How to start and run an online radio station? SEOClerks Radio Station Perhaps?

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How to start and run an online radio station? SEOClerks Radio Station Perhaps?

Have you ever launched a radio station or live online seminar type of thing?

Back in the days of torrents and IRC I was a mod on a big UK torrent forum and was into my music and set up a little online radio channel people could tune into. It was live for a long time with other guys doing it. They were mostly playing songs or some music and we'd take requests lol. But I used to use it to broadcast stuff to the site members about the latest torrents and happenings in the torrent world and on the site and that. I used to speak it back then on the mic or sometimes use an automated robot voice but they was very robotic back then and have improved a lot more today!

I can't remember how I was doing it now. I think I was using Winamp does anyone remember that!? How to start and run an online radio station? SEOClerks Radio Station Perhaps?

Anyway it just came to me today how it might be cool if SEOClerks had the same sort of thing or had its own online radio station or something that people could tune into and listen to things related to SEO and SMO etc. You could talk on it I guess, hold online interviews with people in the industry or from the SEOClerks site. Or just play some music and stuff on it. Or SEOClerks could use it to broadcast special offers and security and selling / buying tips etc or just use it to remind people of the rules and selling guidelines and things, affiliate program, user levels etc. Sort of either spoken out as a recorded message or using a text-to-speech bot or something.

Also what with how text to speech software is much better today. We could run some of the very posts that have been posted here through one and play that. The guides, tips & tricks and other articles and stuff posted to the CD that's good. Hand picked stuff only like. People could literally be able to listen to all of the discussions or articles and stuff posted here wherever they are in the world, at home, on the way to work, on the bus, in the shower? Wherever. Just basically podcasts of the posts in audible format.

Well I for one would be well up for putting that together and running an SEOClerks Radio Station. I'm not sure how I'd come up with a lot of content for it at first to keep it going 24 hours. So maybe have it so it's only "on air" for an hour or so a day at first and see how it goes?

Would you tune in?

What sort of things would you like to hear on it if it was sort of officially up?

What would be the best way to create your own online radio station today?

Is it possible to do that with a browser add on of some sort?

Are their any social media sites that offer this as a service somehow?

Is there some app for iOS and android phones that can let you do it?

Also this would be useful as part of an SEOClerks mobile app as well don't you think? Just as a part of it. That would be cool I think.

What other sort of things could you use or ideas are there for radio content for SEOClerks radio station?

When it comes to that I guess we could also sell advertising air time or sponsorships later on but it would really depend on the numbers of listeners. But I'd like to hear different services spoken out to me whether it's by a real person speaking it or a text-to-speech bot. As well as other informative stuff. As long as it wasn't that all the time and it just played some cool music or something entertaining from time to time too. How to start and run an online radio station? SEOClerks Radio Station Perhaps?

Basically I think it's a great idea and would give SEOClerks something unique that other sites don't have. I don't think do they?

What do you think of this ideal though. Sheer bloody faced genius or just another way for the system to spread its propaganda? LOL

Would you tune in and show your support? How to start and run an online radio station? SEOClerks Radio Station Perhaps?


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Creating radio station was something that I loved to do in the past, simply love for the music, and curiousity to learn new things. Like you, I have used always winamp with Listen2myradio which is completely free broadcasting service, and you can start your own radio station within a minute, you just need to register one account there. Listen2myradio it’s pretty amazing service with good features as a free service.

A server would be perfect if you are planning to keep it 24h on-air, or you can use your computer too, but internet speed should be very fast if you want to broadcast without lag.

After registering your account there, they provide you with your stream details, then you simply need to set up them to winamp, and that’s it. The administration panel is very cool and you have everything under your control. Also they have app for Android and Iphone which allow you to manage your radio same as desktop.

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You should also checkout turnkey radio broadcasting and creating like
I know a lot of people who use these ready made radio broadcasting platforms with their WordPress websites. They work as described.
Here is their pitch "Broadcasting has never been easier! Start an internet radio station and broadcast to listeners worldwide on any computer, phone, or internet radio in just a few minutes!"

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Oh Mike that would be awesome. Maybe you could run it 24 hours a day if you plan it properly. How many awesome sellers are there on SeoClerks? If you can get together 168 great sellers and each one gets a one hour slot once a week to share their skills and knowledge... plus it wouldn't even be a full hour cos you can throw in some cool tracks and some SeoClerks info as fillers.

I would tune in for sure. It would be a wonderful way to get to know sellers better and even more so to learn and polish up my skills!

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Now that's interesting and quite out of the box Mike, if I may say so. It really set me thinking. I think that had it to be actually put into practice, it might do quite well indeed. For instance there could be a selection of services advertised from time to time, a more through discussion based on existing and current community discussions, informative programmes about SEO and related topics, and some music in between to keep things light. I would surely tune it no doubt.

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Yeah Elitewriter we could have community discussions on radio! We could call in and have our say on air How to start and run an online radio station? SEOClerks Radio Station Perhaps? Way cool!

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SEOClerks Radio Station? Well you definitely won't find enough content to stay on the air too long so if you ask me maybe it's better to just do a podcast and post in on youtube.

I think it's a good idea in essence, I would love to see video/audio content on youtube about SEOclerks and about SEO in general. I think SC really needs some Youtube presence and general video promotion, so maybe a podcast is not such bad idea.

And yes, I remember playing radio stations over Winamp, problem was, most of them died in the first few days, no to mention staying around for more than a few months.

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