Becoming a super affiliate - It's not easy, but it's worth it. Tutorial

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Becoming a super affiliate - It's not easy, but it's worth it.

Generating revenue online isn't easy for an affiliate, but it's possible. If you're getting into affiliate marketing I would suggest not to quit your day job just yet. I say that because affiliate marketing isn't an easy thing to build up as a passive income and it could take you years to master.

I myself am an affiliate marketer and do pretty well as one. I don't focus on the high priced items with a one time commission. I aim my focus on the lower priced items where I can get recurring commissions for life through the platforms or system. Take SeoClerks for example, I've been pushing the services here through multiple websites and making more and more money each month due to the recurring commissions.

You can do it to!

Step 1: Set up your own website
This website doesn't have to be fancy, but it does have to be optimized. Optimize for your main keywords, secondary keywords and super long tail keywords. You'll usually rank quicker for obscure keywords you're not even trying to target, but that's ok!

Step 2: Add loads of content
This is where most of your time will be invested. You will need to add loads of optimized content, and keep up with it. You can't just add 300 optimized articles and let the site go dead and hope to make thousands each month from affiliate sales. You will need to post a couple times a week and target new keywords each time. Within each of your posts you can add your affiliate links which people will click through and purchase from SeoClerks (or your preferred platform).

Step 3: Advertising
A lot of people won't advertise their blog which is solely set up to pull in affiliate sales, but you can. Just be sure that all your posts aren't aimed at one website so it looks more natural. You can add links to many other websites and some of your posts can just be informational and not have any links. You might break even on this but in time your profits will compile due to all the new members you're bringing in each month Becoming a super affiliate - It

That's about it Becoming a super affiliate - It

You can scale this up and do as many websites as you'd like. No one can stop you from adding quality content to your websites Becoming a super affiliate - It It could get pretty time consuming if you're writing all the content yourself, through. I would suggest using platforms like SeoClerks or WordClerks in order to get your articles written for a few dollars or less Becoming a super affiliate - It

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I always wanted to get into affiliates, I've had a few affiliate sales here on SEOclerks and a couple of other places but the earnings stopped after a few weeks, now I'm thinking and searching for some good niches where I can promote my affiliate products, things is such niches are hard to find, all of them seem full already and I know it may sound dumb but I'm afraid taking on the big boys and top competitors I may have.

Any ideas on more "virgin" affiliate niches?

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When I started (back in late 2011), I was trying to win the 1st ever SEOClerks "Affiliate Contest" - I hadn't a CLUE what I was doing. 
But because of that, I did EVERYTHING I could think of.

  • I created Images and Banners promoting SEOClerks or other SEOClerk Services. 
  • I would create QR Codes of my Affiliate Link via Google's URL Shortener, and place them onto the images, posting them on every Image Sharing site out there. 
  • I'd even place Banners for OTHER SEOClerk Services INSIDE my OWN Services that I thought might compliment my Service. 
  • I Paid to Feature a Service on the front page of SEOClerks for a Month or two (back when it only cost $50), then I'd make that Featured Listing a "Community Banner Space" for the TOP $1 Dollar Services - where Sellers would actually PAY to have a Banner of their Service made and placed on the List (which gave them more exposure), but of course, I would link to each Service via my Affiliate ID)


Nevertheless, I WON the $500 in that 1st CONTEST!! (Winners were decided on the Total DOLLAR AMOUNT SPENT by affiliates they referred during that one month Time Span).

Then, by the time the NEXT Affiliate Contest rolled around (I didn't participate because I was on Staff for a while), but a couple months later, I won another $500 without even having to try!! 
I guess all the things I had done in my efforts to win the first one, began to gain authority, and momentum like a SEOball. 

SO as of date, here's where I am. I've made $18,200 in Passive Income - and I probably average between $10 and $20 on the daily. NOT ENOUGH TO QUIT A DAY JOB my ANY MEANS!!:

          ay, I have to keep in mind that there are probably just as many (if not more), who are Dropping out each day as well. 
Becoming a super affiliate - It

My MAIN Source of Affiliates come in from my Affiliate Stores

I figure it's much easier to get someone to spend a Dollar, just so you can secure them as an Affiliate. 
Then later, if they had a good experience with Dollar #1. they will likely return for higher priced items later, of which I get 10% of. 


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Nice one Razz! What you're saying is so true! A lot of people give up just after they have begun. They throw in the towel and stick to their day job! Some people keep pushing and being persistent. And some people break through from that persistence too! It's all about being persistent! I had some guy contact me recently who was asking me for advice on what he could do. He showed me some of his sites and told me about what he'd been doing for the past 4 years but hadn't really seen any success from all his work. I felt for the guy but honestly, what can you tell people like this? All I can think the right thing to do without trying to pitch to him too hard was to be persistent and try new things! Because it's all about trying new things when you're trying to make something pay off online. It's all about experimenting and finding things you can tap into. Niches you can tap into with a new site, blog, project or business idea. And the more the merrier! Because like the saying goes you don't want to put all your eggs in one basket! You want to stick your fingers into other pies! You have to spread your oats as they say!

My advice to anyone that blogs or is a newbie affiliate marketer, or even one that's been doing it a while is to always always diversify! If you have any creativity at all, get into other things! Explore other passions, hobbies or interests you have and find new niches to start a blog on, even if it's just a small simple blog at first. And build it up and work on them slowly over time. Sure it can get crazy managing too many sites and some people struggle to manage just one or two blogs let alone having many sites and blogs to manage. But if you want to make it, you have to maximize your chances of making it and think big not small. Most big and successful Internet marketers and affiliates have many many different websites and blogs in many many difference niches. Probably including several big sites and some small ones too. I used to know a guy that managed over 200 different websites in about 50 different niches. The most I've had at once is around 100 but they were all mostly small and simple blogs and I ended up flipping most of them eventually. But that's another story!

But yeah, it's all about just being creative and diversifying. Trying, testing and experimenting. Being persistent and never giving in. Trying to punch through and using all your wits, skills and knowledge to try and dominate or own some corner of a market or industry. But you don't even have to be really clever and very savvy to put something together like some simple blog with pictures and landing pages and banners on it and then advertise the gonads out of it to send traffic to it, get conversions and sales and earnings and repeat the whole thing over.

I think they call it rinse & repeat as necessary. Becoming a super affiliate - It

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Thanks Razzy, I am loving these tips. I have already have a blog dedicated to online marketing and I have only written one or posts that are linked to SeoClerks and I already have 8 referrals and 3 of them have placed an order. One of them ordered a service from me and someone else and the other two ordered services that I recommended in my posts.

I think this is going to be an amazing source of income over time. My sales here and my affiliate sales so far have been very small but it is a start and with some more effort I think I am going to be able to scale it up beautifully.

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You're on a roll Lynne. There's only one direction you can go in now and that's upwards! Becoming a super affiliate - It

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Yeah I am trying to gain momentum now while things are on the up and up LOL

I am adding another service now and have another few that I am going to be adding... next onto my online marketing blog to get some marketing going.

This is turning fun!

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I have implemented a mini affiliate store on my website and i think it's working good so far.However, I haven't started doing promotion for it because I feel that it has place for some more improvements, and new content as well. It's just a portofolio website, but I'm trying to make it universal not only a simple portofolio website, right now it's fully dedicated to SEOClerk as that is main point.

Currently I don't have any affiliate seller active, it seems that this is a sign to start some promotion.

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Awesome pro! Yeah I get what you're saying. And yes, never put off tomorrow what you can do today. Or something like that. Easier said than done of course when you're constrained by time and other responsibilities. But you have to chip away at these things. Small steps each day make up large strides in time. Good luck and all the best mate! Hope it all works out for you and you end up with a thriving and successful affiliate store in time. You can't not but do that if you do work on it and promote it and all of that. Becoming a super affiliate - It

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I have only written one post about SeoClerks on my website and I only have 8 affiliates but I have made 3 sales I think... so yes I really suggest you get started with affiliate marketing for SeoClerks. It looks to me like it is going to be my biggest affiliate earner with a bit of time and effort.

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Good tips. I need to devote time on this and I am guilty as charged that I have been meaning to do this for several months but have not got onto it yet due to lack of time. I really wish to start getting affiliates as apart from the income it is also the next step to improve my level here. However I just cannot seem to find the time to do it. I am aware that if I had tried to do it already I should have affiliates by now. However when I did try it was not that successful and so I sort of gave up and focused on my orders only.

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