Keeping a good reputation online as a freelancer

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Keeping a good reputation online as a freelancer

When it comes to selling stuff online, reputation matters a lot, no matter if you sell real products or just digital services, your reputation is really important!

When it comes to big companies, they need to worry about everything their employees are doing at work and even off work. That's why they need to be careful who they're hiring. In essence, the bigger you are the harder will be to maintain a perfect unstained reputation.

Freelancer have it way easier than big companies. All they need to do is maintain positive customer reviews right? Well...sort of, but not really. If you have a positive and professional attitude towards your clients here on SEOclerks, that doesn't mean you are free to be a total prick here on CD or maybe on different forums. Not even social media is excluded, your whole online presence IS your business card and you need to maintain a professional attitude no matter where you are!

What is your take on this? Are freelancers free to do and say whatever they want on their social media profiles or other online websites?

Or once you are an online freelancer you need to accept that everything you do on the internet can influence your freelance reputation?

Keeping a good reputation online as a freelancer


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Everything you do is forever. What I mean by this is you can't change the past. You can't undo something that's been said or done. You can only apologize for it. Hopefully learn from it and never repeat the same mistake again. Of course, sometimes you can delete it. If you've said something you shouldn't have said. But people may have seen it already. And people don't forget stuff like that easily.

So you always have to be careful about what you say to someone online, whether it's in a chat room, a forum, on a blog or a social networking site etc. Especially if it's the same username/handle you use as a freelancer. Because people being people, they like to look up thing on people before they hire them. Employers do this a lot today. They will look at a persons social networking profiles and scroll back to see the sorts of things they might have said in the past. See how they handle their self and if they've said anything bad or slandered anyone and stuff like that before deciding on whether to give you an interview or not.

There has been many cases where people have actually been fired from their jobs for saying silly things on their social media profiles. Or on other peoples profiles or Fanpages and that. Sometimes even the smallest things that might have been said in jest at the time but taken out of context or read in the wrong light. While it might have seemed like a bit of banter at the time, the next person reading it might not see it like that.

A freelancer must conduct him/herself professionally online whether they are working or just socializing with friends/family. It could be that the next person that is about to hire you checks out your background history, and reads through your past updates and stuff to see if you've said anything that they don't like the sound of or think you shouldn't have said. So you have to be careful about the things you say online, how you conduct yourself and always remain professional (as a freelancer) as it might just make the difference to being hired or not.

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Whether in the real world or virtual world, reputation matters. In fact, you should keep your reputation high online more than in the real world. In the real world, it is difficult to trace your wrongdoings, for instance, you scold someone. Ten years later, it is difficult to prove this. However, if you leave a slanderous remark on someone in facebook, it will always be there. You can never erase your internet footprints.

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YES Cristian!

I have seen the most appalling behavior from some people online and it goes so much further than just sellers here or people that work online.

The internet is so powerful, it can provide all you need to make an income to support yourself and your family, it can help you find a job, you can have a portfolio online, you can have a LinkedIn profile to show potential employers and customers. So in short the internet can make you.... it can also break you!

It is so important at all times to keep a squeaky clean online reputation. If you don't then at some stage it will come back to bite you on the ass.

There are so many people that just don't understand this and spend their days trolling and bullying online thinking that they are above it all and untouchable.

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I used to love trolling and having all kind of online "fun" on other people's expense. But yeah, I've realized that I may lose clients or job opportunities because of my behavior and I just stopped.

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Personally, I don't think one bad attitude on social media can cost anybody his or her freelancing job unless the person specifically display it during the course of his or her work with a client but then decorum should always be observed.No client will go checking one social media handle before patronizing one I believe but even at that one has to display an acceptable character at all times

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For every serious freelancer, maintaining good reputation online and offline is one of most important things in order to survive competition and keep going further with your successful career. Satisfying customers and having positive reviews and recommendation is important, but also keeping in touch and branding your self all over internet is very important. using social media networks and constant reminding your friends and customers about your existence, work and updates is recommended.

Once a freelancer get this on daily to-do list, it's like automated tasks which you do every day, when it comes to social media marketing.

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I think the more expensive is your service, the more relevant is this issue on general. It is not that difficult to see sellers with a bunch of relatively low quality $1 services with a good reputation and excellent feedback!

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I must confess that I have learnt a lot about the way that one can build his reputation as a freelancer on the internet. I have tried as much as I could to always build a great and convincing reputation with the clients that I work for on the internet. It has not been easy, but I have met quite a good number of clients that appreciated y work.

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The first important thing for a freelancer is to establish his brand. Whether you are a writer, graphic designer, web developer or any thing, you will have to establish your brand. There are various ways to establish your brand, for instance, using the same name every where having your own website etc.
You must also be careful about your online activities. internet footprints can never be removed, therefore, you should be careful about what you say online.

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A good reputation is like selling your brand to people that if your branding is good and no derogatory mark then you are okay as a freelancer. That’s why some freelancers abhor the rating system in some forums because it ruins their reputation when someone gives them a low rating. Even in social media, you have to protect your reputation if you are a freelancer that’s why I don’t accept friend request of people that I don’t really know because they may be spammers and worse, they will post derogatory items to my timeline that can tarnish my image.

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