Instagram Followers problem - loss of followers Support

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Instagram Followers problem - loss of followers

I have a problem with Instagram followers, I lost more than 30,000 on this account.
As in case of problems you told me to contact you by post, I'm here.
Can you settle this please.

I spend large order of 10,000 followers
My username : SGMC
account: [removed]

thank you in advance


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Here's the thing. When you buy IG followers. You know that the follower you are getting aren't really real followers. You know that they are bot created accounts (in mass) either by the seller or someone else that the seller is providing to you. You know that when you buy followers for your IG profile, you are doing so to artificially inflate and increase your followers count to give the impression that your account is popular and that in turn gets other people (real people) to follow you. This is why people buy views for their YouTube videos. They (the buyers) know that none of those views are real (that people aren't actually viewing the video) but they are artificially bumping up their views count so that it entices real people to view it. It makes sense because given an option to watch two videos, one only having 5 views and one having 50000 views, people will naturally pick the one with the most views because they think it's going to be the more popular and better video to watch.

The same applies with IG followers. People will always follow the IG account that has 50000 followers over one that has only 5 followers. However, due to the fact that those aren't real followers following your IG account and they are bot created accounts, they could get detected as bot created accounts by IG and then subsequently deleted from IG. Given that the seller that is providing them to you, is also providing them to hundreds of other people as well. And then IG sees this, it sees that x/y/z account is following so many different people but probably isn't getting many followers back itself. Let alone posting new posts to IG. And it sets off a flag and that account is subsequently deleted from IG and hence, your followers drop. Well that's one way that it happens anyway.

Now then. However, what you need to do is go back to the buyer you purchased them from them. And explain to him/her that your followers have dropped and ask him/her to replace them for you (free refill). Nobody on here can do that for you. Especially without knowing which buyer/service you purchased them from. But even then, only you could do that as we wasn't the buyer. You are. So we'll get told to jog on.

Also you say "As in case of problems you told me to contact you by post, I'm here." Who told you to post to the SEOClerks Community Discussions in case of any problems? I think the seller maybe? In which case I think he/she meant for you to contact them by message. As the order or orders you purchased for IG followers will now have been completed. The only thing you can do is send them a PM.

Don't get me wrong here. (It sounds like I'm having a go at you?) I'm not! I'm just covering all angles and helping you to understand the very nature of the business of buying fake followers. All of this "goes with the territory". Plus also recently, IG had a BIG clean up of fake/duff accounts and many many people (even some big names) lost many followers on their account. This happens from time to time and would be something that is beyond the control of whoever you purchased your IG followers from.

So IG is updating and having a large purge of fake accounts from their site. This makes sense, is perfectly reasonable, fair and understandable. They only want REAL accounts on their site. REAL people using it. Which is perfectly fair and reasonable.

But just give it a little while. The IG follower sellers will create more egg (fake) accounts and be selling them again in no time. Well they already are now. But just know that dropped followers are a part of buying fake followers and it goes with the territory!

Hope this helps!

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thank you for your reply.
Instagram Followers problem - loss of followers

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nice one idealmike for your responses to almost all the issues and questions being posted here on daily basis. truly you deserve to be an moderator. you doing a good job. BIG KUDOS TO YOU.

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Eventually every single twitter, Instagram or facebook follower bought from sellers that sell thousands of them will eventually be lost! All of them! Sooner or later the social media network will update or clean their bot accounts, destroying your followers count in the process.

That's a risk you will have to take when buying such services, sure the sellers may claim "no drop"; "stick forever" or other lies. Truth is, nothing is permanent, especially on social media! Not even real people profiles are permanent, think about it!

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It is obvious that you have purchased the number of followers created by bots that sooner or later those fake numbers will be removed and the actual number of followers will be back on your stats. I understand that you have lost money with the payment for the service that you availed of. And now you are complaining. Sorry about that predicament but it is a neat lesson for all of us not to believe in followers for sale.

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