What do you think of these lead systems websites?

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What do you think of these lead systems websites?

I have seen so many websites that promise that if you join up with them you will get loads of free leads with their systems.

It appears that what happens is when you sign up your details are now the property of the website and the person that signed you up and who else knows and then when people sign up under you then you get their details to add to your list.

I cant understand why people would find this appealing at all, you are giving away your private information just so you can get information from other people trying to find leads?

Maybe I am stupid and I am missing the whole point of this but it seems to me that this is a really dumb and pointless exercise that will not provide genuine and interested leads at all.

What do you think of this?


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I have actually signed up to lead generator websites in the past, and found that it did absolutely nothing! You don't want to signup for a website offering leads, either paid or free. Anyone claiming to get you leads, especially paid leads are basically lying to you.. here's why:

If you don't want to fork over money to join a "premium" lead list or website, then why would you expect those members to actually buy anything on your website? Chances are they will NOT purchase anything, and then you basically wasted time, money, and energy.

Those websites that offer leads are just plain scams, and spam in my book!

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Yes you are right this type of website are point less. Many people lose their valuable time in this type of website. At last they realized that they have been fooled by this websites.

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Yes it does seem quite silly doesn't it. It reminds me of the pointlessness of advertising on a traffic exchange except that here you have given away your personal details and really you have no idea what people are doing with that and how many times your information will be resold!

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