Branch out, don't get stuck in a rutt and think you're failing.

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Branch out, don't get stuck in a rutt and think you're failing.

Hey everyone,

So many times have I heard people say "I can't seem to make any money from my niche" and I always say "Well, it's not that you can't make any money, it's probably just a bad niche or it's too competitive to make money in right away".

I'll get clients coming to me with their websites and they want me to rank them for extremely competitive keywords which will fight with big billion dollar companies. They want to spend $550 a month and expect to be on track to fight the bigger people in their niche, which will never happen at that price. If you can't figure out that you're in a competitive niche and need to switch gears, you need to stop now and go find a day job lol.

So many times I've seen webmasters and marketers get stuck in a rutt because they focus so much on a single niche that they think it's impossible to make money online. There are so many niches out there that are ripe for the picking because not many people are trying to rank in them. Pick something you like to do in your real life and check to see if it's competitive. If you like real estate, loans, business credit, or webmaster stuff then you need to branch out even further lol Branch out, don

I'll give you an example. I've been looking for new couches to furnish my basement with because there's literally nothing down there besides some tile and drywall lol. I know that I want leather couches but I also don't want to spend $1,000 on them. Now finding leather couches in good condition is tough to do for under 1k, but it's possible. After I find what I want to buy and furnish my basement I can set up a website for or something like that and have it automated to pull listings from various places to populate my pages. I can link them with affiliate links so that I get a commission whenever someone buys a leather couch for under 1k Branch out, don I could also have a second website that is for leather couches over 1k but I'd name that something like I can link to that website just in case I'm getting a good amount of traffic and people want the best of the best when it comes to couches. And of course, the premium leather couch website will have affiliate links to listings that I make money on Branch out, don

That's just a small example of what you can do. You need to think outside of the box and figure out a niche that you can dominate and make a pretty penny in. Now some niches will only get a few hits a day, but if you're in something specific then they are more willing to buy than if they were a random person who fell on your page through an ad Branch out, don

Don't get stuck in a rutt
Pick an obscure niche.
Make some money Branch out, don


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Cheers Raz! Good pep talk! ;) /me goes off to register oBranch out, don

Seriously though, obscurity is the key isn't it? But it's about demand as well. When picking a niche. There's no real point in picking a niche for something that isn't in high demand. It doesn't really matter how great you've optimized your landing and product description pages. Or how much you are spending on advertising. If nobody really wants that product or thing, it probably wont sell as well.

Now picking a niche for something that is high demand. Even though it might have a lot of competition. Will inevitably earn you more money. You'll still have to optimize and refine your landing pages and product description pages. You'll still have to spend money on SEO and advertising but as it's in high demand, you'll probably earn and get more sales from that.

That's the way I see it anyway. Branch out, don

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I totally agree with you here Razzy, I have gotten into rutts before by trying to focus on the wrong thing and it is important to remember that if something is not working then you need to change it.

There are so many amazing ways to make money online and if keep on researching and trying there are loads of opportunities. It is quite amusing now that I have figured out how to make money online I have so many ideas, i just don't have enough time to head them off and I don't quite have the finances on hand to outsource everything yet. I am nearly nearly there...just a little bit more and I will be.

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Great information Razzy! Seriously, getting stuck in your ways the worst thing you can do online. I see this all over the place, people thinking there is nothing else to learn in their niche and there is simply no way of getting more money out it.

First, this is stupid, no matter the niche you will always find new stuff to learn, so stay updated and accumulate more knowledge .
Second, there are always new opportunities to create and take over in any niche, meaning you can always make a little more money that you're making at the moment.

Third, there are a lot of niches out there! I see no point in getting stuck with just one niche, especially if we are talking about a micro niche as Razzy exemplified above.

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That is a good advice – branching out when you are stuck in your niche which stagnates in the earnings. However, I would prefer to shut down my website if that is the case so I can concentrate on the new niche. But better yet, why not revitalize the existing website? Perhaps there is something wrong in the upkeep of the site like the lack of contents and images. Much more, the gathering of readers should be an every day thing. Revitalizing the existing website is a more practical solution than branching out to a niche that you are not well versed in.

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