Banned by Adsense? Here are some adsense alternatives.

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Banned by Adsense? Here are some adsense alternatives.

Now we all know that Google can be really friendly to their adsense and adwords users by banning them for no damn reason. So I'm going to go over some alternatives to adsense for anyone that needs to swap out their adsense code.

Amazon Associates: Now if you're familiar with an affiliate program, this is pretty much the same thing. You get paid for any sale that is made through the clicks you send to Amazon, so pretty much their affiliate system Banned by Adsense?  Here are some adsense alternatives.

Your commissions vary depending on what sells. Electronics tend to be a lower commission percentage but you get more per sale because they tend to be higher priced items.

If you don't live in the USA you might have a problem with getting paid because Amazon sends out checks or does direct deposit. I'm set up for direct deposit so my commissions go through right away, but if you're over seas you will need to wait for a check that I've heard can take up to 3 weeks to get Banned by Adsense?  Here are some adsense alternatives.

Chitika: This is one of the platforms that reminds me a lot of adsense because they're pretty similar. I remember the first time I was banned from adsense I immediately went over to chitika and it was like a carbon copy of Googles system, which lowered the learning time.

Chitika pays via paypal so you don't have to worry too much about getting paid fast unless you live in a country that doesn't allow paypal. But there aren't many countries now that don't allow paypal, so the majority of us are good.

InfoLinks: Now infolinks is a pretty huge platform and I'm sure you've seen them before. Have you ever hovered over a link inside some text and seen a small pop up? That's what infolinks is. Now there are some competitors out there to infolinks, but they don't even come close.

I haven't used infolinks too much because the websites I usually have will focus more on a service and not as much on content creation. But with my news website coming out I may have to slap some infolinks on there to make a few bucks Banned by Adsense?  Here are some adsense alternatives.

What are your favorite adsense alternatives?
So do you guys and girls have any adsense alternatives to add?


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Nice! I've never woken up to an email that says “Your Google Adsense account has been disabled or temporarily banned” but if I do I'll know where to look!

I wouldn't call these alternatives as much as I would call them substitutes! Banned by Adsense?  Here are some adsense alternatives. That's because I would use them along with Adsense to substitute and maximize my earnings. And these three I have used in the past and still do today and can all be used together (at the same time) if you're using Adsense or not I do believe? I mean, when you're using Adsense on your site, their TOS states that you can't use certain other publishers and things on your site at the same time if I'm right. I need to brush up on that side of things and get updated to what they allow today because I think there is some advertisers that you can't use at the same time as you're using Adsense. But I think these three alternatives/substitutes are all okay to use alongside Adsense.

Which is really good you know because although a lot of people use AdBlock today, those that don't still might not click your Adsense ads in your sidebar or in your content, but might click on one of the others if it's done in a way that isn't obtrusive and annoying to the reader. Such as presenting a problem and providing it as a solution at the end of your post so you're gently walking your buyer into it.

The way I'd do it with the four together would be 2 Adsense units on the page max, one in the sidebar at the top and one in my post at the top. Then sprinkle the Infolinks in at least twice on the text content on that page itself, followed off by an amazon product at the bottom. If I was using Chitika too I'd put one in the sidebar and one in the middle of the content so it's wrapped in text it can find the best ad for. Chitika isn't famously known for showing the most "relevant" of ads. But it's a great reputable advertiser/publisher that can be worth using.

Worth using if you have the traffic that is! If you are only getting 1k views on your blog per month there probably isn't really any reason to have ads at all! The general rule of thumb when it comes to advertising, (without annoying your readers) is the more traffic you have, the more ads you can have. You don't want to have more ads than traffic! You only really want to add all four or three of these advertising networks ads to your site at once if you are getting big serious traffic like 100k per month.

But it depends on the quality, source and intent of that traffic. It could be that you could earn more by removing one and only using one or two or even just using one only. It's all about experimenting as you don't want to spoil people for choice when it comes to ads!

But yeah just like any good ad network, they are good ad networks to make money with. They do have some top affiliates and earners as well. They all have their own affiliate system and can be profitable if you're skilled or lucky lol. Banned by Adsense?  Here are some adsense alternatives.

This is a great post though. I was thinking about posting some stuff here about how Pinterest are pinning all their hopes on their new video ads. I think these will show on Pinterest and on peoples websites as well. That seems interesting and new era of video ad but 2016 is the year of the video or so that are saying anyway.

Some other Adsense Alternatives/Substitutes don't forget are Yahoo Bing Network although by request only currently still. Kontera which is another in-text ad network like Infolinks. Oh and Clicksor which are a well known brand but I've not used. Also Bidvertiser who I've used in the past too. Propeller Ads, PopCash, which is a CPM network very similar to PopAds if you've ever used that before. But PopAds uses popunders and I hear Google is punishing sites that use pop ups/unders right now.

But that's another discussion.



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Such a long response lol Banned by Adsense?  Here are some adsense alternatives.

Yeah, you can only use certain platforms when pushing adsense because they are pretty hateful towards certain ones lol. I know for sure you can use the amazon associates platform along with adsense because they're not really the same thing. One is more of an affiliate program and one is basically a paid to click site Banned by Adsense?  Here are some adsense alternatives.

Kontera is a great platform as well. I used them temporarily after I was banned by adsense the first time and I didn't have any disputes with their system.

I also used bidvertiser but I didn't like the amount of clicks I was getting on the ads, I'm not sure what the reason was Banned by Adsense?  Here are some adsense alternatives.

I've never used Propeller ads, PopCash or PopAds but anything with the name "Pop" in it just rubs me the wrong way at the start lol. Cost per measure networks sometimes are really good if you can get a good CTR. But sometimes you may not get a click per 1,000 impressions or even 10,000 impressions which is heart breaking lol.

The PopAds system does sound like you'd get punished because of how they operate. Yes, Google doesn't particularly like websites that use popunders because sometimes it gets pretty annoying and spammy Banned by Adsense?  Here are some adsense alternatives.

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Sorry Raz! Sometimes I just go into a trance and let my fingers do the talking. Half the time I'm not even looking at the screen and my head is turned watching the TV and before I know it I've rewritten Shakespear's Macbeth. Thank God for spell checker!

Oh don't knock the pop! LOL They're an alternative alternative to if the others can't be used. A last resort if you will. But they can still be effective if you use them right. It's all about how you use them and experimenting with things but you need the traffic, right type and all that malarkey.

But yeah it scrolled across BBC1 News last night. Here is the link if you're interested.
Google is to penalise websites that feature intrusive pop-up adverts.

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Thank for that link MIke.I don't like popups anyway, so like Razzy I immediately had an aversion to wanting to try this sort of service. In fact I didn't even want a pop up subscribe form on my website but I was told by so many people that it really is great for collecting leads and I have to admit that they were right but I still don't like it!

I only have a pop up subscribe form on one website and I have been thinking of adding these to my other websites too but I just haven't gotten around to deciding.

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Oh this is very useful thanks Razzy. I have only recently started with Google Adsense and I was under the impression I wasn't allow to put any other types of advertising on my website so I have never bothered trying to add anything else.

I don't have huge amounts of traffic yet so I will wait a while before adding anything else, but thank you for all these great Google Adsense alternatives.

I find it quite amusing that you have banned a number of times from Adsense, do you have any idea why they banned you or did you not get any reason at all?

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Thanks for sharing Razzy, and thank you Mike for the additional details you added to this post. I hear a lot of people who complain about being banned by Adsense so some alternatives can indeed come in handy!

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I like Amazon Associates so far, as the best alternative to Adsense. At least in the US, Amazon is so well known and everyone uses it that it is easy to earn from sending people to Amazon. The cool thing is that you just have to refer traffic to Amazon using your affiliate link, they don't have to actually buy what you display on your site. Once they click through, anything they buy for a day or so will automatically count towards your affiliate income.

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How about, a contextual advertising program from Yahoo Bing? I think the only alternative to adsense is However, entry requirement for this advertising program is tough. Your website should already be bringing 50K views per month in order to get accepted.

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This article link might help.

10 Best Google Adsense Alternatives (2018)

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Thank you for that information. Well actually I am having difficulty navigating adsense. I want to create blog and link it to adsense but then, I don't know how will I begin because I think I have to get the activation something like that. I don't know how so I am finding a way or at least an alternative way that is much easier to navigate.

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I have checked on Amazon associates and it looked good especially if you have a background in affiliate marketing. Unfortunately that scheme is good only for US residents and those outside the US may have a disadvantage. I am interested in Infolinks because it deals with contents. That is a good one for bloggers and I hope it can be a good alternative for Adsense. Let me check it later.

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