Which is the best web-based task management software?

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Which is the best web-based task management software?

Big Projects. They need to be carefully managed and ordered if you ever plan to finish them in time and in a correct manner on which you and the client agreed on.

So you need something to help you do all of this, a management software!

I have some extensive experience using Basecam - a pretty complexed web-based management tool on which you can assign projects, milestones, to-dos and tasks. It also has a calendar to note all the important things and it works fine when used by a lot of people.

It also registers how much time each person worked on a given task.
This is our main management software at the moment at my current workplace. We are planning to migrate to TeamWork which is a lot more stylish, user-friendly and modern.

For my freelance projects when I need to work with more people or I outsource people I always use Trello - It's free, fast and simple to use. Gets everything together and I never lost a task using it.

So are you using any management tools to keep everything in check? If yes, which one and why?


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My sister has a web development company and she uses Basecamp and Trello. She has sent me loads of notifications to join up but I just get confused by it all. I know that she has to collaborate projects with a lot of people so it makes complete sense. For me though it doesn't really make much sense because I work alone most of the time.

I've never used Teamwork before.

I might start using Trello to keep track of my tasks soon as I might be starting working on someone else's website soon and that means I will be outsourcing some work. This will probably require a little more organization than just scribbling in my notebook! I found Trello a lot simpler than Basecamp.

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I have to admit there is a learning curve in using Basecamp and Teamwork at their fullest.
I'm still figuring Teamwork out at the moment.

As far as Trello goes, well, you only need about a couple of hours of setting task and projects to learn pretty much everything about it. It's very user friendly but its simple, doesn't have any advance features a big agency needs.

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