Email Scams - due invoices and competition winners

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Email Scams - due invoices and competition winners

Has anyone else noticed the huge amount of email scams doing the rounds lately?

The last few months has been hectic with scam emails. The first bunch of emails I got were for invoices that were apparently due. The title would just say that there was an invoice attached and the invoice number.

Thankfully I never opened any of these because the first day I got one I actually got 4, all looking very similar and all from email addresses I didn't recognize. So yeah I don't get that many invoices and I know all the payments that are upcoming. It was immediately suspicious to me so I deleted them all without opening and all the following emails that came like that.

This one didn't catch me, but I used to work in accounts for a large company and I received loads of invoices daily. If it had happened to me then I would have probably opened them all before I realized there was a problem.

I just wonder what that scam was about, have you come across it and do you know what happens if you open those mails?

Then the most recent one is that I have suddenly won loads and loads of competitions, the emails are flying. The thing is that I don't enter competitions, so I can't win... so these have also seen the bin!


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I usually don't open emails from "random" people... And that's actually a bit awkward in my position as I could get a bunch of emails from potential clients.. However, I don't risk anything, and that's why I won't open "weird looking" emails.

However, I noticed that I got a suspicious email from one of my previous clients. It happened yesterday. As I remember him I read his email..

And what a shame it was..
One of my previous clients.. A rather "big" client of mine.. Had started to scam people.. I won't reveal anything specific here but the email started out like this:

"Hello Andre, it has been a long time since we last talked."

Further on in the email, this was stated:
"I've found a way to make $350 per hour 5 times per day"

At this moment, I knew something was messed up.. But I continued to read.

At the end of the email this was stated:
"I need a one time payment of $699 and I'll set you up with everything you need."

Okay.. So, is that a scam?
No description or information about the method or anything like that.. Just a promise. And he asked for cash.

- In my book, it's a pure scam.

It's a shame. Someone I've done business with previously.. :/

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Andre that really is shocking and sad.

However something I have also noticed is that I have received scammy looking emails from people that I know they did not send! Could this maybe be the case that the scam sends emails from someone's address and in that way hooks lots of people in because you thought they were trustworthy?

Maybe it is worth checking if that email really did come from your client? Just a thought?

I would be very upset if I were in your position.

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It's disheartening when some people choose not to work hard in life and try to scam people of their hard earned money. I'm that type of person that don't really care about those sorts of emails from any source and try to ignore them as I see them entering my mail box. It's really bad when such things happen and I try as much as I could not to fall for those cheap lies.

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