Do you prefer a custom coded website or a pre designed theme?

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Do you prefer a custom coded website or a pre designed theme?

Not everyone is a coding and programing genius, myself included, so we all can't just throw together a super detailed website over night and be successful in a little amount of time.

We all know that having programming and coding skills can go a long way, but so do marketing skills Do you prefer a custom coded website or a pre designed theme? I myself went with the marketing and optimization route instead of programming and coding and I always think back on it and wonder if I made the right decision. I know that I can get a website up and running pretty quick by purchasing a wordpress theme and adding my own content so that I can pull in traffic from the search engines. But the thing I don't like is that I'm usually limited by what I can put on my website because other people haven't designed exactly what I want in a theme or plugin yet. This is how I came up with the question to see what people prefer.

Do you like custom coded websites?
You can do the programming and code yourself and make the website beautiful or you can pay someone to do it. I'm a huge fan of custom coded websites because I can get every single detail in my mind put into a website. The only downside is that getting a custom coded website can cost a pretty penny. I have a partnership with my designer and programmer and it still costs me at least $1,500 per website lol Do you prefer a custom coded website or a pre designed theme? If I can get a lead for $2,500 we'll just split the profits and he's happy as long as he doesn't have to talk to the client lol. I'll go over jobs with him and he'll give me his price, at a discounted rate, and even then it would be $2,000 to $3,000. He usually lowers his price enough so that I can double it and still be undercutting the competition. So this means that some custom coded and programmed websites can easily cost $5,000+

Do you prefer pre coded and programmed templates or themes?
Since I have almost no skills when it comes to programming and coding I tend to rely on wordpress themes a lot. I never jump right into a theme, I'll do a lot of research before I do purchase because I want it to be the perfect theme for what I need. I don't want to be editing every single page in order to have it just right. I don't mind fixing some things here and there, but I prefer something that works out of the box lol. Being a marketer with no programming, design or coding skills and being able to use wordpress themes is extremely helpful. I can run a successful business and not have to worry about spending thousands on a custom design or script. I am limited a decent amount due to the themes not having exactly what I want, but I usually figure out a way around that.

So what do you prefer?


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I am a programmer, and I am mostly into softwares, but yeah I use always custom code, for some reason. I like to create them myself as I know exactly what I want, and It's not necessary to buy themes plugins or whatever, and this has saved me a lot of money.

Currently I'm using a free template for my website, and the only thing that I haven't changed is the layout of that template because it's very cool and I like it. All other things that I've added there are built by me.

But also I would say that time plays an important role in this part, if I have enough time then I prefer to create them myself.

In the end I'm not only in programming, I know a bit of everything.

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Well if I was a programmer like you and I could create my own website then I might opt for custom coded website.. but when you can't code and you have to rely on other people all the time it is just not so cool.

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I am a blogger and I love working online, the only problem is that my skills are limited to content writing and on-page SEO. I am not a coder or developer and when something doesn't work I get very miserable.

My one website was built by developers, they used a theme and then made custom changes to make it look completely unique. The problem with this was every time something was not working quite right I had to contact them and ask for help. I like to get things sorted out immediately so if it was after hours then I would have to just wait for them to get to work and possibly to finish up other work they were busy with before they could look at my things.

Then of course it would cost me money to sort anything out.

I am now in the process of moving that website to a normal theme and then I will be able to continue myself with running my website.

So I prefer using a Wordpress theme. Yes maybe I would like some things to be more customized to my exact needs but it is better that I can do everything myself.

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I would go with a theme simply because I'm not a programmer. But in an ideal world, where I would have all the time I need, I would go with a custom coded website.

I always wanted to do this, creating a website from scratch with clean code and no bugs. Because already built themes have A LOT of bugs and unnecessary code built in them.
Maybe at one point in my life I will have sufficient time to learn Laravel and develop my own custom coded website.

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If you've got the money to hire someone for it, or the time and skills to do it yourself, a custom coded site is going to be better. However in a more realistic scenario, considering that I have neither the time, nor the skills or money, I would go for a pre designed theme without any doubt.

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I don't know coding and I don't have a budget to hire a coder. Therefore, I prefer to have a pre-designed theme. With a pre-designed theme, you can create a wonderful website easily. If you do not want to have a free theme, you can buy themes for the average price of $50. With a little tweaking (customizing with widgets and plugins), your website will be as good as a custom coded website.
Having said that I have a desire to learn to code.

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