An easy way to duplicate your competitors rankings.

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An easy way to duplicate your competitors rankings.

A lot of people want to know how their competitors are ranking for certain keywords and how they can do it as well.

Well worry no more! You can easily mimic their top backlinks by using a little free system that I do all the time lol. I like using to check what links are up and running for my competitors who are beating me in the SERPs.

What if my competitor has 100,000+ links?
Well you can filter out all the low quality links and only focus on the ones that will move you around in the SERPs in the shortest amount of time. I usually focus on links with the higher LIS (link influence score) first and work my way down. You can filter out whatever you want, but I focus on the top 10% of links just so I know they're high quality.

Here's what the LIS filter looks like:
An easy way to duplicate your competitors rankings.

After that you can sort them based on how high their percentage is. 100% being the best and 0% being the worst. But if you set it to 90% and above you won't have to worry about bad links showing up.

If you don't have time to go through all of these links and try to get your backlinks on the domains, you can always hire a VA (virtual assistant) to do it for you. If they're a competent VA you can just give them a list of your competitors and they can use the system to build a links list in order to copy. When they're done they can give you a list of what they could copy and you can pay them for their time or per link. I like to pay per link so that I know I'm not paying for time spent doing nothing lol. You can usually find a pretty good VA here on SeoClerks An easy way to duplicate your competitors rankings.

Well, that's about it. It's a pretty simple process but takes some time to duplicate if your competition is a well known website.

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Sounds interesting An easy way to duplicate your competitors rankings. I really have to play with this online toy for some time. Currently alot of ideas popped up my mind to turn this tool into business too An easy way to duplicate your competitors rankings. Never heard of such website or online tool, so thanks for sharing, this is really great opportunity for many serious bloggers

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Oh nice one Razzy, this is a great tip thank you!

Is this tool free to use or do I need to pay for it? I have been wondering how to really evaluate the links that my competitors have and now you have just handed it to me on a platter!

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Ohh okay, so this tool kind of does what you can kind of do manually yourself then? I mean, you can search your competitors domain backlinks and things using search operator: "" -siteAn easy way to duplicate your competitors to show all backlinks/links/citations etc that domain has while filtering out results from the domain itself. I've been doing that for years on competitors domains. Finding their backlinks and then basically going in and creating my own.

So the tool basically does that for you but also is able to show you which of those backlinks have the most authority so you can know which ones, which sites to focus on first the most. What I like about is how comprehensive it is even for the free plan. But one of the best things about it is not that it can just help you find your competitors backlinks, but you can run your own domain through it as well and find out some very revealing stuff about it. Plus their Link Disinfection tool shows you any "bad or unnatural links" you might have based on user submissions and votes. Plus they have tons of other free tools you can use as well.

It's a very practical free tool for webmasters and affiliate marketers. For both rookie and even advanced webmasters alike.


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Hey Razzy! May I ask what is that tool you are filtering LIS backlinks with? That tool really seems to save you a whole lot of time!
Currently, I filter my backlinks manually, I extract them from Ahrefs and put them into an excel sheet and there I end up losing a lot of time because they need all kind of filters, authority, domain authority, repeating domains or not, do follow or no follow etc. It really takes me a while if a competitor has more than 100.000 backlinks!

That tools seems to do all I need instantaneously.

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That is a neat trick, I’d say although I have to admit that it is easier to be read than in doing that. That looks pretty good for spying on your competitors. I understand that business even in the internet is a rat race that it is better to be ahead than to be lagging with your competitors. And maybe there will be more websites like that openlinkprofiler that can give you an analysis of your competitor’s success.

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