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Making money with Clickbank

Clickbank is one of the easiest ways to earn money when first starting out in affiliate marketing and you don't have to invest any money up front to get the bal rolling.

1) Your first step is to sign up and become approved for Clickbank. You'll want to ensure you already have a quality site ready with plenty of high quality content already in place.

2) Next you will want to research popular Clickbank products to serve up on your site. This might not be so easy if so many others are already offering those same products.

3) After you find the product you want, you can easily create a hoplink on the affiliate resources page or use the premade banners in place by the product owner.

4) Using banners and premade links is not the only way to market Clickbank. You can also create custom reviews of every product.

5) The advantage of using Clickbank is how they will handle the transaction and deliver the product. Your sole job as marketer is to get the customer excited about the possibility of buying that product. All this is best done with high quality content, such as reviews.

If you have other good ways to market with Clickbank, include them here.


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Whoa that's a lot of tags! You can be very clever in the way you use Clickbank both as a buyer and seller and reseller there. Buyers can find a myriad of products they can promote, so if looking for something to promote that they have an interest or a passion in, they can just search that on the Clickbank marketplace and probably find a product or eBook that they can sell on their site. It would be a better idea to use all unique images and indeed use great content that entices the intended audience and reader it's going to be marketed and promoted to into buying it. Then they handle everything for you. You just act as the middleman and collect the earnings. But it's not all roses and unicorns though let's be honest. Clickbank products can be very hard to sell even if you have a very good landing/sales page and use all the right Call-To-Actions and Power Words to entice people to buy it.

This is partly due to that fact that most people don't understand how to buy it or don't have the ways and means to or don't trust it will really live up to everything you're saying about it. Sometimes you can oversell a great product and not even realize it. This is proven when amazing flashy sales pages get out performed by a simple 200 word review that was made by someone. That's why you need to have good reviews on that product on that site and in the comments sections as well. You can write these yourself of course but you need to be good in doing that and make it all sound real and legit as some people can spot them from a mile off and if they think you're writing fake reviews it wont only put them off from buying that product but from buying it or anything else again on your site. However get this just right and experiment with what works best. Choose a top selling product that has a good amount of gravity to it and you'll have a much better chance of selling it.

However, another dark side of Clickbank to tell the newbies about, so they know what to expect, is the very high refund rate that Clickbank has. Literally every 5/10 products sold are refunded. This is because most people realize once they've downloaded the product and got it, realize they can try and ask for a refund and probably get it too. Especially if you have things on your sales page or in the product itself saying how if you aren't happy with anything yadda yadda get a refund with no questions asked yadda yadda and people use that to do just that. Some do it even if the product itself is helpful to them. Some might think that it's not and that they're not going to get anything out of it and then genuinely want a refund. Basically, Clickbank products have a very high refund rate generally unless they are super amazing and helpful to the buyer and they're going to be able to put it to good use for a long time. Such as if it takes a while to learn everything the info product is teaching.

However, you can still make some good money from it all if you find and identify a a problem in popular niche, something that is in high demand. And then present the Clickbank info product as the solution to that problem. That's the trick! Making money with Clickbank

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Thanks Mike I Appreciate Your Comment!

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Thanks for this great information regarding ClickBank, I posted a discussion about ClickBank a little while ago just to find out what everyone here thinks about them.

I signed up with ClickBank months ago and I have only been promoting one of their products. I have heard about their high returns rate and it just makes me wonder about how much money you can really make with ClickBank. I would also hate making sales and then later seeing all the refunds coming through, it would be heartbreaking.

On top of that I have heard loads of people saying that part of the reason for such a high return rate is that the products are rubbish and loads of scams are promoted there. This is what I wanted to find out about because I just hate low quality products and scams.. so this has also made me hesitant to promote things from ClickBank.

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I think over the period of years, the affiliate marketing has changed a lot. You can find that the amount of percentage is dropped too. You can make money from the affiliate marketing if you are promoting the right set of the projects. But not all the time that has worked for people. So make sure to go with popular programs. And make sure you use the links for promotion. That should work.

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Thank you for sharing this information about Clickbank because it gave me a clearer perspective of affiliate marketing. To be honest I am still confused on what affiliate marketing is all about. I always inject the term drop shipping because it is clearer to me since I have many friends who are into drop shipping. Maybe I should try this Clickbank later so that I will have a new knowledge that can earn me money.

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