New Google Search Update - Coming Soon

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New Google Search Update - Coming Soon

Friday (02.09.2016) I've noticed some really big changes in ranks for most of my clients. Two clients lost some good positions but the vast majority of my clients actually reached new tops in terms of ranking. I have seen movement on positions that haven't changed for more than a few months and were very stable.

Since Monday I was very worried because I've noticed a lot of a lot of de-ranking for important keywords, but then they got back on their original position after 24h or 48h.

New Google Search Update - Coming Soon

Lots of SEOs are claiming that bigger changes happened for the UK arena, people are worried because this may be another Penguin.
Since we have no confirmation from Google we just have to wait and see but this might be the early movements of another big Google Search algorithm update.

What do you think?
Any major movements in your ranks?


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Hmmm yes. I have several sites that I thought were doing the Google dance recently. I saw a big drop in rankings and then they bounced around, and then they suddenly sprung back again but with better ranking positions than before. This usually happens when you are doing some link building SEO on it though. I see it all the time. Google will derank you quite a bit, it will dance around and then spring back to a better ranking position than before. Really kind of weird, but also, kind of normal at the same time.

It always makes me question when people say they are worried. Because people only really usually get worried when they've done some black hat SEO. Although the same people that don't or haven't done any black hat SEO have genuine cause to be worried as well. Google has been punishing good webmasters for years now following their algorithm updates. They went after and targeted black hat sites, but the fall out from that also had and has a knock on effect for genuine webmasters that haven't adopted or done any black hat SEO as well.

In fact so much so, that it's caused a lot of people to step out of the SEO game once and for all. Many people dropped away following the Panda/Penguin updates as their sites suffered terribly from that. And not just the black hat sites either. Actual genuine brick and mortar businesses that lost huge rankings over night despite years of hard work working away on their sites.

I hope upon hope, Google doesn't make that same thing happen again.

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Oh no I hadn't noticed at all actually because I have been busy with so many other things the last few days.

Surely if you have stuck to white hat techniques and focused on creating quality content and on page SEO there is nothing to worry about right?

I sure hope so, I have not had any problems with any Google updates before and I am hoping that continues!

I am off to go and check my rankings and see if there has been any changes recently.I hope you keep us up to date with what is happening with this possible Google update!

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Update: Apparently, what happened over the Weekend was not a big update like Penguin. John Mueller said it here: around minute 5.

BUT there was definitely?some kind of big algorithm update, we just don't know exactly what until says something official about this.

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Google had many updates in the past based on the discussions that I had come across in this site. But with the effect of those updates, it seems like it is more on the fine tuning and a slight enhancement of the search engine. In other words, there is no major change in Google as if it can rock the boat which means that we should not be rattled when there is an upcoming Google update.

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