Bad customer service can kill your profits

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Bad customer service can kill your profits

Everyone knows what customer service is and we've all been on the end of both good and bad customer service. The bad ones we remember, the good ones we take for granted.

One of the top reasons a customer flips and goes with your competitor is because of bad customer service or they just don't feel appreciated. You're not expected to have superior customer service because, ya know, "The customer is always right" or something like that lol. You need to be able to fix every problem you can in a single email, even if they want you to fix their kitchen sink. Not all support tickets or emails can end happily, but you should aim to resolve everything and receive praise from the client for going above and beyond Bad customer service can kill your profits

Some companies even outsource the support system to qualified companies so they know that the experience will always be top notch.

Now then, let's get to it Bad customer service can kill your profits

  1. Did you know that roughly 60% of people expect top notch customer service? Did you also know that 80% of businesses think they offer quality support but when a survey was done asking people about support systems there was only 8% of them that said they delivered high class support? And only 1% of these consumers believed that certain businesses delivered great customer support over and over. That's a pretty big difference and it makes me think that some of these companies are just blind to what's actually going on via email or phone calls with clients.
  2. Around 51% of people will try to contact your support desk one time. You need to get in touch with these people pretty quick because they won't wait around for you to respond and email you again if you don't.
  3. About 78% of people have ditched a transaction because the person on the other end of the email or phone call was giving them a poor experience. You never know who is going to be your next big sale so you should be treating every email and phone call like it's a million dollar deal.
  4. Roughly 89% of people have stopped purchasing from a website or business due to a bad experience. This will kill you over time if it's not resolved immediately. A bad experience spreads like the plague and it's hard to stop once it gets going.
  5. Around 44% of people have switched to one of the major competitors due to bad customer service. Like I mentioned above, you need to treat every client or customer like they are going to spend a million dollars Bad customer service can kill your profits Also, a customer is 4x more likely to switch to one of your competitors if there is a problem with your product or service.

If anyone has anything to add, please do so below Bad customer service can kill your profits

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Every customer should be treated equally, and provided with quality service / product, no matter if you offer cheap or expensive stuff.


It's known that "word of mouth" is best possible and yet free advertising. Good news and recommendation are spread fast and far away, specially today on international platforms and social networks. But remember that "bad news" or bad recommendation is spread faster and wider, so everyone need to be careful with kindness, patience and quality of services if you are seriously in business

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Yeah, you're either a feel good business or you're not. And those that aren't, aren't popular with people that want to feel good about using that service. Not just in quality of product received, but also in terms of their whole experience and quality of customer service. Your business either makes people feel good, or it doesn't. If your staff aren't trying to make your customers and clients happy with a positive, feel good cheery attitude, your clients aren't going to feel good and happy and go on to make more purchases. But those that are, will.

I used to work in telesales both pitching and on customer service. I've had disgruntled customers call in and been able to diffuse them and make them happy by the time call ends by just being able to relate to them. By being able to diffuse the situation by calmly speaking, asking them how they are, what they was up to, what the weather is like in their area, asking about events and things in their area, by busting out the small talk all the while constantly assuring them they are a high priority and that you'll get the situation fixed for them. Most of the time that used to work a treat and they'd go on to be a happy customer.

But I've also been the customer phoning in as well and been on the bad end of bad customer support too. Where they don't really care to talk to you or don't seem to have much time for your call or enquiry. They don't do anything to try and talk you round and make you feel good. That's bad customer support and comes from not training your sales reps or customer service department properly but unfortunately there are a lot of small companies out there that don't and just let any old monkey on the phones or manning the front desks lol.

As for the customer is always right motto that's a marketing tactic salesmen, storekeepers and affiliates have used for decades to make the buyer feel like the purchase they are making is the right thing to do. Bad customer service can kill your profits

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Exactly Mike, if you treat the customer right even when something has gone badly wrong you can still make them leave the situation with a smile on their face and feeling good about the company!

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Oooh follow you? Razzy you cheeky beast! Since you did that I assume it is allowed?

What an cool way to get people to go to your profile and see your services, except of course you don't have any LOL. Maybe I should do that too... oh but wait I don't have any services!

Anyway back to the topic - yes I agree with you 100%. Customer service is so important, I would even rate it more important than the quality of your products and services in a way. The reason I say this is because if I buy something, lets say I buy a dress at a shop and I take it home and the first time I wash it, it literally falls apart. If I take it back to the shop and my problem gets treated properly and they are duly apologetic and replace the item or refund it, I will still buy from them again.

However if I receive great product but get treated so badly I get upset I will never ever buy from them again.

Makes you think right?

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I am having that issue right now with a site that manages online shopping. There is no co-ordination at their end in that I keep getting emails from various quarters from the 'help' section that it is driving me crazy. Even if I have already sent information that they have asked for someone else from that section will once again ask for it.
I have now taken up the matter with the 'higher ups' and hope this matter will be sorted out once and for all.
Not everyone believes that 'Customer is king'

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You must always try your best to provide a good service to customers. If you provide a good customer service you will be able to attract more customers and retain existing ones.

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Just to cite bad service, let me relate the customer service of 2 car dealers. We have 2 cars of different brands and it is apparent that the service of the small car is very good while the service we get for our SUV is lousy. With that, we already have said that if we are going to buy a new car again, it will be definitely a car from that dealer with good service. Yeah, a bad service is a turn off and there is no reason for the customer to stay longer. What for? Just to be annoyed?

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You may be enticed to feel that you can maintain a strategic distance from Do My Assignment this issue by going the additional mile for any "big name" clients. Yet, in the web time, you don't need to be a VIP to make your voice heard, as a portion of the brands in the present post have discovered to their hazard.

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I am agree with of your article which points you have raise here and especially when we windows 10 remote desktop connection look for the how we must treat to the customer because this is a huge effect if we want to extent our work or services. Thanks a lot

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