Adwords or Adcenter (Bing/Yahoo), which is better?

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Adwords or Adcenter (Bing/Yahoo), which is better?

Now I've got accounts on both and I see the pros and cons for each, but I'm interested to know what everyone here thinks.

On adwords I can only advertise a few of my websites because my main ones are, ummm, banned lol Adwords or Adcenter (Bing/Yahoo), which is better? I can't put my main websites/domains through adwords because it will instantly get linked back to my old account and then I'll have to go through the whole process of setting up a new bank account, address, personal info, blah blah blah in order to get a new adwords account. So I just play it safe lol Adwords or Adcenter (Bing/Yahoo), which is better?

With adcenter I can advertise almost anything. The websites that got me banned on adwords seem to be perfectly fine to advertise on adcenter (bing/yahoo). I've never had a problem contacting anyone when something was going on with my dashboard or campaigns, which is pretty awesome.

So, the pros and cons I've seen.

Google Adwords Pros:

  • A lot of traffic - Tons of traffic comes through Google so you know you'll get a lot of clicks.
  • The Clicks - CTR (click through rate) can be pretty high due to Google wanting to show your ads no matter what as long as you configure your campaign decently.

Google Adwords Cons:
  • It's expensive - Some niches are in the $50 CPC range and not many start ups can compete with that.
  • Difficult to contact someone - I've tried contacting someone plenty of times but was not successful. It took me 6 months to get a hold of someone about my suspended account and by that time I couldn't recover it.

Pros of Bing/Yahoo Adcenter:
  • Affordable CPC system - You can pay $10 for a bunch of clicks but on Adwords you could pay $10 for one click.
  • Customer support is top notch - I've been able to contact someone whenever I have a question. I can email them, call them and probably text their personal lines if I really needed to if I had a question lol.

Cons of Bing/Yahoo Adcenter:
  • Not as much traffic. This means that even if you can afford $100 a day in advertising, you may not hit that mark because there just isn't enough traffic on Bing and Yahoo.

What pros and cons do you guys and girls have for these two?
Which do you prefer?
Have you had success on both or just one?

Thanks Adwords or Adcenter (Bing/Yahoo), which is better?


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I think yahoo is better

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Why is that?

I like Yahoo/Bing a lot, but the amount of traffic they have just doesn't compare to Google. If Google and Yahoo/Bing had the same amount of traffic, I'd definitely put more money into Yahoo/Bing. But they don't and that's sad Adwords or Adcenter (Bing/Yahoo), which is better?

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Wish i could give you an answer who is the best, but I've never used them before so...also thank you for sharing this topic because i would to hear more feedbacks regarding this before making a decision.

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I have used Google Adwords a good number of times for my baby store in the past and it worked really well for me. Then I set up an online marketing website that shares articles about SEO and online marketing. Of course I have affiliated with some products and services for making money online. Anyway Google Adwords does not like that website at all and won't allow any keywords for the make money online niche which I find really annoying and I can't figure out how to get that right.

I then used Bing Ads and it all worked fine for me. So it looks to me like Bing is not as fussy as Google Adwords.

I tried out Bing Ads because I got a free voucher that had to be used up in a certain time frame. That was some time in the second half of last year. Since then I have not done any paid traffic campaigns, I have only been working on my organic traffic and SEO since then.

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Yeah, Bing isn't as picky about campaigns like Google is. The campaign I used on Adwords that got me banned the first time is the exact same campaign I currently use on Bing and I've never had a problem with it lol.

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Razzy, I only tried Adwords so I have no idea about how good Adcenter on big and Yahoo is.

But overall I think it all bottoms down to ROI. How effective if Adcenter in creating a conversion and how much are you spending on Adcenter for that specific conversion compared with Adwords?

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I've heard both good and bad stories about Bing/Yahoo advertising. But I think the bad stories are just from people who aren't sure what to do and just slam 1,000 keywords into their campaigns and expect to make $1,000 a day lol Adwords or Adcenter (Bing/Yahoo), which is better?

With adwords, the only real complaint I hear is that they're expensive. But you gotta pay to win I guess Adwords or Adcenter (Bing/Yahoo), which is better?

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It seems for making money for affiliate marketing, many of them are making use of the Bing. And that can be one good thing there. In such case it'd be even more beneficial to make use of the Adcenter from Bing. Google adwods can be good but it takes time for such conversion to happen. Not a lot of people can find such results easy to come by in that as well.

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Everyone has their favorites. Everyone has a list of the businesses that they trust, the people they want to work with, the companies that always deliver and the online advertising networks that hit the mark every single time. It’s time to analyze why Google AdWords is better than Microsoft’s Bing Ads and why the future remains bright for those people advertising on Google’s various marketing networks.

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