there that you can buy. But which one do you pick? Well if you go over to themeforest you can search through all their themes, which are usually cheaper than other marketplaces, and purchase one. After your purchase you will be able to download it directly from your themeforest dashboard. Be sure to take your time choosing a theme because they could cost up to $75. If you find a few themes, ask around what people think about them. You can usually see a demo of the theme prior to buying, so you can save the demo URLs and use those as examples of what you're interested in buying. Show your family and friends and take a poll on which looks better.

Install the theme can be tricky sometimes, but the download will usually have install notes that will walk you through it, so don't worry too much How to set up your first blog in a day. You'll also want to find an all in one theme that has plenty of free plugins that come with it. The plugins will easily be installable because you'll be prompted to do so. After you install them, you'll have a fully functional website/blog ready for your posts How to set up your first blog in a day.

If you want specific plugins you can add them. Like I said above, you'll want to search for a theme that has plugins that come with it. These are normally paid plugins but you'll get them for free.

Just be sure to have the blog/website set up and running well before you start adding plugins. After you add one plugin you'll want to make sure it's not conflicting with anything else on the page which will make your posts/pages look bad.

Now get to posting!

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Thanks Razzy this is incredibly useful.

I just have a few questions right, so I have only set up websites on my own through the Wealthy Affiliate platform. I can now buy my domain name through them and have my website set up in literally minutes.

I get a choice of free themes I can choose from, so my first question is are there free themes available when you set up your own Wordpress website or must you buy a theme?

With regards to the /wp I am a bit confused by that, can you explain that to me again?

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yeah, there are plenty of free themes for wordpress. You can use the basic themes that are already included or you can look around the internet to find some more free themes you like.

The /wp is the destination folder where you would install wordpress. If you remove the /wp before you click "install" then it will install wordpress right on your index How to set up your first blog in a day. If you were to set it up without deleting /wp then you would have to go to in order to see your theme. So if you remove that prior to installing, you can just go to and your theme will show up. You do all of this before installing wordpress and it will show you the presets before you scroll down to start the installation. You can set up your admin email, folder, login info, etc. prior to installation. It will show /wp in one of the fields and all you have to do is highlight it and delete it. Leave the field blank and everything will be good to go How to set up your first blog in a day.

It's preset like this because a ton of people use wordpress as a blog and they will ad their blog to a sub section of their website and not the index/home page. Sometimes people will replace /wp with /blog so when you type in it will go to your wordpress blog. Does that make sense?

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Awesome CD Razz! Setting up websites it's not that hard, but I know that there are people who are not familiar with those things, also you've explained with details , so thumbs up for that.

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Great accurate tutorial for beginners Razzy! The thing is we all know after this initial set up there will be a lot of hours spend on additional things learning and implementing new stuff on your blog.

But what I found is that some people only do just that, just what you explained above, nothing else and they just focus on creating content. And guess what? It actually works! You can have a very big blog with loads for users and new visitors every day without creating complex marketing campaigns or doing advanced SEO.

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I agree that the domain name is important because it carries your brand. That’s why I shake my head when I would encounter a website with a weird-looking domain name particularly those with a mix of letters and numbers which gives the domain name a semblance of a password or coded message. Of course, the domain name should be related to the niche and a nice sounding domain name is preferred. For me, the shorter domain name, the better because it is easier to remember.

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