I need to create a new website for someone please help!

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I need to create a new website for someone please help!

Ok I seriously need some help here. A friend of mine asked me to help him with his online marketing, I had a look at his website thinking maybe I could just optimize it for SEO and then advise him what to do from then on and refer him to some SEO experts that I use here.

However when I looked at his website I had never seen an animal like that before! I was expecting to be given Wordpress Login details but it is not a Wordpress website. It is an html website that he had built for him 6 months ago. I can't work with that.

I can easily start off a new website, no problem! But I don't know how to start from scratch using his domain which already has content on it.

What I would like to do is this:

  1. Create a new website on his domain hosting it at Wealthy Affiliate because I get free hosting there, plus loads of support too
  2. Purchase a nice new theme for it but I have never done this before
  3. Create some basic pages for the services his company offers,contact pages etc and optimize his website for SEO
  4. Add a Blog
  5. Teach him how to blog for himself sharing projects he is busy with and experiences he has had in that niche
  6. Help him to hire a content writer here to create most of the factual content adding lots of nice keywords
  7. Help him to outsource some SEO tasks here to juice up his rankings

I know I can maybe make some cool money just outsourcing things and doubling the price to him, but that is not what I want to do here. This is someone I go way back with to primary school LOL plus my priorities are my own websites not diverting off into being a webmaster for someone else or being a big time SEO freelancer.

I want to help him to find his own way and help him to manage his own website in a way that really benefits his own business.

This is too big a project for me to handle on my own and I don't have all the know how, I have told him this and said that I will need to talk to other people... so who can help to point me in the right direction?


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I would suggest a WordPress website since it is for a client. HTML5, responsive, mobile ready, ecommerce and CMS admin are what you should be looking for when choosing a theme. Since WordPress it is easy to use, and has a zillion plugin's your client will thank you in the end. Do you know how to install a website onto your server? If not you can hire someone here to do this and set up the pages exactly the way you want. Once you choose a theme the install on the server should not take more than a day or two, depending on how many changes you are making. Make sure you have the content, pictures, logo ready in advance. Also searching through the themes can take a long time since there are so many. What I do is create a list of all the themes that I like, then start narrowing it down to the ones I like the best. This can take 3 days because I like to sleep on it. Oh yeah, when looking at themes check every page to make sure that you like how the site is laid out and works. If the theme is somewhere around 80% to your liking then you are good to go.

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Thanks for all these tips Webguy2024 I need to create a new website for someone please help! I have never bought or chosen a Premium theme before so this will be a new experience for me.

Yes most definitely I will be using Wordpress because there are so many plugins plus I have only ever worked on Wordpress before so it would be way too much for me to learn anything else. I like Wordpress and it works well for me.

Thanks for the tips for having the content, pictures and logo ready, that makes sense. That was something that I was thinking about.

This is going to be quite a learning experience for me, but I think it will be loads of fun to do! I like gaining more experience and this is going to do just that.

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Okay this can be done very easily. No need to be a complicated process. I'll try to simplify what I would do.

  1. The first thing to do is to back up his site.
  2. If you have Cpanel access look for Sofatculous backups or some other backup tool and use it.
  3. Likely his site will be in the public_html directory so go into that directory.
  4. Create a new directory called bkup or something, then copy his site files to it.
  5. Now install WordPress to that directory.
  6. It can be done from Cpanel from the Softaculous Apps Installer / WordPress.
  7. Click on the WordPress icon and it will show the install screen.
  8. You will need to make sure you choose the home directory where his site is currently installed.
  9. Once it's installed, you can then login to it.
  10. Go to his domain /wp-admin to access the Admin Dashboad. Eg;
  11. You will login with the username and password you created when you installed WordPress.
  12. Now you can choose a nice theme from the Themes page. There are many free ones to choose from.
  13. You may need to do some slight tweaking of the theme using Customizer.
  14. Install some plugins to it like caching plugin, Yoast plugin etc and set them up.
  15. Then you can create some pages, Contact Us, About Us, Services etc.
  16. Whatever he currently has on his site currently.

That's basically everything you have to do in a nutshell.
If you need any help with any more steps or are stuck on doing something or finding something give me a shout! I need to create a new website for someone please help!

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Mike I want to move his website to Wealthy Affiliate University hosting where I get free hosting for 25 website with my membership plan. How would I move his hosting over?

So how would I move that over or should I ask there?

Um I have loads more questions actually, like the email he has is hosted on a dedicated server with the web master of his website. How can I make that a Google mail with his domain name? Once his website is hosted with Wealthy Affiliate I can easily set up his email address with his domain name but that is not Google mail...

Is Google now charging for email.

Then how do I deal with his domain name, surely that was purchased through the webmaster?

Maybe these all sound like stupid questions but I just don't know the answers to these things.

Maybe do you have a service for doing all these things? I need to create a new website for someone please help! That would be really nice. I just want it from a Wordpress website where I can start adding content and optimizing it! Then I can just give a quote to him for those things you listed above because yes actually to me it does sounds complicated, call me stupid or something but I don't follow all that.

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It's easy Lynne, you simply need to create a new account at wealthy affiliate for that website which you want to host, then you need to change the actual dns of that website with the dns of wealthy affiliate. (This is only the process to host it to wealthy affiliate University).

About email : I think it should work with his custom email too.

Have you tried with his email account? Is it necessary to have a gmail account?

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Hey Procoder

Thanks so I know how to create a new website and how to change the DNS to point to Wealthy Affiliate yes.

No I suppose he doesn't need a gmail account. From within Wealthy Affiliate it is so easy to create accounts, all you do is push the button create email button and add in the name for that email.

I'm going to put together a quotation early next week for him I need to create a new website for someone please help!

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So your friend wants a Wealthy Affiliate site, why not go for a self-hosted site instead. By doing this your friend will have a lot of control over his site.
Registering a domain and getting a hosting account is not very difficult. Once you have a hosting your host will provide cPanel or any other control panel, From control panel you will be installing content management system on your domain.
Then comes customization, having proper theme, menu items. Then you will have to build contents. It is really hard work.

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