Spamming as an Online Marketing Technique will not work!

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Spamming as an Online Marketing Technique will not work!

I just can't understand how some people attempt to market themselves online, specifically via social media direct messages and email.

I just wanted to share with marketers what I think of receiving direct messages on social media and via email.

Firstly with social media I have close to no interest in receiving private messages from people trying to get me to sign up for their offers. I find it an intrusion, especially since the majority of these offers are scammy and even if they aren't scammy they are usually not things I am interested in.

The thing is that if I see something on social media that I am not interested in, lets say I see an ad in a Facebook group that I am not interested in right? I don't feel negatively towards that person or that brand at all. However if that person had to inbox me that ad I will be feeling bad will towards that person.

So marketing like this is in my opinion very bad online etiquette and I believe it will cause more damage than it will good.

We all want to create goodwill towards ourselves, our company and our brand. There was recently a discussion around marketing where public relations was mentioned

So what I want to know is, do you think that the amount of possible sales a person makes is worth the bad will that they create in the process of those very few sales using spamming techniques like this?


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Spamming with direct messages works in about less than 1% of cases , million messages a month including emails will get enough business for a company. It is a short term benefit that these people go after rather than long term loss that hurts their business.

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Oh yes! Unfortunately many manage to get a way around it and are very spammy. They can be a nuisance and ruin your day, especially if it happens on a regular basis. I cannot understand how spammers do not feel that they are being degrading and nauseating. If you bother people how can you expect that they are ever going to like whatever it is you are offering. It is just a complete waste of time, and the unlucky thing is that these people end up wasting other people's time.

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It must work though EliteWriter, to some extent though... I mean if it did not work at all then they would stop surely? But I agree with you totally I can't understand how they keep on with it. I guess some people don't care about wasting other people's time or how much annoyance they are. If they have a tiny chance of making a sale they just don't care.

My personal feeling is that they are causing more overall damage to themselves in the process. I think they would be much better off using good marketing techniques and building up a reputation for themselves, a good one that is trusted.

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Agreed! The thing is, it does work, that's why they do it and continue to do it. If it didn't work at all, and they never got nothing from it, they wouldn't do it. But it does, so they do. So it'll never stop. People will always find ways to send unsolicited messages or emails or some other form of communication to people. Whether it's posting leaflets through your door you don't want nor asked for. I hate them! I end up with a box of them by the end of the month and then walk them over to the recycling point and just put them in there.

I get that local businesses want to advertise their services. Whether it's a local pizza parlor or some scrap gold crap or something else like those bags they put through the door asking you to donate your unwanted clothes or those blooming Kleeneze / Betterlife leaflets. Or it's just relentless spam emails, private messages and the like. It will never end?

People will always do it because the way they see it, if they even get a 1% response rate. They are still making money from that. When it comes to email spam, they literally send millions of emails and if only 1% of them respond and take them up on the offer, that could still be worthwhile earnings for them. So they'll keep doing it as long as they do.

So yes, the response they get makes it worth while for all the negative ratings and reviews they might get.

Sorry I don't have more to say than that right now.

It's just one of them things in life I guess.

Just think of all the good stuff in life instead like your kids and making money online legitimately. Spamming as an Online Marketing Technique will not work!

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I guess you are right there Mike, it must work and it must be profitable but when you are talking about a legitimate business it doesn't really work out in the end.

The goodwill that you are trying to generate is crushed by the bad energy you receive from the majority of the people you spam.

I get that scams and bad opportunities would make some sales this way and of course people trying to make money from scams wouldn't care who they annoy.

Can you imagine huge, legitimate brands trying to make money this way? Nike, Coca Cola, Samsung....

Yes they would make some sales spamming people but it would not be worth it because their good name would be trashed.

That is the point I am making here. If you are an online marketer trying to make a name for yourself and trying ti build your business then this is not the way to do it.

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It is said you should share online on 1:4 ratio. For every post of yours you share online, you should also share 4 posts from other people. This means you should not only share your posts, but also posts from other people. If you only share your posts, it will be designated as spamming. Sharing should never be over done.
Sharing is not enough, you should also interact on the posts, yours as well as others. Interaction means replying to the comments and engaging in meaningful dialogues.

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I have recently receiving messages in Facebook asking for donations to a start-up business in the rural area. But the way I see it, they are spamming. Its’ fortunate that Facebook now has the facility to let you read such alien messages, those coming from people not in your friend list. And you have the option to accept or decline the message which means the sender wouldn’t know that you had read it. Spamming is annoying and although there are creative ways to spam, I’d say let’s not do it.

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Well, some marketers go with the slogan that desperate time calls for desperate measures. They are in dire need of money and they believe to make the kind of sales they need is to constantly be in direct communication with people.What clients see as spamming, marketers see it as a reminder.One man laughter is another man most cases it works in their favour.

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