How i became My Own Boss with the help of

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How i became My Own Boss with the help of

I've been on seoclerks for about 3 years now, and i wanted to share with you guys how i became so successful on Before seoclerks I worked out working 60+ hours a week at a dead end job. I Looked and looked online for something that i could do to earn a better living and stay at home, and then i came across seoclerks website. At first i was skeptical if it would work or not. I listed a few services and reached out to a few sellers to help me get started. I Was patient and didn't give up. I bumped regularly and made sure all my Orders where answered fast and completed on time. Within 1 year i was already making more than a part time income here on seoclerks. then 2 years in i decided to quit my job and work full time for seoclerks, it allows me to spend more time with my kids. Being a father of 3 is tough especially when your the main provider! Thanks to Seoclerks and Jordan i am able to work 2-4 hours a day and spend more time with my family and building other business ventures to further my financial growth. Thank You Jordan and all of the Seoclerks Staff for changing my life!


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Awesome! That's what I like to hear! This is why I say to everyone and anyone that was in your situation, stuck in a job they didn't enjoy doing. That might have some skills in something, to turn to SEOClerks and use it to build a long lasting residual income with.

Even if you don't already have any skill sets to begin with, there are still many many ways to make money on SEOClerks. Whether it's just a little extra pocket money in your pocket each day or a full time income and living. As I was writing about in my article last night for people who have maxed out their credit cards, it's just a matter of finding something that is in high demand, then finding how you can provide it as service.

So you are a living, breathing testimony to that fact. Now you don't have to work for a boss that doesn't appreciate you and your hard work. Now you can spend more time with your family and kids which is one of the most important things in life.

Keyzmarketing + SEOClerks = success!

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Glad to hear your success story and i hope it will encourage other sellers to follow your steps to become successful freelancer at Seoclerks. I really love this marketplace and feel here at home. It's also my only work to be here as a seller on Seoclerks and i feel so comfortable.

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nice story thanks for share but is your only your source of income is seoclerks? there no other sources?

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Conrgats! It's a very nice story... But also it's very risky to get revenues only from Seoclerks. I know that from 2 years ago, when my main income source dramatically dropped (then I was pushed to search alternatives and so I transformed Seoclerks in one of multiple income sources).

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Thanks guys i really appreciate your feedback! Yes this is my only source of income for now until Bitcoin picks up i also run a Bitcoin mining farm. Yes yes working for a boss who just steals my ideas and gives me nothing but a minimum wage check in return is OVER. I cant stand the way some people are being treated in today's job market, as we know its an employers market.

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Hi jkeyz2 thanks for nice sharing about your SEOclerks successful story. I always glad to know or hear about successful story for anyone. And there should be has few word to get me inspiration. So, I always love to here. Yes SEOclerks simply life changer for many users. I think now you are working here full time basis job and you can think something different and anything dependable for future. SEOclerks also change my life too. My freelancing career over 7-8 years but last 5 years I am working SEOclerks and my all expenditure manage by SEOclerks job. We should say thanks Jordan for give us such a great platform.

Regards by Ajlancer

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Congrats Jkeyz2, thank you so much for sharing your story here. I am sure it will inspire others to try harder and also to keep going.

It is especially nice to know that your working hours are so much shorter meaning that you are able to spend more time with your children. The time goes by so quickly and even though we work so hard as parents to give our children everything we can that often means that they miss out on the most important thing - parents that are present. Yes paying for clothing, food, education and medical is essential but if we can pay for all this and have the time to spend with our children then we can't want for much more.

This for me is financial freedom, it is being able to spend some time with my young children as well as be able to pay for everything we need.

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Congrats jkeyz2! Cool story.

But I have to ask you, why just 2-4 hours per day? I know spending time with your family is important but I feel that one must try to earn more for its family. It just seems to me that 2-4 hours per day is not that much and you can earn a lot more if you dedicated, let say: around 8 hours per day.

Then again, I look at your profile and you have 10,000+ positive review, that's really amazing! You clearly found a successful recipe, keep it up!

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I am so moved and touched by your story. jkayz2. i really feel for you and i feel motivated, encouraged and inspired from your success. i am also toiling the same line as yours and hopefully by God grace, i will get to the peak.

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This is a very encouraging story for me.This year I have seriously started to work online. It has been a hard and tough journey. I have tried many things and given up. I have made some money, but not a whole lot. I would not call myself successful but I’m not failing terribly either. What I have realized is that you need to be patient it does not happen as quick as you want it to happen. You also have to learn the skills required to eventually become successful. A realistic timeline to start making money is from one year. In working online your greatest asset is patience.

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