Using Cloudflare will give them control of my DNS records!

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Using Cloudflare will give them control of my DNS records!

Its been recommended I use Cloudflare to speed up my website, but now I am a little nervous to do this since that gives them control of my DNS records right?

I just chatted to my sister that is hosting my website and she doubts the slowness of my website is due to her hosting. She also said if I change my DNS settings that this will mess with my email too. So then I will have to have them create all my MX Records (whatever that means).

So my sister suggested that she just point the A record? Oh my gosh this is all way above my head isn't it?

Any suggestions or pointers here?


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Installing Cloudflare to your site it's really an easy process Lynne, and emails will work perfectly too, as cloudflare will detect your mx records automatically, if they are not correct you will need to edit them manually.

First you need to create an account there, then you need to submit your site, after typing your site address to that box , you need to click "Begin scan" then this process will scan your website dns, and will point your site IP address to cloudflare dns. Then, after scanning process is completed you need to change your actual dns servers, to cloudflare dns servers, and that's it.

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Thank you Procoder, yes I did all of that and it was easy but I stopped dead in my tracks the moment it asked me to change my dns server info.

Things like that make me really nervous because I don't understand it.

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You're welcome Lynne! DNS records can be changed from your hosting control panel, it's easy, but I understand that sometimes these things are annoying. However, in this case it's better to contact with your sister as she know more about your hosting.

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These kinds of things can seem daunting and uber technical but they really don't have to be. I still haven't got my head around using a premium DNS and CDN and just clunked and winged my way through it. Kinda like when I installed an SSL certificate for the first time that was fun not! lol. This is why you need your own hosting plan though so you can pose this as a question (ticket) to that host who will be able to walk you through the steps of doing that. I do the same thing with my host when it's something I can't fully understand and sometimes they just do it all for me but they understand I'm not the expert in all things and they are and it's what I pay them for!

However, depending on where you get your premium DNS service from, they should have a guide on how to do that. A knowledgebase article or a video even. It's basically just a matter of changing your current name servers. I'm using NameCheap's Premium DNS for one of my domains delivered in partnership with Verisign.

This service provides:

  • 100% DNS Uptime Guarantee (Although my host has good uptime anyway).
  • Better Performance - DNS served from 17 fully redundant, globally distributed Anycast locations
  • Advanced DNS DDoS Protection
  • Works with any domain at any registrar
  • Complete DNSSEC support for DNSSEC-signed TLDs
  • Easy to use - for experts and beginners

I found this on Quora that might help get your head around using DNS a little.
DNS is a simple protocol, where even older equipment can serve thousands of requests very fast. Most Registrars and web hosts have large numbers of records to serve, so they have properly sized DNS clusters. They will give you all the basic tools to publish and modify A, CNAME, MX, SRV, TXT, and other records as well as tweak the expiry/refresh times for a record. If this is all you need to do, this will be sufficient for your needs.

Premium DNS services usually offer advanced features, such as DNS load balancing, anycast service, advanced reporting capabilities, and often an API for programmatically updating records based on application availability. These are beneficial when you're building complex/distributed/web-scale applications across multiple service providers and need to perform advanced DNS adjustments based on criteria other than simple records publishing.

Basically, you may not even need to change your DNS to a premium DNS. Using a premium DNS can only really help with uptime and provide things like DDoS protection at the DNS level. It can't really speed up your site on its own other than being able to resolve it quicker from more locations that your host might not be able to do.

Not sure how changing your DNS settings will mess with your email. You'd only be changing the DNS settings in your domain registrars account such as NameCheap or GoDaddy and that wouldn't effect your email account in anyway.

Anyway there is nothing to worry about using CDN provided you are using something like your hosts or your domain registrar or some professional service like Verisign for it or something. They don't have much to control it just means your domain name can be resolved in more ways than your host can resolve it.

Is your site already using CDN? Does your host already have CloudFlare activated for your domain?

Scan your sites DNS settings here using

It has a little video about DNS while you wait. Using Cloudflare will give them control of my DNS records!

But that will show you how it works from a technical sort of point view.
Just run through the steps and choose the free method.
Unless you need real time analytics and tracking and all that which you already probably have.
And then on the last page it will tell you what to do.
Just change the name servers to theirs and that's about it. Using Cloudflare will give them control of my DNS records!

Hope this helps!

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Um no, actually it leaves me more confused than before. I can't understand what Cloudflare offers, I mean do they just make sure everything runs nice and smoothly but they don't host your website?

Yes I went and added my website but I stopped short when they said I must change my name servers. I contacted my sister and she told me about emails and A thingies...

Now I am more confused an unsure than before. My sister seems quite sure that the problem is not her hosting.

Anyway I have Abid looking at my website. I am too scared to do anything yet LOL. I am in limbo but at least I am addressing the problem even if I am totally dazed and confused.

I will most likely be asking the most stupid questions all the time in the community discussions for the next few days until I can get this resolved.

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one thing I do know that cloudflare usually does, is if the hosting server went offline, the cloudflare server keeps your website working until its back online.

it works by making copies of your website on their server which is how and why it loads faster and more stable as it caches the website reguarly, and also how it stays online if your hosting goes out for any reason (eg power cut) However, i tried it with a games website, and it did make some issues with some subsriptions and payments for advertising as it didnt send the request but charged the customers as normal, I had to ask for paypal transaction codes to confirm them etc.

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Oh that is nice to know, thanks Dragonwolf5589 Using Cloudflare will give them control of my DNS records!

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I had cloudfare once, and it never messed up my email accounts. Cloudflare is a great service to add as it really does help boost the speed of the website by enabling caching.

You can contact their support if you need further info:

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Enabling catching can be done with WordPress plugin. And Cloudflare mainly protects websites from various attacks...

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Thanks Anwebservices.. I am just going to leave these decisions with you! Otherwise I am going to get totally confused and stressed.

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Thanks Everett. Ok so this is something that I will seriously consider doing Using Cloudflare will give them control of my DNS records!

Thank you for all your advice!

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