Any available working YouTube Bot?

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Any available working YouTube Bot?

What's the best working YouTube bot to get YT views (or even likes, comments, etc)? I don't want anything that can get me banned.


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In all honesty, you should probably avoid all YouTube bots. If you end up getting caught using them you'll put everything you have related to Google at risk. That means your email accounts, adwords, blogger blogs, YouTube accounts, google analytics, adsense, etc.

Now if you break the rules and get banned on one of their platforms because they don't like your website, that's different. They'll just ban you from that one platform/feature that they offer and not all of them. But if they catch you using bots to increase your earnings, shares, views, likes, etc. they can just nuke your entire profile and anything you're connected to.

Google isn't nice to people that try to game their system, I've had plenty accounts get banned off of Google, mainly on adwords and YouTube. I've heard of people using bots to game the system and when they got caught it was like their whole business was destroyed because you can't piss of the market holder lol Any available working YouTube Bot?

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Yeah I'm with Razzy on this one! I wasn't aware that if you get caught using a bot with Youtube that Google will basically give you a Google nuking, but I did know it was serious!

I have a Youtube channel and I am building it up naturally and it is taking quite some time but it is growing nicely now.

Sometimes doing things the right (slow) way will really work much better and in your favor long term. I do proper keyword research for my videos, then I optimize them properly and after publishing them I share them on social networks regularly and of course they are also embedded on my websites too.

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Sir what your asking for does not exist, instead try and find a way to drive traffic in a real way to avoid this "Youtube Update" from happening to you and destroying your business. We are currently providing 5K for $1 here is the link below

Panels are stealing everybody's money from what i am hearing from some of my clients. What you asking for is currently under development from what i understand no bots are working rite now. In order to get a software for likes, comments, subs, ETC you need an account creator and multiple Anon Ip Address's to create each account the lines of code would be insane! My advice sir is build up your social media start with friends and family and branch out start getting people real organic views.

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Thanks for answer and good service (I bookmarked it, maybe I'll resell it, even if the delivery is 14 days).

Anyway, I don't believe somebody who sell YT views are getting organic views. The cath is related to:
- a bot
- (private) proxies and/or VPNs
- clearing cookies, cache, temp, etc.
- some powerful VPS with unlimited bandwidth.

But I still have some missing info...

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Do you want to say that outside of the official advertising program of YouTube, exists legit plays? Let's not talk about ethic, especially here where don't exist a single seller who sell legit YT views.

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