I've got a super duper fast website now! Where to now?

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I've got a super duper fast website now! Where to now?

I have to say thank you big time to a very talented Wordpress expert here, I am not sure if I am allowed to put his name down here, but you know who you are!

I have been struggling with my website for so long, the speed was terribly slow and I am not talking about like a slightly annoying slow, I am talking about seriously, detrimentally slow!

My bounce rate has been so bad I am embarrassed to share it with anyone... and my traffic has been ok but I was so sure things would fly if my website was faster.

So fast forward to the day my website was sorted out a few days ago... my Adsense earning on day 1 went up by x5 and now it has gone up yesterday by x20.

No I am not earning a huge amount still, but 20 times the amount I usually made in a day is... well 20 times the amount isn't it?

My bounce rate is already down by 10%... which excites me no end.

Now my question is... my rankings are not good... out of about 7000 visits a month only about 150 visits are organic traffic!

Not good at all (but thank god for social networks and email marketing right?) and I want to make a drastic improvement here.

So this is what I have going for me...

  1. Excellent social presence and social followers that click through
  2. Good email marketing open rate and click through rate (I think... I have about 1600 subscribers, usually about 100 - 150 opens and the click through rate varies depending on the content maybe 20?)
  3. Good content on my website so far

So where to from now? The only plan I have in place so far is to keep at my social media marketing and email marketing and I have a load of content that I have prepared ready to go out so I will be posting loads of great quality content.

Just so you know I had a online baby store and I changed it to a mommy blog...this is why everything went down. I removed a load of products and pages from my website and I also had loads of custom features designed plus a theme optimized for Woocommerce...

I also had a very strong subdomain for wholesale baby clothing that was really well ranked, which I did away with. When I did this everything sunk!

Anyway, I am on a really tight budget right now but I will hopefully have lots of money to invest on this website soon.

I am looking for guidance on what I can do to help my rankings and my website strength moving forward I


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Glad to hear that you are so happy with your blog now. Hope it will be nice "wind in the back" to give you strength for further blogging and success I Good luck

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Oh it already has made such a difference, thank you so much for the work you did on my website! I have a load of content ready to send out over the next few weeks and I am busy with building links now with that awesome list of high authority sites that I bought from Mike a while back!

I have already built 4 of my own link today and I am going to add a few links daily.

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Where to now? Said Christopher Columbus!

He had to take stock of what he had. He had to look at where he'd already been and plot a course on an old map to go in a direction he hadn't been in before. If he'd have not ever asked himself that question, he'd have never discovered proved the world wasn't flat! In fact, if it wasn't for his fourth sailing adventure, he'd never even have discovered America either! That said, if you know your history, he never actually set even a single foot inside North America and had no idea how big the place even was.

Christopher was working under appointment of King Ferdinand of Spain who's ultimate life work as the king was to increase his and his countries wealth and power. So Christopher an Explorer and Navigator was appointed to do just that to explore new lands and find ways to increase trade and find new things to trade or lands they could come to colonize.

History lesson over, there's a purpose for it. Because like Chris, we as webmasters and bloggers are very much like him. We all sail our ship (websites) through the digital ocean that is the Internet. Some ships (websites) are bigger than others, some have made more trade routes (traffic backlink building) and have more places to sell their products they're trading (your products/services). We all must sail on and fulfill our purpose to discover and build more trade routes, backlinks, traffic to get more traffic, subscribers and sales.

Like the ships that Chris sailed in, they wouldn't have got anywhere and back again unless there was someone plotting a course, people to unmask the sails, someone to steer the rudder and other ship mates, deck hands and cannon crew to defend your ship. Pirates were as real and deadly back then as they are today and they took no prisoners on the high waters and everything else you had then sunk you!

Well you can think of your website as the ship. You being the navigator and route master of course. You being Christopher Columbus! You have to navigate your ship (website) to new lands to find new people (websites) to trade with (get a backlink / traffic from). You'll need to have shipmates to man the guns and defend you from the pirates out there too. But that comes in the form of good site hosting / security, hacking / fraud / ddos protection, cloud hosting, caching, on-page SEO and content all make for a good strong ship that can sail through the stormiest weather and choppiest of oceans. I

So where to from now?

Just keep going! Like Chris, you need to expand as much as you can. Check out other lands and see how they work for you. In this case, other lands being other sites. Taking stock of all the social media site you're not using. All the high authority sites out there you aren't using in any way and don't have a backlink from that you could earn a link from. Whether it's sites and blogs in your own niche, or just social media sites and forums and more. There is always much to do when you take stock and want to go in a new direction.

Build good links continually.

Do you have a profile at the least with a link to your site on the top 100 high authority social sites, social bookmaking sites, Web 2.0 sites, blogs, microblogs, communities, portals and more? Have you ever used to see which ones might be available using your targeted keywords or brand name? Just check

If you look at all those communities, health blogs, business sites, news sites, photo sharing sites, video sites, information sites etc etc to choose from that you can join and get a profile on and find people on in some way whether they have a profile to follow or a timeline or community. Even if not, these are all good sites to get a link from because of their authority. Another vote to your site.

What about directories?

Have you ever submitted your link to a link directory? I'm not talking about opening some software and mass submitting it to thousands of directories that's just dumb as a bag of rocks lol. But I'm talking about actually submitting to high ranking directories in YOUR niche. Some of them may be paid, and they can take a long time before your links are approved. But one can always find some niche directories in his/her niche usually they can submit to which can be good to have in the long run.

How local are you?

Have you ever considered and submitted to local directories? How many local directory citations do you have? How many local directory citations does your site have for your country? You can always work on improving your local SEO by submitting high quality submissions to free local directory sites. They are fairly easy to find and mostly these are free to submit to as well and worth doing for that reason.

What about forums?

Have you ever checked out and made a list of the top ranking forums in your niche by searching in Google for "your keyword + forum" or something? Forums can be an excellent way to build long lasting, high authority and high ranking, related links and traffic to your blog/site in time too. You can use forums to establish yourself as an authority or expert in your niche/industry and can help you find new people to network with, new opportunities for things you can do with your site to get get all of this and more.

That's just several directions you can go in. Sure it might seem like a mammoth task. But it's all about taking baby steps. Each day spending some small time on learning more, submitting more, finding more, submitting. Keeping it going and in time it can all add up and help to increase the ranking of your site/blog as well as building traffic to it from those places where it's advertised/linked to also.

Do remember, if you're looking for all these types of links to build for ranking and traffic. You don't need to go off searching for them. I've already done all of that for you in my 3000+ Best Free SEO Backlink Sites Lists which you already have!

Using that list, you shouldn't ever really need to search out ways to build links or let alone search for the site to actually do so as they are all listed out by most highest authority site in each list anyway. Just open and start building! I

Lynne I hope this helps anyway!

Even with the Christopher Columbus analogy! I

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Wow, thanks Mike that is certainly a comprehensive guideline for me to follow! I have had to bookmark this so I can get started and work my way through it.

Thanks so much for suggesting that website that looks really useful I

I have to start working on that list of 3000+ best free SEO Backlink Sites Lists, I did have a look at it but it was quite overwhelming and I have to be honest that I got a little confused as to how to get some of those links.

I suppose I need to just ask you for help if I get stuck! It is a massive and useful list, so I am going to work on getting at least one backlink a day now for my website I Along with adding new content I think that will set me on a really good path I

Thank you!

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I would suggest that you take a look on working more with your social media marketing and see how things will go from there. It is not always easy, but being consistent can go a long way in bringing your website up at Google ranking soon than later.

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Thank you for sharing your experience with your website. It is a big encouragement for me to have my own site even if I am still currently employed. My planned site is actually a blog and my experience is with Blogger. But it looks like Wordpress is now the standard in blogging so maybe I would opt for Wordpress. My only issue now with the planned website is the time that I can spare. It is put on hold until my daily schedule loosens up.

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