What is IBO Social and are you a member?

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What is IBO Social and are you a member?

I have had so many people recommend that I join IBO Social but I can't quite figure out what it really is and I am already a member of so many social networks already. I am not keen to just register with every and any social network unless I know it will have great benefits for me.

There is something about it that makes me feel a little suspicious. They say they have this great IBO toolbox to help you grow your business but if that was the case and it is so great why are there mostly (from what I can see) people from the make money online niche in there?


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It really looks suspicious and the design of the website looks like from the first world war. What does surprise me that in 2016 there isn't an About page to state what is their business. The fact that they don't have a regular contact page and from what i've seen on their page you have to install some toolbox to access the platform.

It's too much for me, i really enjoy transparency and not having to install some program to access something that I'm not sure about. It can have spyware within (i had this happened to me a while ago) and it's a pain ... to remove them.

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Hmm I've never heard of it, I have to agree with Radu, that website it's really too suspicious as they don't even have any additional information that inform us what they are, or what they really do. It doesn't look like a private network either, since anyone can register an account.

It's interesting, because on their homepage you can see real time stats that shows when a new user sign up, and if we refer to those stats it seems that they have too much activity as a site without information. However, for me It doesn't make sense to sign up an account to a page which you don't know anything about it.

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Is IBO social a social media network? If it really promises something good then it should be popular by now. This reminds me of a local site here that purportedly would make you earn money. Just by registering you already earn and you also earn when you log in which you can do every day. Is it too good to be true? Well, when something is too good to be true then don’t think twice because it is a scam.

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