how can i benifit from old domain

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how can i benifit from old domain

i have old domain since 2010 i think i was forget about it how i can benifit from it now, can sell it or what,


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Well you have domain age on your side, kind of. Has it been on a hosting plan since 2010 or has it just been sitting with your domain registrar for 6 years?

If it's been on your hosting, that's awesome. You can do some marketing, get it indexed and possibly get some traffic pretty quick to it. If you haven't had it on a hosting a plan then you're pretty much starting from scratch even though you've owned the domain since 2010 how can i benifit from old domain

Domain Age and Domain Authority are some of the bigger things when it comes to ranking a website in the search engines. You get these by obviously have the domain for a while and letting it age, and also by building authority over time through marketing and optimization campaigns. You won't have the authority if you've just been letting your domain sit.

You can try to sell the domain, but people who buy and sell domains regularly will know the site has been inactive since 2010 if there isn't a website behind it. They can do a check in the way back machine and see what exactly has been done with the website. They can check to see if there is a crumby backlink profile that they'd have to fix or push.

In short, if you haven't done anything with the domain and it's just been sitting in your domain registrar, you won't be able to sell it for much. If it's a 3 letter domain you can probably sell it with no age or authority, but those are few and far between.

Your best bet is to put it up on a super cheap hosting account, set up a theme on there, and let it age. You can do some little SEO campaigns and hopefully it gets a little authority. In time you can sell it how can i benifit from old domain

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It depends on the worth of your domain.

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did you send me an email, just checking to make sure it got through because I haven't recieved anything in my inbox. Just double checking.

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It's useless without a website (that generates some earnings), or if the name isn't something "cool".

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Depends on the name and if you have any content on it. I mean, if it's already a full blown website with features, content, traffic and all that it may be worth something.
If it's not, maybe you have a good domain name that people may want to buy. If that isn't the case either, then I guess you're out of luck, probably nobody will pay for it, no even a couple of bucks.

I tried selling some old domains of mine and virtually nobody was interested! There are people out there selling the by the bulk at 10 bucks per 20-30 domains and still, not that many people are interested.

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I am not well versed with old domains so my suggestion is for you to just sell it to convert it into money. However, if you have plans of setting up a new site then the old domain can probably be used again although it would depend on the type of site that you are planning to put up. Nevertheless that old domain is still considered an asset and you don’t just let it stagnate for more.

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