how to stop lot of spam emails in gmail

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how to stop lot of spam emails in gmail

got alot of spam emails i dont know the resources how to stop recieving spam to my gmail account?


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Well you can try unsubscribing from them. At the bottom of every commercial email (whether solicited or not) should be an option to unsubscribe by law. But obviously the only problem is, having to actually open then to view and click on that link (if it even exists). And opening suspicious emails will always carry a risk although Gmail does do a fairly good job of scrubbing them first! And the chances are, you wont actually be unsubscribed anyway. You'll more likely be marked as "active" as they know that that address is monitored. So they'll only go on to send you more spam in time as your email is used or sold as an active account email address. So it's a bit of a catch 22 situation!

However, most spam emails to have a genuine unsubscribe link in them and although it can take time to do, to go through them all one by one. Doing so can actually reduce the amount of spam you receive from them. Sometimes not all of it is spam but legitimately sent to you somehow. Perhaps for instance, you've registered on a blog to leave comments or some other site for something who's terms are to email you occasionally. If you check most confirmation emails you get, you'll always usually see an unsubscribe link at the bottom of them. Sometimes it's well worth clicking that to to make sure you don't. But even still, you still have to deal with them somehow.

A trick I learned long time ago actually, for anyone else in case they want to set about doing this as a task. Is simply to search your Gmail for "unsubscribe" and then you will find all the emails that have an unsubscribe link.

Also if for some reason you was feeling sketchy about opening them. Another trick is to use a disposable VPS to do it on. But you could go one step further and use some software tool or script to download all the emails and click on any links that have the word unsubscribe associated with them for you. That way if any were infected your PC wouldn't become infected and you could even run it in a Sand Box environment like Sandboxie. Then it's all segregated anyway. But yeah.

Other than that all you can really do is let the spambox fill up and empty it every now and then.

How much spam are we talking about here though?

Why are you getting spam for in the first place?

That can only mean one thing Sanfora! ;)

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OMG Mike, I was wondering why I seem to get more and more spam all the time! I am constantly unsubscribing from newsletters that I never signed up for!

Usually I just delete spam for a long time and don't pay much attention and then when it gets a bit much I dedicate some time to unsubcribing. Then for a while it seems a bit better and then it start coming again in huge amounts.

You must be onto something because I don't sign up for much so it must be people selling off my details as an "active" account.

I can see that a lot of them are scam emails though, they come in batches. About 3 months back I got loads of emails saying that my invoices have been sent to me but from email addresses I don't recognize and I don't make a lot of purchases so I could see it was a scam that was doing the rounds. I just ignored these.

Now I am getting a huge amount of emails saying I have won a competition and it is all the same message but coming from loads of different email addresses.

What is the story behind these scams?

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I have never got spam on my gmail until my ISP was hacked.. (now i get random crap i cant stop but i just block the domain they are coming from)

to stop spam. dont use your email address on "strange websites" meaning ones you dont trust.
NEVER give it away to people online.


Some spam mails may have a FALSE unsubscribe link.. click it shows your email address is working and active.. meaning they can send you more and more

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