Youtube self Moderation with Youtube Heroes

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Youtube self Moderation with Youtube Heroes

This week Youtube announce a brand new feature called Youtube Heroes. Where everyday people can basically become some sort of Youtube Moderator by flagging videos they find offensive and earning points in this process eventually leading to certain levels and more benefits once you achieve higher levels and become a "hero".

Youtube self Moderation with Youtube Heroes

You can find the official video here:
I rarely saw a Youtube video having such HUGE disapproval ratings. I mean just have a look at how many thumbs down this video got!

I also disapprove when it comes to this feature because it gives random people even more moderating power on youtube and even if you follow the Youtube Guidelines to the point, if enough people get somehow "offended" and flag your video it can be taken down or have its earning status removed.

I've seen this stuff already happening to some of my favorite YouTubers, channels with 500k subscribers had their videos taken down because of a very insignificant minority who got offended, even though no hard language or hate speech was used and basically the whole video was just a guys talking to a camera speaking.

What do you think about this new feature called Youtube Heroes?
Do you agree with YouTube's recent policies?


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What do you think about this new feature called Youtube Heroes?

On the face of it, it actually seems cool if, and only if, you are the type of person that being a YouTube Hero actually means anything for. Or if you think the perks they give you for leveling up are worth having as well. Some of those being; getting to take part in exclusive hangouts, and summit and get sneak previews of products and being able to test products before they're released. According to their YouTube Hero Levels page.

I actually wouldn't mind getting access to those hangouts even if I could just sit and lurk in them lol just for the information that's shared and to find big names and partners to network with that kind of thing. Youtube self Moderation with Youtube Heroes And Google usually test the latest new technology and hardware like wearable tech, Google glass etc so I wouldn't mind ever getting to test stuff like that. Do I get to keep it? lol Youtube self Moderation with Youtube Heroes

But to get those perks you do have to work for it and rack up enough points to get them! From flagging inappropriate videos to adding captions and subtitles to videos. And participating on the YouTube Help forum.
Do you agree with YouTube's recent policies?

Do you mean YouTube's recent policies in general or their policy regarding their YouTube Heroes program? I can actually relate to what you're saying as have seen that happen to channels myself. Sometimes they start again but it gets harder each time and just goes to show how much power and influence a small minority of people can have over the larger part. YouTube do say they make an effort to ensure they keep their site safe and free from anything that offends people basically. Even a joke told or anything now can get flagged by people who don't like it and don't see it in the same light. It just goes to show how we're stepping closer and closer into a totalitarian nanny state where big brother tries to wrap us up in cotton wool.

But I do get that they have a right to ensure the site is free of stuff like that, they also know it's a massive job to do and they don't have the full manpower to review every channel unless it gets flagged enough and then it goes into queue. Much like Google manual spam review team. And sometimes, they don't get it right and in haste instead of getting more flags, they just remove the content altogether. Even if that channel is earning YouTube money it would seem as well. But they way they see it, it's like cutting off your hand that has been bitten by a snake or something to save your life before it infects the rest of your body. That's how they see it I think. Rather than try and tackle it and find an anti-venom. They don't have the manpower and infrastructure to do that yet. So they just lop it off!

So no I don't really agree with that policy. But I do respect them for sort of handing it over to the YouTube community and people to help out with moderation and improve YouTube and the videos on it altogether. That's how I see this Heroes Program. A way to lighten some of the work and get it done much quicker by rewarding people to basically do it all for them.

But I wouldn't call those people heroes. Caretakers or janitors perhaps lol but not heroes no.

A hero would be someone that stopped a good channel from being removed.

Now that's a hero!

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I agree the term "hero" is to easily thrown into this mixtures. As far as I can see, these features and designed to be used by "political correctness heroes", you know, the " social justice warrior" as well as trolls types people (as Lynne said) that has nothing better to do than get offended by everything and anything.

This feature is for them, to shut them up about their constant complaints. They now have a "purpose" and a way to actually impose their desired censorship. I believe that's why that video has so many dislikes, most people hate sjws as well as trolls.

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And we hail all assholes and all online trolls as heroes? OMG no!

Yes I am sure lots of people will use this feature well but what about all the trolls? I have had plenty of trolls on my Youtube channel. I can only imagine how bad it will become if people like that have the power to get my content removed, I would be really upset.

I just hope that this feature gets used in they way it has been intended and not in all the nasty ways it could possibly turn out. I sure hope that Youtube have taken that into consideration!

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Youtube "hero" sounds very cool, but personally I don't agree too much with this feature, ok I understand that they are doing this for a good reason , to keep Youtube clean from inappropriate videos, and I'm sure that they will achieve it somehow as youtube is really a big community which has a lot of volunteers.

But I was wondering what's their plan to keep this feature away from abusers, I'm not uploading or doing any business on youtube, but let's say if my video where I'm sharing my opinion will get a lot of fake reports from bots or fake accounts, it wouldn't be fair if my video will be removed, and this is the negative effect of this feature.

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now everybody will keep report all youtube videos just to earn hero ,smart move from youtube to hire idiots free

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