Which social network is your favorite for business?

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Which social network is your favorite for business?

So we all use social media both for personal use and for our businesses.

Which social media network do you rate as the best for business and what are your reasons for this?

I currently use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus and Youtube

I find each one has it's own unique uses and some work better for one niche than for others.

So for my mommy blog I have to say Facebook is my favorite simply because my Facebook page is very popular.

However overall I find Twitter to be much easier to use, it is so easy to get followers (without paying anything) and the visitors that do click through to my website are better quality that my Facebook visitors.


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For doing business on. Probably Facebook. Since it has the most amount of users and is the easiest one to use for that reason. But only in that they provide many ways for you to do that for your business. Whether it's through your own Fanpage, other peoples Fanpages, through your own group and other people's groups and communities. To just plain old contacting people via their profile. Although you have to be careful about doing that and only add/message people that have already expressed an interest in your brand or product or service.

The next 2nd best site I like to use for business purposes is Twitter. This is because it's very easy to use and to find people in your niche or that might be interested in your brand, product or services. How? Well what I like to do is search my competitors then start following all their followers. The chances are they will likely follow you back because you are representing something they are interested in. Then you can start retweeting their tweets that are relevant to your business or what you're selling. Engaging with people who in turn will engage with you, retweet your tweets and so on. It's like a snowball effect and used properly can be an excellent way to build brand recognition and awareness.

Next up is Google+. I don't give a crap how much people slate it. All I know is the ones that do are the ones that don't know how to use it properly! I have gotten a lot of success from Google+. I find people to be more responsive on there than any other social media site and every time I use it for sharing and promoting a new blog post, product or service or something, I can expect to receive much more traffic in a shorter time of frame from G+ than I can any other social media site in the same amount of time.

Pinterest can be quite good as well but only really if you have a large following or have access to large Pinterest community boards. You can't get access to these boards unless you are invited to them and you either have to earn that privilege or buy them. But when you do, provided your pin is visually pleasing and unique, you can expect to get a lot of traffic from that which can last a long time. Which social network is your favorite for business?

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LOL I don't like Google Plus and yes it is probably because I don't know how to use it properly...because I dont like it... and on goes the vicious circle Which social network is your favorite for business?

Yes I quite like Twitter too simply because it is so easy to get yourself a huge following very easily by doing exactly that, just follow people in your niche and if they don't follow you back just unfollow them to keep your numbers between followers and following even-ish.

Yes I have heard Pinterest can be really good, but once again I just don't have the time to spend on building myself up!

That's what people like you are for... to help with social stuff!

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I'm on almost all social media.Facebook, twitter,instagram, Googleplus,pinterest and Linkedln.

I first both Facebook and instagram mostly for my business which I'm getting positive result.

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the best way I find is to use all of them and post on all of them, to reach the wider audience.

You can actually set up a facebook page that will also send to your twitter at the exact same time so you dont have to repeat it

Ive not used some tools for a while but theres online web services that you can sync all your social media and sent same content to all of your social media accounts, sadly I can't remember the name of the one I used to use as I lost it when my computer broke and forgot to note the bookmarked page.

Hopefully someone will find one and name one.

But the MAJOR ones I would use is definitely the facebook and twitter sync so you can reach both together (and you can also make twitter go to the facebook page so no matter which one you post to, the other picks it up and copies it.

its somewhere in the settings of the page and on twitter where you can "connect services" This is the easier basic way to reach the largest audience. but im sure theres tools/websites that can sync to all your accounts at once. im hitting myself trying to remember the name

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Hey Dragonwolf5589 yes i use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Youtube all together really but I find that I spend most of my time and effort on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

There are a good few tools to use for posting content, the most popular and widely used I think would be Buffer and Hootsuite since they have a free account which is pretty cool. I used Buffer for a long time but I have now changed to Mass Planner.

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I've been a fan of facebook and LinkedIn recently because they seem to generate more leads than the others.

I treat facebook as more of a news outlet that helps gain subscribers to my websites and also generate some sales here and there. Their cost per click platform for advertising can be fairly cheap if done right. And if you have a good product for sale, it can also be pretty profitable.

I'll use LinkedIn like if I were trophy fishing lol. LinkedIn seems to have my bigger paying clients but doesn't bring in as many sales as facebook. Even though it does not bring in as many sales, it's more profitable because they are higher paying and the ROI is great since I don't pay for any advertising on LinkedIn lol Which social network is your favorite for business?

I've used Pinterest and Instagram but I don't get on there too much because my conversions haven't been high. A ton of people have profiles on there but they're not all business people and that's who I need to target for my services. If I had a product to market to the masses I would definitely be on both Pinterest and Instagram Which social network is your favorite for business? I've heard success stories just coming from Instagram because someone got a meme or picture to go viral and make a few thousands off of just one post. I've also heard horror stories of people advertising on there and losing a ton of money Which social network is your favorite for business?

As for Google plus, I think that platform should just die out and be forgotten Which social network is your favorite for business? I hated how everyone with a gmail was automatically registered as a member and in the beginning it wasn't very user friendly. There was crap everywhere like they didn't beta test ot they did and just didn't take any suggestions seriously lol Which social network is your favorite for business?

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Hey Razzy, yes I like Facebook too and I think it is probably because I have found the most success with it and that is because I put a huge amount of focus there when I first started working online. I learned how to use Facebook advertising long before I became aware of Google Adwords!

I have to really start focusing on LinkedIn more, I believe you are right that the focus there is much more professional. What do you think about writing posts on LinkedIn? Do you do this?

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My personal favorites for promoting controversial posts and articles would be reddit, tumblr and 4chan. Seriously, if you have the right story or the right controversial topic you can get viral using these networks.

Though I would recommend to stay away from them if you don't know these communities beforehand, are full of trolls and people that can track you down online, so be carful.

As for more mainstream social networks, I prefer: Pinterest, Facebook and most recently of them all Instagram. Though I'm still learning how to properly approach influencers on Instagram.

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In my opinion Facebook is the best social media platform. There is a lot of potential considering how many people use it, and a good part of them tend to be quite addicted to it. As long as you do post regularly, and make sure that your posts are interesting and posted at peak times, you should do well. Obviously at first you would need to come up with ways to get people to like your page, and that may take some time. But as long as you do get people to follow you Facebook can be a great tool. Twitter is also a good platform, and I would use it and place importance on it as well.

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Yes I think the same way as you, Facebook is my most valuable social network for sure when it comes to online marketing.

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My favorites are Google+, Myspace, and Backpage. Just kidding!

My go to social networking websites for business, are.. *drum roll* .. I don't have one. It use to be Facebook, and Twitter but found that a lot of users there don't really care about programming, and like pop culture much more. So I just use marketplaces, like this one, and use Google to bring in traffic. How many Twitter, or Facebook users that you know, or even facebook friends that are interested in code, and such? Probably less than 3 friends.. right?

So, I just target people wanting to start their own online business clones of popular money making websites! Which social network is your favorite for business?

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Haha Google Plus... Everett you made me giggle.

Yes I can certainly see the value in rather using marketplaces like this to network on.It certainly is a lot more professional than any social network around isn't it!

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I must say that I have fallen in love with Facebook in the sense that it is one social media network that has grown to have lots of members and with everyone joining in on each passing day, It is one social media network that I enjoy being on. There are many platforms one can market his/her products on Facebook both at no cost and at paying a little to achieve that.

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Facebook and Twitter happens to be very useful and effective for me in all my online business endeavors. They both serves me perfectly good in my social media marketing activities in generating more traffic and possibly prospective customers who are going to patronize my products and services.

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In all angles, it is Facebook for me that is the best for business. First off, it is a social network that is mainly used for personal purposes. That means most of your friends are not into business therefore they can see you now as another one of them. And when you make a post about your business, they will see it and will surely check on it. But they will only react favorably if you have been active and has good interaction with the posts of your friends. In other words, you have to establish a good presence first before using your account for business.

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Facebook to me is the most effective social media for my business, Why? It's because it has 2 Billion active users spread across the globe. I don't have to tap other social medias, because even if I work 24/7 I still won't reach even 1? of Facebook users that's why. One can spend years tapping Facebook and still a huge portion of it will still be untapped that's how big Facebook is. I only need quality content and regular postings and traffic will surely come. No need to waste time with other social media platforms just go with the biggest and you can't go wrong.

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