Build a powerful online reputation. Here are some tips on how to do that. Tutorial

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Build a powerful online reputation. Here are some tips on how to do that.

We all know that a businesses online reputation can be broken by just a few bad reviews. Why would someone buy from your company that has 1 bad review when your competitor has 0? It doesn't matter if you have 10 five star reviews along with that 1 bad review, it's still seen as a strike against you.

The downside of reviews is that people who are upset with the item or service they purchased from you are the ones who are more willing to review you. The people who are happy with the item or service go on about their day a bit happier because they think you're awesome lol.

You'll need to figure out how to get those happy customers to write some awesome stuff about you on their favorite review site. And that's why I'm posting this discussion Build a powerful online reputation.  Here are some tips on how to do that.

  • Step 1: Set up Google alerts so that you know when someone is talking about your website. This isn't difficult to do and takes only a couple minutes. When you're done you'll get notifications when someone has mentioned your website and you will see exactly where it is. You can log in or register an account then comment back to the positive or negative review/comment. This will help reverse the negative posts made about your website and will also create chatter from the positive posts Build a powerful online reputation.  Here are some tips on how to do that.
  • Step 2: You'll need to catch the bad reviews before they're posted. It sounds difficult, but it's actually easier than it sounds. All you have to do is set up a system that will automatically contact the customers and ask them if they were happy or upset with the order in any way. If they are upset you'll need the system to do some troubleshooting in order to figure out what was wrong and how you can fix it. You can even set something up to send out coupons for the customers next order but they will most likely want a refund, which you should do in order to avoid a negative review.
  • Step 3: If a customer is happy, they will probably not write a review for you. It's a sad truth, but it happens all the time. After a customer has received the item, you should send out an email whether it's manually or automatically, and ask them how happy they were with their purchase. If they mark 4 or 5 out of 5 then they should be prompted to write a review on any of their favorite review sites in order to receive a coupon code for XX% off their next purchase Build a powerful online reputation.  Here are some tips on how to do that.
  • Step 4: You need to stick to your promises. If you're talking to a client and they are upset with their order and you decide to say "We'll send you a replacement free of charge. Do not worry." They will be relying on you to fulfill that. If you back out on this and charge them for anything, then you will most likely get a bad review. Stick to what you say Build a powerful online reputation.  Here are some tips on how to do that.

Does anyone else have anything they can add?
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I do! Build a powerful online reputation.  Here are some tips on how to do that.

Step 5: Setup good review blogs and sites and upscale.
Create sites and blogs that are in the same niche as yours. Call them PBN blogs if you like. And create a buzz around your site, service or brand by posting articles that are in your niche that your main site is in that delicately or even explicitly suggest and recommend your site or brand or services or products in a good light based on real experience. Promote these sites in the same ways as you would your main site and upscale it again and again and again so you have many sites that aren't connected to yours in any way other than the good positive review or recommendation it gives of your main site, brand, product or services.

Step 6: Pay for good reviews.
Yeah I know buying good reviews is bad. But I'm not talking about just buying good reviews from some guy off some bh forum or something. Although that can be done if you do it right but it can backfire on you too. But you can buy into legitimate service review sites that will review your sites, products etc but even then you can still get bad reviews too. But if you know how to do your market research and you're serious in getting good reviews, you can scout for people that can part agree to do that with you if you give them some sort of benefit or reason to do so. Such as offering big discounts on your products/services or even some other under the table method to get them to leave a good review on the review sites for you. It's best if you liaise with them first though and butter them up and then they're like putty in your hand.

Step 7: Always go the extra mile.
People like good service and generally value good customer service and support over bad product/service. But if you can give people what they want in as quick and short a way as possible and at a good price but provide great customer support and go the extra mile to make people happy, every time, for everyone. Then that will reflect in your business and will generate real positive reviews from people. I've always found that even if I'm not happy with a product but the support is good, I'll live with it because of that and even recommend them too maybe. In theory and in practice anyway. Build a powerful online reputation.  Here are some tips on how to do that.

If anyone else has any more steps feel free to carry on!

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Nice tips here Razzy and Mike thanks for elaborating on this.

What you have highlighted here Razzy is oh so true. If someone is angry, upset or disappointed they are so much more likely to leave a review, which will not be a good one of course!

If a customer is happy they are more likely to do nothing. I love your idea of giving them an incentive to write a review like offering a discount for future purchases. If I am happy with my purchase and get offered a discount off my next purchase there is a very good chance I will leave a review whether I plan on making another purchase or not.

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Step 8. Don't use the same identity on multiple marketplaces if you don't gain anything by doing so.

Don't use your real name if you can use a username or nickname. I think it's better to have a different identity on each marketplace. Sure we should never ignore our reputation but having different identities on different marketplaces can help a lot. In case you are being bombarded with bad reviews, there will no contagious effect from one marketplace to another, keeping your other profiles safe.

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I am using the same name (a real name) across various platforms. Many years ago when I started to work online, my instructor said in order to build a brand you need to use the same name and profile picture across various platforms. This will help you to establish your brand. I think I have profited by doing so. Since I use the same name, people can easily recognize me. A user in upwork will recognize me on SEO clerk because I am using the same name and profile picture.

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Getting a very strong good reputation is one way of becoming an authority and brand in the SEO world. Thanks so much for these tips. from what you have posted and the ones idealmike added in addition, i believe they are very enough to create a strong brand

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9. Don't oversell or undersell the value of your service. Make some research, check if the quality of your service meet others in order to avoid people leaving negative reviews. I'm not saying to sell yourself cheap but more to find the proper price for the service and the quality you provide.

Try to meet all the expectations and do your best to do it right from the first time. I've seen a lot of job redone and i can say that the quality drops everytime.

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Very interesting post and I enjoyed the fact that others chimed in and gave their additional points too. Building a powerful online reputation is really important and I believe that unfortunately not every seller or business places enough importance on this factor, which could ultimately affect the way your brand is perceived, and so, how many sales you make, how many customers you get, and how much profits you manage to make. After a purchase customers should be encouraged to leave their rating and ideally a short review as it does work wonders. I believe that any disgruntled customers should be followed up, and with good customer care you can hope to have them change or add something positive to their original negative review. This can show that your business does care.

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Take note of your step 3 that says when the customer is happy…. That statement can be followed by a myriad of positive things like you can get more sales from them, you can get more clients, etc. But one thing is definite when your clients are happy that you will have a good business. In this juncture, it is still true that the customer is always right because when you give them that treatment then they will surely be happy with the confidence that you give them everything that they deserve.

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I actually don't think that a bad review is the end of the world. I make most of my purchasing decisions based on reviews.If a product /site has all good reviews I find this suspicious. However a good number of reviews have to be positive. I also look to see if the site has addressed the bad review. If they have this is a sign that they know what they are doing. If they have not, this to me means they don't care and there is no room for improvement. I agree 100% that if you are selling online you should know what people are saying about your site/product or what your online reputation is.

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