How to generate more organic Adsense clicks?

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How to generate more organic Adsense clicks?

Usually i don't pay too much attention to Adsense income, because it's list amount of money i am generating for some years. But when it comes to receive $100 payment i always ask my self if i could do more and better, in order to make more money out of it.

I placed Adsense ads on various websites with different niche and there is no big amount of organic traffic, but blogs are busy enough with visitors. However, earning $100 to get payout take quiet some time, more then should be. Ads are located on good spots in my blog-posts and everything is done as it should be.

However i would like to hear some tricks and tips, how to generate more organic clicks on these ads, in order to make more money. I bet there is some advice i can get from some of you who are making nice steady income from Adsense.

Please share your advice, love to hear it and improve my earnings!


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With more people using AdBlock today it's harder to make good earnings from Adsense even if you have a lot of traffic and good ad placement. You need more traffic and you need to experiment with ad placements. Find out what's working best for certain areas of your site. Experiment with large ads at first for a month or so and then switch it up and try another sized ad there instead, leave that for a month or so and see which ad size is working best for you for that place. But it all comes down to traffic and the quality of that traffic too. Whether it's organic or referral traffic. What those visitors are expecting when they reach your site. How they are behaving on your site.

Using a heatmap can help. This will show you what areas of your site your visitors are clicking on the most. So if it's an area at the top of your site or in your sidebar, then move your ads into those locations to maximize the earnings potential of that area of your site.

The other thing to take into consideration is the CPC of those ads based on what industry your site is in. Some niches pay more than others. Some niches that are very broad and very quite saturated don't pay well at all CPC. Like $0.01 per click or something. What you need to do is identify which niches pay the most and or which keywords are paying the most. You can do that (rough estimate) using Google's Keyword Planner Tool. Or just search around for things that tell you which keywords are the most highest paying. Then you'd obviously need to write content around those keywords so those ads show on your site.

You can actually disable some publishers ads from showing on your site as well. So if you know of one that keeps showing up but it s a very low CPC you can disable that in Adsense from showing up on your site. Here is a Guide to allowing and blocking ads on your site.

And to find high CPC Adsense keyword just search Google for "how to find high cpc adsense". I know that's lazy but there are so many guides and things out there for this that it would take up too much space here to put them all and is better if you search this way. How to generate more organic Adsense clicks?

Hope this helps Abid! How to generate more organic Adsense clicks?


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Thanks Mike. Yeah i even forgot about adblock and it's so true that most surfers using it nowadays. I actually never paid too much attention to Adsense, but was just curious if there is some good way to improve it. Anyway, after reminding me about adblock i am still thinking that it doesn't worth too much trouble to play around, while i have other sources of income and website monetizing. I'll just leave it as it is and wait for next payment, whenever it comes How to generate more organic Adsense clicks?

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Well I have only started with Adsense quite recently and I am really keen to learn more. I have only put Adsense into my side bar so far and I have not learned anything really about it.... yes my earnings are dribbling in but like you Anwebservices I want to know how to make a lot more money from my websites using Adsense.

So yes any tips and tricks that anyone can share will be greatly appreciated by me too.

And thanks Mike, I'll go search for some guides on "how to fine high cpc adsense".

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That’s what I had read in another forum that ad blockers are killing the Adsense income because the ads wouldn’t show anymore. If I remember correctly, the ad blocker is a function of the browser. Am I right on that? If that is the case that ad blockers are organic to browsers and the user can turn it on to prevent any ads form displaying then I guess that is the end of the Adsense program.

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