Best Plugin for Scheduling Posts?

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Best Plugin for Scheduling Posts?

I have recently posted about my difficulties with scheduling posts to some of my websites, and one solution that was suggested is to use a scheduling plugin.

Has anyone used plugins to schedule posts before and what plugin have you used? Can you recommend a good plugin for this?

All I want to be able to do is set a date and time for my posts to be published... and yes I know you can do that within Wordpress anyway, but for some reason on two of my websites they just miss the publish date and time every single time.

This is causing difficulties for me!

I've been looking at the plugins and WP Scheduled Posts looks like it could do the job for me....


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I think that was me! Best Plugin for Scheduling Posts? Actually, although I do recommend it as a work-around. I haven't actually ever used a WP posts schedule plugin haha. But I have done some digging for you. I've found a great post that contains 10 WordPress Plugins for More Powerful and Flexible Scheduled Posts. And this one for 6 Handy Scheduled Posts Plugins for WordPress.

However those are quite old posts now I think and things can change fast when it comes to plugins. There may be several new and better post schedule plugins on the WP plugin repository. The best thing to do though is search within your Admin Dashboard Plugins > Add New page for "post schedule" and see if there's any there that you like the look of. Look for ones that have a good feedback score (recommendations) and that have the features you are looking for and try it out.
Best Plugin for Scheduling Posts?
There's quite a lot of them as you can see. As said, I can't recommend any particular one myself as have never used one before.

Perhaps maybe someone else here has and can chime in and recommend one for you but that's what I recommend for now! Best Plugin for Scheduling Posts?


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Thanks Mike, that is really helpful, as usual and yes of course that was your suggestion. You always come up with some really nifty suggestions and tips that I can use. I wouldn't mind having you at my right hand all day as I work haha. I think a lot of things would go much smoother for me.

I have had a browse through the plugins that come up when I search from within my website and there is one that looks like it could do the job nicely but I always like to check and see what everyone else says and perhaps recommends Best Plugin for Scheduling Posts?

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A lot of the ones that pop up when I search are used primarily for recycling posts so that your homepage always looks fresh with "new" content. But in reality it's just an old post that was pulled to the front so that people aren't always seeing the same posts each day lol.

One of the plugins that I found, which might help you out, is the auto post scheduler plugin here

It seems that you can configure it to publish posts and recycle them later on if you really want to. I haven't tested this plugin, I was just searching through a lot of them just now to see which would be the best for your needs Best Plugin for Scheduling Posts?

Some Feature That Are Included:

  • Show Scheduled Post Widget in Dashboard and Admin Bar.
  • Select where to show the Widget (between Dashboard & Admin bar or both).
  • Select who could see the Widget (By user role).
  • Ability to show the Scheduled Post Widget in site wide admin bar.
  • Ability to set custom item template and style for scheduled posts list in admin bar.
  • Ability to publish any scheduled post immediately but date-time will be a future date-time as you set.
  • Ability to control the style of Schedule Widget. (in future update).
  • New Brand new interface.
  • New Ability to control which 'Custom Post Types' will be available to "Scheduled Posts".
  • New Ability to control which 'Category' will be available to "Scheduled Posts".
  • New Ability to control date time structure, as you need.

Hopefully this plugin will do what you need it to do Best Plugin for Scheduling Posts?

Also, I'd like to thank you for this. I was searching for some good plugins that were for scheduling posts and I came across something that will take my posts and auto post them to facebook and twitter Best Plugin for Scheduling Posts?

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Oh yeah I saw that plugin too Razzy.. how handy is that. Does that plugin post automatically to Facebook and Twitter as soon as your post is published? I didn't have time to really have a close look at that plugin but I did make a mental note to go back and check it out...then I just have to find another plugin that will share it with LinkedIn and Google Plus too LOL.

Yes I saw a few plugins that will recycle posts and that made me a little concerned to try it out because I only want to be able to schedule at a certain time and date.. Thanks I will go back and check that one out again.

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