10 Pinteresting Pinterest Tips to Get You More Pinterested in Pinterest Tutorial

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10 Pinteresting Pinterest Tips to Get You More Pinterested in Pinterest

Pinterest, as it turns out, is not just for rich bored housewives who want to look at pictures of cupcakes, pairs of shoes and handbags (although it has its fair share). Pinterest is an amazing visually attractive, photo sharing, social networking site that has broken records in growth and now has over 100 million users to date.

So as it turns out, Pinterest is quite a big deal indeed. And it is liked and enjoyed and used by many people around the world in many different ways! From people who just want to see amazing ultra high quality pictures and photos of the things they're interested in, to webmasters, bloggers, business's, brands, affiliates, freelancers and more of all ages and walks of life that have a pair of eyes.
10 Pinteresting Pinterest Tips to Get You More Pinterested in Pinterest

Who's Pinterest For? Is it For You or Your Business?

You can use Pinterest for personal reasons or as a business user. In fact Pinterest can be a massive boom for a business/company, organization or group or even small business or simple website. By just creating a simple Pinterest account and adding boards to it which you can populate with pictures from your site/blog or business etc and the things you sale or promote like your videos, products, services etc.

Whether you're an online or offline business. Or whether you do offline work as a mechanic, a photographer, a baker, a painter, a florist, plumber or real estate agent? Or even online work like affiliate marketing, freelancing, SEO/SMO etc etc. Pinterest is a the place the represent and build your business in a visually pleasing and stimulating way by appealing to peoples interests through the things you pin to your boards.

You can think of boards like categories. So if your site/blog/shop or business already has different categories or areas you specialize in or have any kind of pictures/photos of then you can pin (post) these to your boards which will link back to your site. You can use affiliate links in Pin now as well so it means you can make some money from that from all the traffic/conversions it collects.
10 Pinteresting Pinterest Tips to Get You More Pinterested in Pinterest

Is Your Business Visually Stimulating?
Everyone knows that the posts on social media you make get much more engagement in the form of likes, shares & comments etc compared those that have a low quality image. Basically, the more appealing your images are to the viewers, the more unique it is the better and will mean it gets more natural pins/repins in time. Whatever type of industry you work in or what your content is currently like, you'll need to come up with or find amazing high quality photos and images to represent your business with if you are to impress people, gain their respect, and make them want to follow you and be a loyal follower of your brand for life. You want that right?

Even if you only work online and your business is mostly numbers and links, charts etc only, then you could convert that into an Infographic which are naturally viral on their own. You may not know it but you may be sitting on top of potentially tons of data you can convert into an Infographic which wont only appeal to your targeted audience but reach more people just for being an Infographic as they're naturally viral on their own.

What Pins Make Your Business Stand Out?
Depending on your business type or industry or niche, you can probably create a lot of boards that would appeal to your targeted audience. You'll have to think here what those things could be. Try to list out 1-2 boards you could create that represent things within your business such as some of your store category names or the name of one of your top selling products that is in demand and then grow from there.

You'll need to pin very good quality and visually appealing images and photos to these boards. The kinds of images and photos that relate to your business. In fact, Pinterest provides a great way for you to do through the different boards you create which can help you to attract and appeal to a wider range of people that might well be your intended and targeted audience!

The main most important thing, as with any social media site, is creating high quality content that is unique, eye catching and engaging. But Pinterest is a much more visually pleasing place compared to any other social media site. So when thinking of things you can pin they need to be things that grab peoples attention enough to repin your pins!
10 Pinteresting Pinterest Tips to Get You More Pinterested in Pinterest

Top 10 Pinterest Business Tips

1. Switch to a Business Account
You can use Pinterest as a personal user or as a business. When you switch to a business user account you get access to Pinterest's Analytics that can show you insights about who is seeing your pins, how many repins, likes etc etc that they get as well as other useful insights into your Pinterest accounts traffic and stats and it doesn't cost anything to use them so you should do that especially if you are an actual business!

2. Think Visually
As already mentioned, Pinterest as based around visually pleasing images so you'll have to think visually if you want to gain the attention of your targeted audience to click on your pins image, then read the message you put with it such as your image description and call-to-action that tells them to visit and buy or to repin the pin onto their own boards whatever! Thinking visually means thinking of ways you can share things with a picture, photo or some image of something. Whether it's taking photos of products, to taking photos of trees. Whatever it is your potential clients are interested in.

3. Create Many Boards
Boards let you express yourself through the names of the boards that you create. You should create multiple boards that resemble and relate to things your business is all about. So for example anyone in the real estate business could create boards for luxury homes, apartments, living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms etc. Or a travel agency could create boards for various destinations and pin photos and images to it of those places. Online businesses and websites should create boards that are named after their sites store or blog categories and then pin the images from their sites posts and other content like product images etc to those boards.

4. Categorize Your Boards
When you categorize your boards, or even structure them in a certain way on your profile this not only makes it easier for you but also much more friendly to the people using and viewing those boards. Making sure that they are easy to understand and categorized or sectioned into different parts depending on the nature or category type of those boards. If you take a look at Frank Scrub's Pinterest page you'll see how they have different areas of boards that are sectioned according to their type. But they have boards that are related to their product as well including things like Tips and Videos, Food and travel and fashion.

5. Humanize Yourself
Pinterest isn't only a great site to reach people who are interested in your products or services, ideas or any other kind of content you have such as products or services. It can also be a site that can help to humanize your business as well and show other sides to you, your humanitarian side even with boards of photos you've taken of you and your business's team members helping people. To showing "behind the scenes" work some of the hardest working people in your company are doing. This will help you to gain empathy along with credibility and show that you're a caring business which can help to gain peoples trust in the long run!

6. Learn from Your Competitors
If you're brand new to Pinterest and trying to get an account up and build some boards and tap into it how some of the current biggest businesses are then the best thing to do is check out what those guys are doing. Check out your competitors Pinterest pages and boards and see what it is they're doing. This will give you lots of ideas for boards you can create. A gap in the market they have not filled on Pinterest that you have a board idea for. You can come up with a lot of ideas from your competitors that you didn't think of and put your own spin on it so it doesn't look like you're copying their idea although you're not copying so much as you're improving.

7. Be Active and Responsive
Like any Social Media site, at first you will need to be active and responsive and using it consistently day after day on a regular interval if you are to keep people interested in what you have to pin. You don't have to use it every day religiously but it can pay to add new pins every day as this will mean as those show up across the site in time more and more times they will get seen more and more by more and more people and that will get you a lot more traffic, repins, likes and followers than only pinning say once or twice a month will. Come up with a schedule if you can and schedule your pins using an social media management tool like Hootsuit or Buffer.

8. Pin Your Blogs and Websites and More
You can create boards for anything and pin virtually anything to them. From social media posts like Facebook posts, notes etc to your sites blog posts as well. Create a blog board and sites blog posts to it along with a nice high quality picture of course. Pin it to these boards and you get another social signal anyway and everyone in the world can find your other posts, products, forms etc from that one pin. Create pins that have questions in them like "How to save money on my mortgage" or "How to find the right realty company to move with in Arizona?" and put an image that relates to that or the product.

9. Start and Run Pin to Win Contests!
One way new Pinterest pages can get kick started is by starting a competition/contest. All you have to do is say they have to follow you and repin something. You can then pick a random winner on a certain date and send them a random prize. It would have to be something cool though like one of your actual products or a gift card perhaps or access to something. You would have to drum up some interest for this to happen though. That means telling all your followers on other social media sites and promoting your "Contest" boards where you announce previous winners and prizes won etc in a blog post on your site as a way to have more effect.

Just make sure to follow Pinterest's contest guidelines when running contests, make them free to enter keep them free of spam and doing proper promotion but it can pay off if you hold regular contests as people get used to them and expect them and tell their friends who do the same thing. As long as you keep the prizes good!

The best way to promote Pinterest contests is through Pinterest community boards. Get your pin repined to these giant community boards that have many thousands of users in each of them. Those pins naturally get more likes/repins/shares etc than pins not pinned to big Pinterest community boards get. Get your pin repinned to giant Pinterest community boards and get your contest well and truly kick started!

One of the best ways that new Pinterest accounts can do is create boards for the things they represent or sell and then pin them with super high quality, visually appealing and engaging pins. But getting a helping hand from big accounts can help you to get noticed much quicker and easier and will pay dividends later on.

10 Pinteresting Pinterest Tips to Get You More Pinterested in Pinterest

10. Integrate Pinterest Into Everything
If you want better results from Pinterest and want to get a slice of the pie like the big guys do. Then you'll either need to do this yourself or hire an individual freelancer or business to do it for you instead. But to get those better results, you need to think like those big accounts think. Do what they are doing but in your own way. Integrate it into all your business's connections and out goings like emails, newsletters and links to it from all your other social media pages etc too. Do all that and you can get the same amounts of follower, repins and traffic and revenue from Pinterest they do in time if you apply yourself and believe in it and actually just do it!

Pinterest Tips Conclusion
To see success with Pinterest as a personal or business user, you'll need to work on it and promote it like you would any other social media site like Facebook, Instagram or other. Basically, you'll need to eat, sleep & breath Pinterest. After all what you put into it is directly proportional to what you get out!

Thanks for reading. I hope you find this useful. Let me know if you have any questions about any of the tips here or want me to expand on anything said in more detail.

Are you using Pinterest to its full potential as a personal user or business?
Are you using any of these Pinterest tips yourself or have any more to share?


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I've always wanted to get more into pinterest but I've never really had a website that I thought would do well on there. And I didn't think they would do well because I don't sell makeup or handbags lmao 10 Pinteresting Pinterest Tips to Get You More Pinterested in Pinterest

I have a pinterest account for all my websites, maybe I should add them to hootsuite and start hammering away at some pins to see what happens. If it seems to start making a few bucks here and there then it will definitely be scalable and eventually pull in a semi passive income 10 Pinteresting Pinterest Tips to Get You More Pinterested in Pinterest

I've wanted to switch to a business account but I wasn't sure what was involved. Do you know if you have to submit your business details like your EIN or incorporation information? I would assume you would need to show some proof that you own and operate a company before you can even think about upgrading to a business account 10 Pinteresting Pinterest Tips to Get You More Pinterested in Pinterest

The whole contest thing seems pretty awesome. I wanted to do something like that on instagram and it's pretty much the same thing that you talked about on how to run it on pinterest. Basically you just say "Share/Pin this for a chance to win $X,XXX!!!" and then people would hopefully begin to push your pins/photos a lot in hopes of winning. The beauty of this is that they don't have to spend anything and you'll most likely make some money because loads of people will see the pins/photos and a few will purchase from you. The new purchases would basically fund the contest and you would now have the emails and other contact info for new clients 10 Pinteresting Pinterest Tips to Get You More Pinterested in Pinterest A win win for everyone lol 10 Pinteresting Pinterest Tips to Get You More Pinterested in Pinterest

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Yeah I have found competitions to be an awesome way to get activity going on Facebook but I never thought about doing it on Pinterest...

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I hear you Raz! I used to think Pinterest was for the ladies only but the more I used it the more I realized that couldn't be further from the truth! Pinterest is for both men and woman, personal and business users and they mix together so well. It's like I say it's one of those things where the more you do work at it, the more results you will see from that work. What you put in is what you get out. Pinultimately. I must stop with these Pinterest puns! But yeah it can be great for running contests and things if you give away something that is the most highest demand thing on there such as hangbags and shoes! 10 Pinteresting Pinterest Tips to Get You More Pinterested in Pinterest

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Thanks Mike, this has been really helpful.

I have a personal Pinterest account and a business Pinterest account and yes I Pin all my new content to Pinterest but I have never really spent much time on Pinterest.

I have to say that the traffic I have received from Pinterest is high quality traffic. The Pinterest visitors have a lower bounce rate and higher page views on my website than other social networks. They also spend more time on my websites which is always a winner.

My problem is that although I want to spend more time focusing on Pinterest I also want to focus on Google Plus and start working on being active in forums,...oh and I want to do more Youtube videos... and and and ... ok so maybe I should pay you to get me more action on Pinterest LOL

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1. Switch to a Business Account - This I was able to do because Pinterest actually invited me to convert my personal account to a business account for free. I jumped on it!

9. Start and Run Pin to Win Contests! - Now this one I have never tried. It actually sounds like a pretty good idea! People love to win stuff!! 10 Pinteresting Pinterest Tips to Get You More Pinterested in Pinterest

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I have a Pinterest business account. There was a time when I was very active on Pinterest, however, these days I am not even visiting my Pinterest account. I am already engaged on numerous social media sites and it is really difficult to give enough time for these social media sites. I am active only on those sites where I have a maximum number of followers.
Pinterest is a content curation platform. It is also a content discovery platform. The pinners will curate contents and discover contents. In order to get maximum return, you should use high quality images.

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