How do i start a site Flipping Business and is it worth it?

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How do i start a site Flipping Business and is it worth it?

As you guys know i am a father of 3 kids and i am a self made entrepreneur. The past few months i have been really drained financially and I want to make some money online by investing the little pocket money I have saved before i spend it or its all gone lol, and while browsing about the possibilities; I found this concept of flipping websites or domains to be the most simple but is it really? I see so many blogs online about how people are making thousands and thousands of dollars can that really happen? how can i venture off into this field? What topics and how much knowledge should i have before i begin? How do i build on it? Is it really profitable and how much money does it cost to start up? If you or anyone you know can help me get into this business i would really appreciate it.


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Flipping websites and domain names is not so easy as it used to be i guess. I was doing it years ago and it was good source of income but i guess that market is overwhelmed with so many duplicated websites and mostly flipped by few old sellers. Also flipping domains is tricky, you have to know what you doing, but need a bit of luck too, to be at the right spot at right time when selling. So all i could say is be careful, specially about investing, don't invest too much, better try one or very few and see how you go

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It's not really a hard niche to get into if you know anything about running a website. The first steps are just creating a domain and building a site on it. You then have to do SEO and that on it, add content etc etc, get it ranking and earning something. Websites that are already established and earning something are more valuable than just domains only. But a domain can be valuable too if you get in early on an up and coming niche and register it quick. Take Pokemon Go for example. Most of the good domains related to anything to do with Pokemon Go are taken now. But if you was to register before it was registered, you could probably flip that for a pretty penny.

Honestly, it's all about keeping your ear to the ground. Finding out what's a hot and emerging trend and then registering the domain name. Then you can put a blog or a forum or something like that on that domain and build up a website around it. Then when it's ranking for something and earning some money, you can put it up for sale. You can sell domains/websites all over the shop. Starting with and sites like it, webmaster related forums like DigitalPoint, WebmasterSun, NamePros and the like. I've had some success on all of those but you'll need to actually have a long standing account on them with other sales under your belt if you want people to trust you.

The best thing to do is just start a website on something you are passionate about or interested in. Start blogging on it, build some links to it, do some SEO and SMO on it. Then put it up for sale on all those places and more. You'll find that you might not get any bites depending on how popular the site is, how much traffic it's getting and how much it's earning through the traffic it's getting and promotion you're doing.

It's all about testing the waters. Creating a site on something you're passionate about or skilled in. This could be a blog on freelancing or a blog on mining bit coin etc. Write/blog about your experiences, knowledge gained, give tips and recommendations and things. Expand that site on social media with a Facebook page etc etc. Build up your followers and social presence and this will help when you come to flip it. If the site is a good site and has a lot of potential (even if its not earning anything) and you sell it right, you can probably still snag a buyer.

But you don't just do it with one site. You create many sites, and do the same thing for them. Then just flippantly flip it. List it up for sale, but keep it going yourself. Don't sell it unless you get a good offer for it. Tell people about the offers you've had and rejected, give them a sense of how much you value that site/domain itself and that will add value to it as well... How do i start a site Flipping Business and is it worth it?

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I don't intend to make millions, not even thousands by flipping websites. I bought a lot of domain during the promotional period. I could not keep them all so I tried to flip, but without any luck. Then I developed websites. The basic idea behind building these websites was to sell for a small profit. I have priced my website between $300-$500 on flippa and hopefully, I am able to make sales by the end of this year.

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Like every business, you have your ups and downs. Some aspects will be easy but others will be difficult.

The easy part is finding the domains and websites you want to flip. The difficult part is getting them for a price where there is still some meat on the bone and you can profit.

It's definitely possible to make a good amount of money in this field. I actually am friends with Thomas Smale, one of the biggest website brokers in the world, and he has been doing it for so long that he has buyers that just wait for him to get a credible site and they buy it. He also has people coming to him trying to sell their websites, he doesn't even have to search How do i start a site Flipping Business and is it worth it?

Now I know he's a broker and doesn't really flip, but it's a similar idea of what you want to do How do i start a site Flipping Business and is it worth it?

You could get to that point, but it takes a lot of time and dedication to do so. Like years of work before you see a high end sale.

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I think thats great advice! Thanks guys if any of you have a service that could do this let me know ill put up some money and we can split the return 50/50.

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Oh lovely tips and advice.

I have recently started wondering how easy it would be to get into website flipping. It looks like it is quite a bit of work to get into this.

I am very interested now to start a new website and build it up knowing the skills that I have now compared to when I started all my other websites. I think I might just be able to do something like this, however right now I just don't have the time available to do it.

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I actually did a couple of flipping jobs back in the days. Sold around 10 websites in total and I had o say this: it doesn't worth the trouble.
At least it didn't for me at the moment in time. Of course, it wasn't wasted time, I learned A LOT of stuff from building those website and I also sold them and got some profit from them.

But the amount of hours I've spent making sure everything works find, creating content and implementing SEO was enormous.
Now I will probably do this but with a plan and a strategy in mind. I will probably use outsourced help for the most time consuming task and so on...
I'm not trying to scare you or anything, but if you are not an advanced Web Marketer as Razzy and Mike seem to be, well you'll have to also learn along the way very specific things and learning takes time! So if you haven't built at least a couple of websites, you'll have a hard time ahead of you, just my personal opinion.

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Cristian, your answer helps. I have registered domain primarily for flipping them. After I failed to sell the domains, I decided to set up websites using some of these domains. I did set up website primiraly for
flipping them. I have three websites that I want to sell. These websites are getting traffic and they are already making money from adsense and amazon ads, however, I have not been able to get buyers for
them. First renewal fees was a burden, how I also have to pay for hosting.

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Website or domain flipping is not a bad business to start. And it is profitable if you do it right. Domain is more like real estate of internet, you buy promising and good domain at cheap price and sell it off later at higher cost. And there are different ways to it, you can hand reg name by yourself or you register expired/deleted domain or you buy from auction. But one thing you have to take into cognizance is the name searches, and the competition, the cost per click of the website is equally important. And look out for trademark and ads ban, stay away from trade marked words. And make sure the domain has rich keywords.

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I would love to have a go at this. I had heard positive feedbacks from people flipping sites. Someone even said a guy bought a google subdomain and he was paid millions by Google.

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I think it is like a lot of things easy in theory and difficult to put into practice. I think site flipping might be time consuming. I guess if you understand what you are doing it might be good, but it could also be something that would end up wasting a lot of time and ultimately might not be worth it.

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My names Joshua from Must Have Domains, we specialise in exactly what your looking for and can assist you with any requirements we are happy to help and would love to be of assistance check us out at www,

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From what I have heard this is a really profitable business. Apparently they are people who make five to six figures from it. What you need to know about making money online is that there is a learning curve involved. It knocks out quite a few people because they give up. Thats why people end up saying that something is a scam or its not worth it. Get yourself some training and see if this is something you can do. Remember it won't be easy.

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For the uninitiated I guess it is not a good idea to indulge in website and domain flipping. You can buy a website at a low price and you can enhance it. The same with a domain that you think you could sell for a profit. The problem now comes when you cannot find a buyer. Think of the investment that you had put in to come up with something of value to your eyes. Isn’t it frustrating when no one is interested on your product?

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Flipping domain names can be a really profitable business and you can make good amount of money, if you know how to choose the right kind of domains to buy. Since you will be selling the domains you buy, you should know what domains you would be able to create value for. You can literally buy a domain name for $10 and sell it for $100 or more. Businesses do pay thousands of dollars just to acquire the domains you have making you thousands of dollars in the process. Follow the link for a list of the domains sold for millions. The condition is that you should be able to show the them the value in your domain. The techniques of buying a domain at a cheaper price and selling it at a higher price can really make you a millionaire.

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