New Google+ is Coming In The Next Few Days!

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New Google+ is Coming In The Next Few Days!

Google announced that they have made some changes to their social network Google+, and they will start releasing those features for the public very soon. As it seems Google wants another “chance” to turn things good for Google+ which unfortunately it was not as successful as Google itself, but I think that they still have the possibility to do that.

Product Manager at Google, Danielle Buckley Announced.

You can now have richer conversations by adding links and photos to your comments. We’re also offering Community owners and moderators more control over who posts what with approved posting. Finally, we're launching a new notifications center on the web where you can see and manage your recent activity on Google+.

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What are your thoughts about these features?
Are these features good enough to return on Google+ if you decided to leave?


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Oh cool. I find Google+ a great way to find content ideas, people to network with, for promotion and for SEO ranking purposes of course. I like how they'll be adding polls! That's something that Facebook has just recently added to Facebook groups and for all intents and purposes, polls get much more engagement over standard posts. They're much more engaging and interactive compared to standard posts as they serve a purpose and allow people to interact with them so it's a very welcome addition and will probably go down well.

I hope all these changes do add some more functionality and soul to a place that a lot of people slate. I also remember the new layout changes which I didn't like myself and rolled back to classic view instead. It was just easier to navigate and use! So I hope these new changes make it something that you'll want to keep and not revert back to the old layout. We will have to see in due course!

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Oh yes polls will be awesome!

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Hope that Google can add some soul to that social network New Google+ is Coming In The Next Few Days! I am using Google-Plus for long time, but never felt like socializing there as it looks like everyone share something and go (same as me). To be honest, it was looking like "hunted city", full of contents and no soul at all.
While it's important social media for marketing and probably for boosting SEO and SERP i would like to use it more, but if that could be fun, not just commercial "share and go", so let's see what it's going to be with new updates.

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I had the preview of the "new google+" and I hated it and switched back to classic.

as for the features, me and my friends have been able to do them for years anyway so I cant see whats so new about it. the only thing i noticed that has changed is the layout.

will be interesting to see other peopes thoughts. - it shouldnt affect me much as I use the app rather then the website.,

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Oh I hope these changes make Google Plus a great place to be since it is just lacking in substance to me. Yes I have a Google Plus account and yes I share all my new content on Google Plus but I don't spend any time there. I honestly tried to get into it. I spent a lot of time trying to get some joy out of it but there was nothing there for me.

There are other social networks that I don't visit often due to time constraints...but at least when I do go to them I find something of value. Google Plus just goes beyond boring. And then just like Mike said they came out with a new layout a while back which quite frankly just made it even worse.

I'll give it another go because well it is Google so if I suddenly find that I am passionately in love with the new Google Plus and I spend a load of time there I am sure it can only benefit me.

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I think the only way Google can get signups to Google+ is if people have a gmail email account. I don't see anyone signing up just to get a Google+ profile. I have heard things like "celebrities, and profressional ceo's have a google+ profile so it should be good to use!". In fact, i see google+ as a failed attempt of a facebook clone.

There's many social networks, and clones of facebook. Why would you want to join google+? I have joined, and there isn't enough users to do great marketing. Seems like a waste of internet space if you ask me. Maybe in the future Google+ will be THE social network, just not now, and not anytime soon.

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This is a good news. google + is coming with new looks and feature. I thing they will make major changes on appearance also they will add some extra feature also.

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Wow, so they're really insisting on keeping this thing alive, don't they?
Just read the new features, well, nothing revolutionary, seems like a plain and normal update. I hate the fact that they don't really have a clear strategy, I will love to see some aggressiveness, I mean, they're freaking Google!

I will play with the new feature and can't wait for the full new Google+ to test it out. But I doubt it will even take off the ground in the years to come...and trust me, I want it to take off, because I hate Facebook!

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It seems to me that Google+ has failed in its thrusts many times. Now comes the new Google+ which is touted to be better. But do people see it as it really is? Maybe people are so used to Facebook that they have difficulty in shifting to another social media of the same kind. If I were Google, I would design Google+ to be like Facebook and create a head on collision. At least Google is big and it can afford a big investment.

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