Do you think reselling products or services is profitable?

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Do you think reselling products or services is profitable?

Lots of people resell services and makes good profit. Think about a Supermarket. They get their products from suppliers and effectively, they are reseller their products. Asymmetric information is when one party knows more information than another party. If you know suppliers and your buyers don't, then you can reseller their products or services to make a profit and that mean you don't need the skills or knowledge to sell these services because other people will do the work for you. This is where you can make a profit.

However, there are disadvantages with this method. You will need to sell your services for a high price to make a profit out of it as the supplier probably won't sell it to you for very cheap and you need to make a good profit. Another disadvantage is that if your reseller is unreliable then it can hurt your reputation so you need to be very careful when seeking a supplier.

Do you think reselling products or services is profitable?


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I resell a ton of stuff and make a decent profit off of each sale. Normally I'll increase the price by 100% so if something costs me $10 I'll sell it for $20.

It's all about the pitch, if it's good, you can sell anything Do you think reselling products or services is profitable? And I'm so good at my pitches that I could be in the MLB lol.

When you're reselling something you'll need to make sure the person, or company, you're buying from is credible. I'll use sellers here on SeoClerks as an example. If you want to sell an SEO service you'll type in your keyword and search for the right one. Look for something that you would buy yourself because it would give you a boost in the SERPs and that's what you'll want to sell to your traffic. Now you'll need to filter out all the bad sellers so that you know for sure you're getting a good product. When I'm reselling I'll never use someone who is under Lvl 3 because I want someone who is here daily and doing work. I'll also check the reviews and how many times they have sold their service. If they have tons of positive reviews and a lot of sales, I'll usually resell those services. You'll now want to contact the seller to see exactly what they'll need for the service to begin, and that's what you'll ask your clients for. Asking the seller for this information will help you understand what you need from your clients, if the seller responds quick, and if there is a language barrier which can be annoying sometimes. When you're reselling the original service, make sure to increase the amount of days for completion on your website just in case the buyer sends you the report late. If the seller says everything will be done in 5 days, you should say it will take 7 to 10 days to complete. This way you've got a little time bubble and if the seller completes the order on time, you'll look good because the job is getting done quicker in the eyes of the buyer Do you think reselling products or services is profitable?

Reselling stuff is pretty simple as long as you keep in touch with your clients to let them know that everything is going well. Customer support is your main concern with this after you find good sellers. If you offer crumby support, you'll definitely see a lot of disputes, claims and charge backs because the buyers will think you're just scamming them.

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Hello 99% of virtually everything we buy is brought through a reseller! When you buy your TV that is purchased from somewhere that first purchased it from somewhere else of the actual manufacturer. When you buy your food and grocery shopping it is first purchased and then resold to you at a profit. When you buy virtually anything it is through a reseller. And that pretty much applies to many services on here.

And very true when you say that means you don't need the skills or knowledge to sell these services because other people will do the work for you when you are acting as a middleman. You will still need to know something about it as sometimes those same buyers may ask you questions about that service or product that you don't actually know yourself. This means you'll have to ask the seller yourself your buyers question and then reiterate that back to the buyer. So it helps to know a bit about what you're selling/reselling and most of the commonly asked questions so that you can answer your buyers questions much quicker and keep things running smoothly.

The best way to do that is to actually buy the service yourself. Or perhaps you already have. Perhaps there is some service you've been buying for a long time many times sitting right under your nose that you know a lot about because you've had to ask the same questions yourself once. This can arm you with the knowledge and experience to resell that same service and do so at a profit. As Raz has said it's all about the sell itself. If you think you can package it better than what your current seller does, and provide a butter customer service experience at the same time. Then you can get away with charging double the amount they charge for their work.

But it all really depends on what the "going rate" is for something. And when it comes to SEOClerks people like to get value for money. They like to get good quality work without paying the same exorbitant and extravagantly bloated prices that some SEO agencies charge. And that's what makes SEOClerks so great in that you can get the same high quality SEO services that those SEO agencies charge at much more affordable prices and the same if not better customer service experience.

So if something was selling for $100. Even if you could package it better and your pitch is better and your customer service UX is better. It doesn't mean that you should sell/resell it for $200. Chances are, that seller is only a reseller as well and is only buying it for half that at $50. Maybe the seller he's buying it from is only selling it for $25. Where $25-100 is the going rate for the work being done. So you have to think about that when setting a price of a product or service you're reselling. When it comes to SEO in particular anyway.

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It's true that finding supplier to supply quality service at good price where you can make profit is hard, but it's possible. Sometime you can also guide your provider how to reach better quality in providing their jobs. Also increasing price and making enough profit is not really a problem if you already have good reputation, or better then your supplier. You can se here at Seoclerks very similar or same services with very different prices and yet everyone sells more or less. Similar situation as i was writing here: Quality OR Quantity? I say QUALITY! where you can see how some quiet expensive SEO service selling so good and finding it's own buyers, while it's unknown if it's resale or own service. So i don't mind reselling when i see i can feet in and make some extra income.

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Yes! I did it a lot...

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I started out my freelancing career by reselling. Well, that's not entirely true but it was because of reselling my freelancing career took off. I've always claimed, and I will probably always claim that the ultimate success on any marketplace is by reselling. It's not that I recommend anyone to do it, because it's way more work involved than what people think. Especially as you'll need to do it properly to make it work. But once you do and once you've set it all up in a proper way. Then you'll be able to have an almost passive income.

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Hi MasterA thanks for your nice question. I agree with you there has lot of advantages and disadvantages for reselling service. You also mentioned few. Despite of many seller sell service from other. I mean as a middle man, many seller sell service and make lot of profit. And this is good method of making some money without hard work. But, I do not agree with you do not need much knowledge for becoming reseller. I think for selling any service, you have to know merit or demerit of that service, either how you will justify quality? I think many seller work as middle man, because they do not have enough time for doing such work and that is why they hire someone.

Regards by Ajlancer

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Reselling could be very profitable if you find to sell something that people are interested in, but also that depends on your skills because reselling it's not easy. In the past I've tried to resell some social media services, but that was mostly for testing purpose because i wanted to be sure if i could generate income from reselling.

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I never quite liked the idea of reselling, especially services. I still do it, don't get me wrong, I love the profit, but overall I like to create my own "product" and have full control over delivering it and managing it.

I'm a control freak and I hate spending money and not having full control over the outcome.

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I have seen arbitrage being executed in many offline and online niches. Actually it is done quite heavily every day in the worlds stock markets, travel and banking. Arbitrage is basically buying in one market and simultaneously selling in another. You profit from the difference.

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Yes of course it is profitable, almost every physical product that is sold has changed hands at least once before hitting the shelf when you by it.

I believe that this can be very profitable but research needs to be done into the products you are selling, you need to know everything there is to know about them and you need to know how to market them and make a profit from them.

If there is a market for a product there is always a way to make money.

I love the advice that Razzy has given, it really is vital to make sure that the products and services that you are reselling are quality and on top of that you need to ensure that the customer service you receive from your suppliers is top notch too. It doesn't help if your supplier provides you with the absolute best quality products... always 3 weeks late. This will negatively impact your ability to provide excellent customer service.

This is huge because very often customer service can land up being as important as a quality product.

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One good thing about reselling is that it can bring lots of profits, if those involved are making lots of sales. Buying and selling of products /services from the main producers and selling to those in need of the products is a good way to make profits as long as those products are of high quality.

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This is the question that I am contemplating these days. I am thinking to set a store of maternity products. This store will be a physical store as well as online store. The physical store will cater the locals whereas the online store will cater to the people who cannot visit the store personally. Since I am not a manufacturer, I need to acquire the products. I need to outsource the products and then resell them. My research is ongoing. I need to find answer whether reselling is profitable or not.

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