Time has come, here is my "success story"

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Time has come, here is my "success story"

Ok, so since everybody is writing success stories, I thought, why the hell not, I should write my own!

Even though I'm sure it may not help anybody as I'm not much of a personal writer, here it goes:

My actual passion with everything online began in 1999 when I first discovered the Internet. I was 11.
Had a computer since I was like 8 so I wasn't really a stranger to technology, I just needed the internet connection to be complete.

At that time the most popular way of online communication was IRC. Anyways, IRC had lots of servers, channels and all kind of things that may seem strange to today's Facebook user. But let me tell you, IRC was the original "social network", much more complex and cool that Facebook will be. But enough of IRC, let's just say I learned a lot spending my time there, about the internet, about websites and about people online.

Created my first blog back in 2004 or so, didn't realize how much 500 unique visits per day actually meant and I closed the blog as soon as I started getting my first negative comments.

Reinvented myself soon enough and by 2006-2007 I had a couple of blogs, one of which had PR4, made my first profit online by selling links, banners and advertorials on that blog. Having that "taste" of making money on the internet got me hooked.

After a failed attempted as a scammer, I came to the conclusion that hard honest work is better and I'll sleep much better at night.
So I started freelancing on Digital Point!

At first, I didn't make much, only some pocket money for parties and stuff like that, I was a student now and I didn't want to ask my parents for party money.
Anyways, eventually, I started getting some positive reputation and a portfolio of clients. I continue creating websites and blogs, trying the flipping business and selling more and more links.

Don't know exactly when but probably like 7 years ago I landed Jordan as a client and started to freelance for him on and off for years until he founded SEOclerks and I started getting so much clients I made freelancing a full-time job.

After 3 years as a freelance I manage to achieve some of my dreams but I also tired of working from home. So I decided to follow my real career in maritime engineering. Spent another 2-3 years doing that before returning to my old love (SEO) and of course freelancing. This time part-time.

I love the online services arena.
I love SEO.
And I love freelancing.

I'm here to stay and I probably won't switch professions anytime soon!


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Oh wow, that is an awesome story Cristian and I am so glad that youi have the guts and strength of character to admit to trying out being a scammer. I don't think many people would have done that so I thank you for that (and I have some questions that I will ask shortly about that too).

I love that you documented exactly how you got to where you are now, it is not an easy path to finding success and happiness in life. So many people take a career path that they later find out is not for them and then they struggle to find the strength and courage to change and do what they want to do.

I am really interested in your attempt at scamming. I am so not judging you, because my history is quite frankly quite sketchy since I am an addict and an alcoholic but I am 8 years clean now. I won't share the things I did to support my habit, but if you are wondering what I did and anything comes to mind, yeah I most likely did all of it lol.

So I blog and share about what I have learned on my journey, is there anything you can share with people that are scamming that might make them see the light?

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Well, I was an awful scammer. I mean, I had a great process and everything and I was really good at convincing people I'm legit. But in the end, I didn't sleep well at night and my own conscience caught up with me.

I think it was the age and the desire to make money fast, nothing more, nothing less. As for people that are still scamming, well, they are probably doing it for years now and they have no problem sleeping at night but I believe in karma and somehow all those bad things will come back and happen to them in another form.

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Always great to read more success stories like yours. I love them, because it encourage other freelancers to know they doing right thing by being freelancer. Freelancing is also my big passion and i love doing it all the time, wish i started it long ago, but as many others i was afraid to become full time freelancer, but now i really like my decision and i am enjoying it very much.

Oh when you mention IRC.... Yeah it was first social media i joined back in 1999 or 2000. Loved the chat they had and connecting to people from around the world. Back then it was so exciting, sometime i spend hours and hours on IRC. In 2001 i even made my first mIRC addons Time has come, here is my "success story" ICQ was also very popular way to meat and talk to more people...

Anyway, love to hear that you didn't regret about your decision to work as full-time freelancer, so i wish you best of luck in future my friend Time has come, here is my "success story"

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That was quite a story Cristian. As a freelancer I understand that it is all about opportunities, as well as dedication. Back when you met Jordan I guess you can consider it as a turning point. The same applied to me. I was making some money on a number of other sites, but when I started on SeoClerks things worked out much better than ever. I got more clients than ever, and at some points I could not handle all the orders I got. I wish you luck for your future and may you always consider your life and career as a success story.

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Hi Cristian thanks for sharing your nice story. I always happy to hear someone successful story. Because, behind all successful story has many encouragement and many energy. I should say you did excellent. All business has many ups and down and many encouragement and discouragement but always need to be a positive. And by reading your story I realize, you always looking forward to get new things. And you are still trying. But best luck is now you are on SEOclerks, which really great platform for making life change. As a internet marketer I always love to take risk for business. And I got some success and some effort had off in the start point. I believe success never be easy. Need to do lot of hard work.

Regards by Ajlancer

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I enjoyed reading your success story. You were into blogging at such a young age and that's impressive. I am glad to hear that you were successful online. Freelancing is not really that easy. You have to work really hard and be consistent. As for me I started my online journey 8 years back by writing for some sites. I was also researching about other ways to make money online and I then started doing all kinds of online works.

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I learned a lot from your story. And yes I have bad experience like on Digital point forums and V7N forums. It was indeed difficult for me to go with that. I can tell you that some of the times it can be harder. And things don't much improve as well. We just have to learn from the experience and move ahead. These days it's kind of hard to be a freelancer be it in article writing and other sources. I have no idea how this can be managed. Hopefully I can learn from others and establish myself in due process.

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This is very inspiring, it was a good thing you retrace your steps fast from being a scammer because I do wonder how they sleep at night, knowing fully- well you must have hurt someone or people financially or otherwise during the day.Honesty as always being the best policy and the earlier people come to terms with this, the better.

This will be motivating for newbies like me that we should continue to strive against all odds.

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This is a good read particularly for the new freelancers because you can see success as not an easy thing. The failures will be there but the most important attitude is to stand up and push through with the objection. Truly being passionate in your work pays. I just hope that I can duplicate your feat although I know that I have a lot to learn especially the technical work that can make me earn more.

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