What techniques do you need to write?

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What techniques do you need to write?

What are the techniques you need to write in any topic, as some people offer services claiming they can write in any topic or niche. Is that true?


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No, it is not true that people who claim that they can write in any topic actually can! Here is why it is impossible. Example: I would like someone who makes a bold claim like this to write about the details of a specific brain surgery and list all of the specific steps taken, and new technologies used to perform the brain surgery all while using the proper medical nomenclature within the writing. The writing should be all aimed at educating other brain surgeons. It can't be done unless you are a brain surgeon with years of college. Enough said!

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When I first started out I wanted to write articles related to business, management, and education. However in time I started to get lots of orders in other areas, such as medical, health, family and relationships, parenting, and a lot about SEO. So I decided I needed to branch out, and to do this it involved reading and reading, and learning and learning. Nowadays I accept practically any article, as long as it is not too technical such as computing, mechanical information and engineering for example. In those cases I worry that I might deliver incorrect information. With regard to techniques it is basically about being fluent in the language and you need to be able to write in a way that is smooth and flowing, and without mistakes. You also need to be willing to be patient and dedicated with clients.

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Write me a 1000 word article on quantum computing in 24 hours or less! Sure I can do that! That kind of thing. I think it all really depends on the article writer. Someone like EliteWriter who has a lot of experience writing on many different subjects. Someone that knows how to research a topic first. I think people who have writing and research skills can practically write articles on virtually any topic. What with the Internet today, one only has to search several words related to that topic to find out tons of information about it. One only really has to read a few articles on that subject to become clued up about it. Then start jotting things down, an overview, an in depth analysis and then the rest just made up of filler content.

But that's basically all there is to it. Just researching it. Reading about it. Learning about it and then writing about what you've researched, read and learned. Sometimes it can just be a matter of copy writing another article but in your own way as well. I know for a fact some article writers do this but some don't do a very good job of it. If you Google some of the sentences they can be found as all they've done is changed a few words around. That's not proper copy writing. That's just faking it and not the sign of a high quality article writer.

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The best "technique" that you need to write is the knowledge. Of course that writing as any other thing has its own tricks, but claiming that they can write for anything in any topic it's not true, well, it can't be because you'll never be able to write for something that you've never heard of.

Anyone can be a writer , but, that doesn't mean that any writer can write or has the knowledge to cover any topic.

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As Webguy2024 had already pointed out, that sometimes article writers don't often have enough knowledge about the topic they are writing about and it becomes a low quality piece. You need to know exactly what you're writing about, and I definitely wouldn't suggest writing anything in reference to medicine, or health unless you have a degree to back it up. Also, you must be a great writer, and your English must be great, and lastly the grammar has to be on point. I can not tell you all the instances of where a paid writer has given work with typos throughout the entire article, and it was a disaster.

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I think Mike is right that really with the internet and the right skills yes I am sure some writers can write on just about any topic... but I am not sure whether all their articles would be great quality work.

I believe each writer has topics that they are especially suited to and others that they just don't connect so well with. There may be some subjects that are so technical the writer just won't be able to understand 100% to be able to write an indepth and engaging piece of content.

Some writers are very skilled and can write about a wide range of topics and almost anything,sure. But on anything and everything?

I would feel more comfortable choosing a writer that is honest and upfront about their areas of expertise and their weak points rather than choose a writer that claims to be able to write quality content on any topic.

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writers can write on any topic is true but the main thing is knowledge. Its depends on writers skill and technique .
some time it happen that writers gets an unknown what they do they search on internet about that topic and get some knowledge . After that they use that knowledge and skill to write an article on that topic.

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Hi sanfora thanks for your question. I think before writing any topic, you need to collect information regarding on that subject. And need to jot down few words which really importance with subject. Nowadays it is very easy to know for any topic by Google. Then start writing as your own. And your question description, you tried to know people may know all subject or topic. I do not think so. Anybody cannot understand for any topic. And it is not possible. For example If you tell me to write any article for SEO. I can do it within few minutes. Because, I know about SEO. But if you tell me to write for space exploration. I do not write it very often. I need to research then I could. because I do not have much idea about on this topic.

So, who tell you he can write regarding any topic. He may tell you untruth.

Regards by Ajlancer

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Well yes, with enough time for research and enough remuneration to make it worth my while, I can write you in any niche you want, even quantum physics!

In my freelance "career" I've written in a lot of niches and when I say a lot, I mean A LOT OF NICHES! I can still list you at least 10 niches inside the adult niche and I get those pretty rarely.

But because of this, I think I know a lot of things I otherwise never knew about. How many of you had learned new stuff from doing content building jobs on unfamiliar subjects?

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You can write on any topics if you have following skills
language skills
writing skills
ability to do research
If you have language and writing skills and can do the research you can write on any topics.
Medicine is not my niche. However, I have developed contents on medicine for my client. I first did the research on the topic, made notes of important points and then elaborated the notes.
It is easy if you know the topic, however, if you do not know the topic it can be very difficult, but not impossible.

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I don’t think there is a person who can write about anything under the sun. On second thought, yes, maybe, but the content cannot be assured of quality since I know he will only rely on the research. Writing for something you don’t really know very well may just expose your ignorance so don’t dare try. And even if you are well versed with the subject matter, unless you are an expert then you also need to do some research particularly in verifying your facts.

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