How to make picture size smaller?

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How to make picture size smaller?

Can you tell me any trick to make picture size smaller like image Mb to upload as i need it only 500 KB how to do that?


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I use PS for that or if I'm in a real rush the online image editor that is Pixlr Editor. You can reduce the compression ratio (quality) when saving it with a simple slider you can click on drag to adjust the quality of that image. Simple, quick, effective. How to make picture size smaller?

M$ Paint doesn't reduce the quality unless the image format is changed. PNG to JPEG or JPEG to GIF etc and it does but it does a really terrible job of it. Honestly M$ Paint really needs an overhaul! It's literally only good for about Windows98 computers not anything of today.

If you're looking for a good free M$ Paint alternative you can try GIMP, Picasa, Photoscape and IrfanView. All are free and make for an excellent alternative and have compression and optimization utilities you can make image file sizes smaller with quickly on the fly.

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Do you need the image to be the same size in pixels but a lower MB size?

Or are you just trying to reduce everything to get under 500kb?

Anyway, I'll try to cover both.

To decrease the size of the file, and not the size in pixels, you'll need to lower the resolution. If you have photoshop this is pretty simple. You'll just have to upload the image to photoshop and save it again. But when you save it again click "Save As" and not just "Save" because you'll be making a new image and you don't want to overwrite your original one just in case you screw something up lol How to make picture size smaller? After you click "Save As" you can pick the type of image you want to save such as .png .jpeg .jpg etc. Save your image as a .jpg if it is in a different format. Some file types save as larger sizes, I'm not exactly sure why, I just know they do lol.

Now if your image is already formatted to the smallest file type and it's still not a small enough file size, you'll need to reduce the image's size in pixels. You can use a variety of software to do this such as photoshop or even microsoft paint How to make picture size smaller? You'll just upload the image and reduce it's size by a percentage or by pixels. I'm not sure about microsoft paint, but I know in photoshop you can reduce by pixels to an exact size. If you can't figure out how to do that exactly you can always use a website to reduce the size.

Websites to reduce image size:

I've used all 3 of these websites in the past when I didn't have photoshop and each has it's own strengths. Test them out and let me know what you think How to make picture size smaller?

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I use mostly Photoshop and Photofiltre, both of them are pretty cool softwares and it's very easy to reduce the MB size of images. But not only, these days you can find a lot of image editors online which are really fast, and you don't have to install anything on your computer to use it , simply you need to upload image which you want to edit and that's it.

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Hi sanfora thanks for your question. There has many to resize the picture. I mostly use Photoshop for customizing any picture and this is the best way to customize any picture. But some other online tools now available to resize any picture with few click. Just upload your picture and select the size and save the format which way you want to save to your computer like jpeg or png or bmp etc. This is very easy to resize who do not have Photoshop knowledge. Here some website address:,,, Hope this will help you to fix the problem.

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